Police Terror Documents Underline Why Joshua Conner Moon is an Embarrassment to Trump and the Alt-Right

Recently, this blog obtained internal police documents about the Kiwi Farms linked terror investigation in South Wales earlier this year. The documents enabled me to find fresh evidence that has cast light on the sinister agenda of Kiwi Farms. They also underline why its owner Joshua Conner Moon is a liability to the political movement he has sought to infiltrate.

Extract from South Wales Police Database

This is an extract from the South Wales Police database showing the original report of the terror threats sent to South Wales Police by Dynastia. Matthew Hopkins News has redacted the address of the hospital and everything except the town to protect them from further harassment. Click for full size.

At 7:47am on the 12th September 2016, South Wales Police received a phone call. A journalist at a noted Welsh news organisation had received a specific threat to attend a hospital in Swansea and mutilate children. The communication was signed by “Jihadi Dynastia” and has an Islamic flavour although Dynastia appears to have misspelled, “New Caliphate” as “New Calithate”.

At the time of course, police had no idea of the background. The email apparently appeared authentically Islamic and the blogger it mentioned, Jonathan Bishop of Crocels News, had written about Islam in the past. After spending hours and the time of numerous police officers on a risk assessment and strategy, police tasked an officer with attending Mr Bishop’s home to ensure his safety and find out what he knew.

Bishop explained that he had most likely been targeted by Kiwi Farms, a trolling group he had written about. Of course at that time the police did not tell him that the post was signed by Dynastia and mentioned knifing people. Because police mentioned Cambridge, we thought it was shrapnel bomb threats. The police reasons for withholding information were entirely proper. Unfortunately, had they done otherwise we could have shared relevant information.

Kiwi Farms is a board set up by Pensacola, Florida resident Joshua Conner Moon. Dynastia is an infamous troll who uses the board and has so far successfully concealed his real identity. Kiwi Farms describes itself thus, “Gossip and exploitation of the mentally handicapped for amusement purposes”. The pattern of the board is that individuals are selected at random, either because they have a protected characteristic such as disability or because they have opposed it.

The forum then opens a thread on the individual and identifies as much personal information as possible including address and phone number. They mix accurate information with lies and malicious comments. Whilst insisting they have rules against stalking, they frequently post encouraging each other to contact victims.

One such victim was Julie Terryberry who tragically took her own life earlier this year. After her death, Dynastia had this to say about her (archive) –

Dynastia Mocks the Dead

In this post written after Julie Terryberry’s death, Dynastia comments on the aesthetics of the victim’s outer labia. Click for full size.

Kiwi Farms still hosts its threads on Terryberry including nudes they have posted without permission. There is also a specific page with a dump of her family from her Facebook friends and a plan to contact them all, posted after her death. This is straightforward harassment porn that led to her death, just like “Is Anyone Up?” only with the addition of open encouragement and planning of stalking (archives held but not linked here).

Dynastia uses variations on the same name on many websites, and usually admits they are him, until legal trouble arises. He then claims a copycat troll with coincidentally identical obsessions and written style is trying to frame him. A similar rationale applies to Joshua Moon. Who would post online threatening to mutilate people with a knife under their own name?


Joshua Moon espouses the merits of mutilating Jews. Click for full size.

Only two weeks before the threat to go on a slashing spree against babies in Wales, Moon was on Twitter using his official account to talk about mutilating Jews here (archive here). Moon went on to contact actual Jewish people to specifically threaten their fingers (archive here) –

Joshua Moon Targets Specific Jews for Mutilation Threats

Joshua Moon enhances his employability by publicly asking Jews if he can cut off their fingers. Click for full size.

Readers will note the faux-polite tone of Moon’s tweet, which is reminiscent of some of the threats I and others have received. It is not the first time Moon has made threats of knife crime. He once admitted he fantasised about killing his mother, Keller Williams Realtor Candice Potter with a steak knife. He threatened to anally rape, dismember and genitally mutilate a Blockland user called Clara Lovett (Stocking). Likewise only a few days before Moon’s anti-semitic rant, Dynastia was boasting about his membership of ISIS (archive here) –

Dynastia Claims Membership of ISIS

Dynastia claims membership of ISIS. Whilst he is clearly joking, trolls often pose as ISIS members for shock value. Click for full size.

Joshua Moon and Dynastia are clearly no lovers of Muslims. Only a couple of days ago, Moon called for genocide against Muslims on Twitter (archive here). Again this hardly enhances his employability, and does his mother Candice (who has effectively subsidised Moon’s forum by giving him free accommodation during his unemployment), want Muslim extremists turning up at her home or those of other family members?

Joshua Conner Moon Calls for Genocide Against Muslims

In this tweet, Moon calls for genocide (his word) for Muslims. Click for full size.

What if one or more of Moon’s many enemies posted his tweets and address on some extremist Islamic website?

Regardless, although Dynastia and Moon can be crass they can also be subtle. In this archived Kiwi Farms thread, Dynastia posts a great deal of accurate information and sophisticated terminology about Muslims. Of course Dynastia and Moon are vile internet trolls. Their purpose is not religious harmony. The effect of this thread is to educate their fellow trolls in the terminology and concepts they need to impersonate Muslims whilst trolling.


In this thread Dynastia takes a break from stalking women to demonstrate a detailed and sophisticated knowledge of Islamic belief and terminology. Click for full size.

The thread goes so far as a detailed comparison of the major official schools of Sunni Islamic thought, their proper names and ideologies –


In this extract Dynastia identifies the recognised schools of Sunni Islam complete with the name of the founding Imam. Click for full size.

At the same time, Kiwi Farms owner Joshua Moon has set up an email service called Lolcow.email, the sole purpose of which is trolling. Lolcow.email is based on Cock.li, which was used to send fake Islamic terror threats that caused every school in Los Angeles to be closed for a day (archive here). The service has been used for terror threats almost since its opening, in several cases sophisticated enough to generate a substantial law enforcement response in multiple countries.

Kiwi Farms users actively encourage each other to use Lolcow.email for harassment and fake emails, (archive). The materials provided on Kiwi Farms create a huge problem for law enforcement.

The Cock.li bomb threats are being investigated by an agent called Joseph Lavelle, a long serving law enforcement officer who has previously caught other similar perpetrators. Joseph Crotty was sentenced to 30 months in 2012 after Lavelle caught him (archive here). Also in 2012 William O Diederich pleaded guilty to threatening to blow up Democratic Party offices (archive here).

Most of these cases however have involved lone inadequates. In this case Lavelle faces something very different. Kiwi Farms is unprecedented, quite different from other controversial sites. 4chan is an image board with free speech policies. Sometimes people post bad things. The same goes for 8chan. Kiwi Farms on the other hand is dedicated to stalking and trolling. That is its raison d’être.

The problem for Lavelle and FBI law enforcement is that Kiwi Farms is actively upskilling and educating would be hoax-terror-threat-makers and providing technical and cultural tools. Catching, ‘the terrorist’ is a pipe-dream when the site is actively seeking to generate multiple bad actors.

When the FBI questioned Joshua Conner Moon about the threats made in the name of his friend Dynastia he told them that TOR was disabled on Lolcow.email and had been since the last threats in April. Dynastia said the same to journalist Margaret Pless who quickly realised it was untrue and wrote an article (archive here). Moon claimed that TOR had been re-enabled accidentally and he had not noticed. TOR must have been enabled for over a month as Pless and I received death threats also from Lolcow.email in August, also signed by Dynastia.

Moon and Dynastia, whilst openly making similar posts on Twitter and elsewhere, claim that these terror threats are totally not them, despite the targeting of the same victims Dynastia and Moon obsessively target the rest of the time. Moon also made illuminating comment to the operator of Crocels News shortly before the attacks –


Joshua Conner Moon ‘warns’ a journalist that critical posts about Kiwi Farms and Josh might bring ‘domestic terrorism’ to his doorstep only weeks before he was a victim of terror from Josh’s email service.

I have not published all the law enforcement documents I have here. They make interesting reading, especially the amount of FBI and UK resource expended on these issues. The FBI have quite sophisticated and efficient surveillance techniques. For example instead of using agents to stake out a suspect’s house they have automated cameras. The UK NCA (National Crime Agency) has similar.

I cannot say who sent the terror threats. What I can say is it that as long as Kiwi Farms and its satellites remain open there will be more crimes and more perpetrators, perpetually emboldened and supporting each other. Law enforcement needs to understand and strike at the root of the problem. There is also nothing to stop actual terrorists using Lolcow.email given the nil capture rate associated with it. History suggests even now Kiwi trolls are on actual ISIS forums, posing as Muslims and pointing the way.

At the same time Joshua Conner Moon has ambitions to be part of Donald Trump’s so-called, ‘alt-right’ supporters. This is a forlorn dream. As a former political organiser I remember the great care we were taught to take in selecting who our charges associate with. As Trump seeks to portray himself as a moderate, he will carefully distance himself from more extreme figures. One cannot get more extreme than someone who openly threatens to cut the fingers of Jews and calls for genocide against Muslims.

That is not even to mention the child rape stories Moon willingly hosted until recently on the [Paedo]/phile/ board of his defunct imageboard 16chan. Furthermore Kiwi Farms actively stalks and denigrates key figures in the movement like Vox Day and Milo Yiannopoulos, albeit to a much lesser extent than they stalk actual disabled people.

No matter how much Moon was enthused by Trump and energised by the Presidential elections, he will never be embraced by the alt-right.

[UPDATE 19 November 2016] – I have been asked how I know about the Wales attacks. Josh is asking everyone, how did Sam Smith know (gasp)?’. As I said in my earlier article here, the Welsh victim emailed me that day, then a couple of days later Dynastia told Margaret Pless the FBI had visited Josh. Aside from the victim Josh is our source, hilariously. We keep the police informed as we go along so they always know the sources of our information.

How did we know TOR was not blocked? Well it was actually gloatingly written in the death threats sent to Pless and I on 16 August 2016. Pless published her threat in the article here. The same day I received a similar one and reported it to British law enforcement. A circular email to other Kiwi victims revealed prior death threats but no one else received one that day as far as I know.

British police were copied in by the terrorist anyway. Subsequently I emailed Sheriff Morgan and the FBI on the 18 August with a copy of Dynastia’s gloating about TOR being enabled and Margaret also reported her threat to the FBI and tried to contact Morgan’s office.

Josh has spent the entire time swearing blind TOR was disabled. More hilariously, Josh has been whining at police and anyone who will listen that I have secret information when everyone else knows Josh is our source.

This week, Josh was saying it to Margaret Pless even though he was contradicting his immediately prior conversation with her. And she was not giving him a hard time. I can only imagine what he is like under actual police interrogation.

Joshua Conner Moon – “Vordrak has secret knowledge!”

Agent – “This log shows actually you and your friends told everyone Josh.”

Joshua Conner Moon – “How does Sam Smith even know the FBI is involved!?!”

Agent – “This log shows actually you and your friends told everyone Josh.”

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14 thoughts on “Police Terror Documents Underline Why Joshua Conner Moon is an Embarrassment to Trump and the Alt-Right

  1. Joshua Conner Moon opposes interracial relationships based on mere skin colour (in the below thread he criticizes a white man having a black or biracial daughter), so he’s a low-IQ bigot; Joshua also uses white nationalist terminology such as “cuck”:

    Joshua also believes in the “white genocide” mantra nonsense based on Muslim immigration to Western countries:

    “White Genocide is real.” – Joshua Conner Moon [replying to post about Muslim Jihadists]

    Joshua is a white nationalist lunatic. You can also find plenty more racial slurs, anti-Semitism etc in his forum posts.

    • The offer I made in my article is legally enforceable as a unilateral conduct, subject to the precise terms offered. Unilateral contracts are explained here – http://www.investopedia.com/terms/u/unilateral-contract.asp.

      The precise terms I offered, cut-and-paste, are as follows – “For information leading to successful enforcement of the debt, I will offer to pay 50% proceeds of any enforcement action after fees incurred are deducted. The bounty will be payable when the money arrives in my account, so the informant will be paid when I get paid. If there are multiple informants, the 50% will be split equally amongst those who contribute”. The headline said up to £5,000.

      It is basically no-win-no-fee. The informants get exactly half my profits, whether that is half of 10 grand or half of nothing. If an informant can prove they informed AND it led to me getting the money, they can even enforce it in UK small claims court.

      I can keep the informant’s identity confidential and they can contact me by email, but if they want to be paid they need to keep hold of the email they use so they can prove they are entitled to the money. I am happy to convert the money to Bitcoin and pay that way. Dynastia must have at least some belongings to seize and sell and he will not be needing them in jail so there is nothing to lose. However, the terms of the offer are that no one gets paid until I get paid.


      • I just want to verify. I get half of whatever you get from Dynastia. Correct? If you get 100 dollars, pounds or whatever then I get half of that?

        I appreciate your candor and forthrightness with all of this.

        • Yes, after costs, so if say it costs £300 to issue an application in an Australian court to make Dynastia bankrupt and his stuff is worth £1,500 at auction then we take £(1,500 – 300) / 2 = £600 each.

          Also, since your email address is named after a notorious troll of CWC, be aware that the usual rules of contract apply – good faith, implicit terms and so on. You can’t apply if you are Dynastia.

          It doesn’t matter if you are trolling though. I have years and this thread serves to clarify for others. You can totes shop him ‘nonymously also for kek.

  2. I have a question for you Vordrak. Null says on KF that you have no way of knowing about the Welsh attacks to ask for the records. Can you explain how you knew?

    Null says you are banned from saying ‘Amy Lee’. Is that true?

    • In answer to your first question, I have answered it above by putting an update at the end of the article. Basically Josh is our source via his comments to third parties. He has a desparate need for attention and consequently shares everything he knows. I have logs.

      In answer to your second question, “No”. I removed the words ‘Amy Lee’ from an earlier post only because I have not interacted with her in four years, she has absolutely nothing to do with Kiwi Farms or Joshua Moon and is completely uninvolved and innocent in all of the present controversy. Josh is trying to drag unrelated people in the whole time. I get tip-offs accusing innocent people of being Dynastia the whole time and I delete them, too. Josh has misunderstood things he read online and built them up in his little echo chamber.

      • So lemme get this straight. Dynastia told Margaret, she told you and you forwarded it to the police.

        And the contract with Amy Lee is more limited in scope than KF thinks?

        • You are fishing for information little Kiwi. I answer your questions only when it amuses me.

          Having said that, yes, the day of this article – http://matthewhopkinsnews.com/?p=4046 – just after publishing it I emailed it to various law enforcement agencies pointing out that Josh is the source of our information and basically leaks everything and maybe law enforcement should consider carefully what they disclose?

          • Yes I do know that … and we are done. I will not answer or acknowledge the questions I just redacted and I will not approve further posts by yourself no matter how many email notifications or begging messages I get unless approving them benefits me.

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