Kiwi Farms Member Kills 2 in School Rampage Before Killing Himself – Police Knew of Risk Nearly 2 Years Ago


William Atchison a Kiwi Farms member shot and killed two students at Aztec High School in New Mexico on December 7, 2017 Source: San Juan County Sheriff’s Office

Two children are dead after a Kiwi Farms member William Atchison (Kiwi Farms Profile archive) went on a school rampage in New Mexico (archive). Atchison, 21, was apparently a member of the web forum Kiwi Farms that this site has campaigned to close for nearly 2 years. Kiwi Farms has previously been linked to threats to murder school children, but now for the first time the massacre threats have actually been carried out leading to real world deaths.

For those unfamiliar to this site, I am a law graduate – I have passed the lawyer’s exams here in the UK but not sought admission as a solicitor. I assist the vulnerable in court solely for charity and I have been mentioned in Parliament. Earlier this year I was praised in reported case law (paragraph 14) by a High Court judge, in a case heard shortly before I received my Master’s Degree. For the past two years I have been campaigning to shut down Kiwi Farms, a site run by Joshua Conner Moon – formerly of Pensacola, Florida.


Kiwi Farms is run by paedophile sadist Joshua Conner Moon and exists to harass the disabled. Click for full size.

Kiwi Farms exists to stalk the vulnerable. It says so, officially. “Gossip and exploitation of the mentally handicapped for amusement purposes” (from their Twitter, archived pre-ban here).

New York Magazine’s Select All section wrote an article about the site, detailing how they stalked an autistic man called Christian Weston Chandler and groomed a 13-year-old boy into posing as a 19-year-old female and having phone sex with the man. This they audio recorded for “amusement purposes”, publishing a recording and transcript.

I have written numerous articles, for example about the site members, paedophile sadism – including collecting pictures of the children of victims and publishing textual child rape stories on a spin-off board. I wrote about massacre threats sent to Florida schools from the Kiwi Farms email service. I wrote about terror threats sent to hospitals in Wales from the Kiwi Farms email service.


A photograph of Joshua Conner Moon, who has admitted to masturbating over Neko Shota (Japanese cartoon child pornography featuring boys) and also ran a board for child rape stories. Moon has subsequently claimed to have changed, but he has not closed Kiwi Farms. Image used under the UK Parody exception pursuant to s30A Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988.

The owner of Kiwi Farms Joshua Moon repeatedly tried to blame his enemies, including myself and my supporters. Earlier this year, an anonymous letter was sent from an English postal address using language similar to my style and to the anonymous threats. It would clearly have cast suspicion on me – until Moon was goaded into admitting in a post on Kiwi Farms that he sent it (article with links and evidence). After this admission there were no more threats to public buildings. Until the real murders on 7th December.

Atchison and Moon were acquainted and chillingly 3 days before going on his rampage, Atchison posted on Kiwi Farms under his username, “FuckYou” asking how long before Moon would do so (archive).


Kiwi Farms member Williams Atchison under his username, “FuckYou” asks his friend Joshua Conner Moon, “Null” how long before he conducts a mass shooting.

It is important to understand that Kiwi Farms’ owner has called for the extermination of Jews and Muslims, and runs a thread about how to pose as Muslim which may have assisted in the previous Islamic style murder threats to the Welsh hospitals.

Joshua Moon Targets Specific Jews for Mutilation Threats

Joshua Moon enhances his employability by publicly asking Jews if he can cut off their fingers. Click for full size.

Previously, police in multiple countries risk assessed Kiwi Farms related threats as all talk. There was, ‘no credible physical threat’. Now two children are dead.

Of course the internet has many trolling forums – Something Awful, /cow/, /Baphomet/, EDF and others. No one else however provides instructions on terror hoaxes, openly organises and gloats about harassment and also provides a proxy friendly anonymous email service to do it as a one-stop service.

Kiwi Farms has threads where they openly discuss stalking and impersonating women. It has a thread where they openly dumped the identities of the family of a woman they hounded to death with stolen nudes so they could stalk the bereaved and grieving family. They openly voted to target underage children and share the collected photographs to distress the parents – more so because of the board on Moon’s spin-off site 16-chan for paedophile snuff stories.

What is disturbing is how many law enforcement authorities knew about Kiwi Farms –


Sheriff Morgan and Escambia Sheriff’s Office were contacted by this site in 2016. May 2016. That was after school massacre threats.

In April 2016 murder threats were sent to schools in Florida from Kiwi Farms. Perhaps there was more credibility to them than previously thought. The FBI were tipped off too. I wrote to agents Joseph Lavelle and John Canning.

Threats were sent to schools in Hertfordshire and a Kiwi Farms member in the UK, “Ginger Piglet” contacted my local council for information about me. I am still waiting on an inquiry about that – I think a reminder is in order. Given the murder threats from Kiwi Farms to every single child in Peartree school in Welwyn Garden City I think that Piglet, being at least a forum member, should now receive greater scrutiny.

Death threats were sent to Margaret Pless as she recounted in a Kos article.

I received death threats and attempts to smear me as a sex-offender with photoshopped nudes. Eventually I received a UK High Court judgement against a member of Kiwi Farms.

Of course, there is no evidence that police or the FBI knew of Atchison’s plans. They certainly knew of the forum and its many organised activities however. Other organisations have had no difficulty identifying the issues and illegalities. VISA and MasterCard banned Kiwi Farms. PayPal banned Kiwi Farms. Joshua Moon is the only person ever to be banned from – the funding site for the Daily Stormer and Stormfront. Roughly 20 VPS providers have banned Kiwi Farms. Bitcoin providers and mining syndicates even ban Kiwi Farms. Surely now it is time for law enforcemnt to catch up. One UK officer told me that the lack of real threat had meant the case had not been a priority for resources.

One more thing is now certain. Police receiving massacre threats from Kiwi Farms can no longer consider there is no risk of real violence.

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5 thoughts on “Kiwi Farms Member Kills 2 in School Rampage Before Killing Himself – Police Knew of Risk Nearly 2 Years Ago

  1. I bet the police and FBI love Josh.

    Nothing makes law enforcement happier than websites that distribute how-to guides on making convincing terror threats (with handy email services for sending the threats), as well as detailed stories about child sex murder. Bonus! Now their members actually kill children (after chatting with Josh)!

  2. A small correction: the autistic person they stalk(ed) was a trans woman named Christine Weston Chandler. She came out around the same time the article was published, so I’m not sure if they deadnamed her intentionally, but that’s something to bear in mind.

  3. Josh is posting on chat about how he has a new project in Eastern Europe and he is going to get a percentage of the gross profit up to $210K.

    What do you think of that?

    • I saw the post on /cow/. 18 months work? That comes to a over $500 a day. For that you could get the cream of the crop in terms of Developers in the contract market. You are saying in 4 weeks he would earn more than he did at Infinity Next.

      If you had that as a Developer budget why would you pay Josh, best known for failure, dishonesty and poor teamwork? Answer you would not.

      Chances are Josh is exaggerating. Second most likely possibility he is being persuaded to accept little-to-no money up front with shining visions of, in essence, payment on commission.

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