Petition – Allow Donald Trump in the UK

Your author, a cultural Libertarian, does not believe clumsily expressed political opinions should be used as a weapon to destroy free speech and is trying to start a counter-petition. Whilst I would not agree with his words, your author is concerned that the left do not use it as a Trojan horse to make the issue ‘verboten’ once again. A Parliamentary petition has been set up to demand Donald Trump be refused access to the United Kingdom. In the name of free speech your author is seeking to set up a counter petition.


Trump’s clumsily expressed views reflect real concerns. The left should not be allowed use them as a Trojan horse against free speech.

Migration is a sensitive issue. People in Great Britain have real concerns over migration – due to pressure on resources and due to legitimate fears about the very different culture of some migrants. An extreme example of this was the Rotherham scandal in which 1500 underage Caucasian girls were raped by predominantly Muslim offenders and it went on for nearly two decades because people feared they would be branded ‘racist’ if they reported it.

Trump’s strong views are undiplomatically expressed but reflect real concerns. Because of this I am trying to set up a counter Parliamentary petition asking the legislature to consider the concerns in a more nuanced, less kneejerk way. I need 5 UK supporters to give me their emails for a counter signature – can I find them? Please email me at the usual address or tweet @MHWitchfinder. I will turn on public Direct Messages for a while for this.

In case we are censored, supporters can show their support here anonymously whilst we are setting up the other petition. For irony, I have not included a ‘No’ option because if people do not support free speech, why allow it to them?

Do you support free speech, even for unpopular views?

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3 thoughts on “Petition – Allow Donald Trump in the UK

  1. I don’t give a shit if some foreigner wants to call me a racist, it does not bother me in the least, it is only a word, no more no less, nobody has ever been killed by a word.
    But there should be a counter petition to welcome Donald Trump into the UK.

  2. This man makes me laugh. but seriously the world needs to wake up. Hopefully he’s the man to wake to this silly PC world.

    Your Welcome to the UK Donald

  3. Trump may not dance around with his words but calls a spade a spade and tells you what he intends on doing. Not like some people in power who just kiss ass for the vote and then fill there own pocket. Trump is only saying what most people are thinking but are afraid to say it for fear of being shouted down. Trump is only sticking to his word…Good man.

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