Welwyn-Hatfield Labour’s Jamie Fulford Sees the Light Over Identity Politics and Joins Conservatives

The Witchfinder was delighted to speak to new Welwyn-Hatfield Conservative member Jamie Fulford, who left the Labour Party over issues of free speech and his rejection of identity politics.

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Labour must take responsibility for the immense human suffering caused by divisive identity politics. (Picture licensed from Dreamstime)

In past articles I explained how the Labour Party has a byzantine internal structure with vast numbers of unnecessary grassroots roles. These roles parcel out tiny amounts of real world power and the illusion of status and authority to activists in exchange for large quantities of repetitive work. Being in the Labour Party is much like grinding in an MMO and costs just under half the price of a World of Warcraft (WoW) subscription – so good value for money for those with nothing better to do of an evening.

In Labour, factional conflict works much like guilds in WoW, and the illusion of the importance of the meaningless roles is reinforced as members can leverage them in internal conflicts. Just as WoW powers are fictional and only work in the game, most Labour Party ‘power’ is only useful internally for PvP activities. Also like an MMO, subscribers progress through levels of imaginary power and obtain shiny character customisation gear such as badges, ribbons and rosettes. The result has many of the addictive qualities of online gaming and keeps the members delivering leaflets and knocking on doors.

One such recruit was Jamie Fulford, who sys he has a BSc in Law and Politics and a BA in Media Arts. Jamie rejoined Labour in 2015 and in April 2016 became the “Digital Media and IT Officer” of Welwyn Hatfield Labour Party, a role equivalent to roughly level 2-3 in a WoW character. Jamie has now resigned and joined the Conservative Party. Fulford quickly had a cruel education in the illusory nature of authority in Labour Party grassroots roles.

In Labour, Jamie was very passionate about his political views and in June 2016 wrote an article (archive) endorsing the Leave camp in the Brexit referendum. He says that as soon as it went up other party members became hostile to him and he was pressured to take it down or remove it. It has to be said however that the Brexit referendum is the single most controversial issue in the country in the last few decades. Brexit is tied into all of the hot button issues including immigration and the economy. A response is to be expected regardless of party allegiance.

Fulford futher alleges receiving one email in block capitals from a serving councillor and other correspondence aimed at changing his approach. This intensified after he wrote a second article celebrating the result (archive). The final break came when Jamie wrote an article decrying identity politics, which is here (archive). At this point he says his access to the local Labour Party website was restricted and he decided to resign.

It was Jamie’s final post on Labour’s website that motivated me to write this article. At first upon speaking to Jamie I found myself in a dilemma. Fulford seems a sincere, decent fellow but his concept of free speech did not seem to include an understanding of Party discipline or the need for team members to work together and coordinate their message. He underlined the point about team play by referring to documents, promising to produce them and then changing his mind.

The points Fulford made about diversity however are of critical importance to society. The equalities movement was once a noble struggle for justice but it has been perverted by the Left into a tool of division and control so destructive that many members of the far right have come to openly celebrate it. It is no accident that extremists like Britain First and others are on the rise – it is a direct reaction to increasingly corrosive excesses of the social justice movement.

Fulford’s brief but authentic article underlined the left’s greatest failure of this era – a failure that underpinned, for example, to 1400 rapes in Rotherham, with one victim told she would not even receive compensation as she, ‘consented’ to her rape. The left’s obsession with ‘equality’ has led to 60 year old feminists being assaulted by activists for a difference on the correct balance of rights between born women and male-to-female transwomen.

In short Fulford’s moment of understanding on this issue was a small but important victory. Jamie has written a lengthy letter setting out his concerns about Welwyn Hatfield Labour and I feel the end is worth sharing as it is a fair summary of the problems with the modern Labour Party –

“In order to serve Welwyn Hatfield Labour you have to constantly adopt a tribal hatred of anything that isn’t Labour. You must learn very quickly never to express your own opinions, even if they are shared with a significant section of the Labour electorate. You must adhere to an agenda of unrelenting commitment to identity politics, even if that agenda is creating more division in society. And should you ever demonstrate any signs of patriotism you must consider whether Labour is the party for you.”

Labour voters who read this would do well to consider whether it is the party for them, either.

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Samuel Collingwood Smith was born in the north of England, but his family moved south early in his life and spent most of his early years in Welwyn Garden City before attending Queen Mary, University of London, where he studied Economics. Smith was employed as a Labour Party fundraiser in the 2001 General Election, and as a Labour Party Organiser in the 2005 General Election. In 2005 Smith was elected as a Borough Councillor for Haldens Ward on Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council and served for 3 years until 2008. In 2009 Smith changed sides to the Conservative party citing division within Labour ranks, Labour broken promises and Conservative improvements to local services. In 2012 Smith started to study a Graduate Diploma in Law, passing in 2014. Smith then moved on to studying a Master's Degree in Law combined with an LPC, receiving an LL.M LPC (with Commendation) in January 2017. During his study, Smith assisted several individuals in high profile court cases as a McKenzie Friend - in one case being praised by Parliamentary petition for his charitable work and legal skills. Smith is also the author of this blog, Matthew Hopkins News, that deals with case law around Family and Mental Capacity issues. The blog also opposes online drama and abuse and criticises extreme-left politicians.

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