The Left’s Sinister Sexual Agenda for our Children

The Witchfinder lifts the lid on the sinister world of the left and their hidden agenda of normalising the sexual exploitation of our children.

Two children looking at a rainbow.

Equality Means *Protecting* Children. Photo licensed from Dreamstime.

A recent post by the incisive and beautiful Louise Mensch has alerted the Witchfinder to a heinous new law passed in Iran allowing men to marry their thirteen year old adopted daughters. It is, as she rightly says, a license for the most horrendous abuses of the rights of children imaginable.

What caused the Witchfinder wry, bitter amusement was Louise’s surprise at the iniquitous silence of the left on this despicable issue. Only a few days ago the Guardian trumpeted US President Obama’s moves towards better relations with Iran. Why such a muted response?

The grim truth is that there are many in the left, even in this country, who agree with the proposition that the age of consent should be reduced substantially. In the fashionable Liberal and Labour salons of the so-called elite the prevailing view is that the current age of consent laws are a holdover from a prudish, Victorian, Conservative Christian past.

One of the many reasons the Witchfinder left the Labour Party was the tutting from some quarters when he dared to differ from their dangerous and naïve views on our sexual offences laws.

As long ago as 2001, the eternally morally bankrupt Guardian was championing reducing the age of consent. In an article by leftist vanguard Peter Tatchell, he goes full steam ahead arguing for almost exactly the same thing that the Iranians have just legalised. “… what about the right of young people under 16 to make their own decision about when they are ready for a sexual relationship? … Consent at 14, for both gay and straight relationships, would be fairer and more realistic …”

So of course the Guardian condemned him and he was never heard of again. No, wait, they did no such thing. Instead he grew larger as a leftist hero and was in due course given a sycophantic profile in the same paper.

Any student of history can see why the age of consent in Britain is 16. The law was changed in 1885 because of large scale prostitution of girls. This was exposed in a scandal called the Eliza Armstrong case where a major newspaper editor basically bought a child. Like many whistle-blowers he suffered for his behaviour but the law was changed.

The age of consent is not set on religious grounds, nor reactionary grounds but to protect children from sick sexual predators.

Unfortunately the arrogant left, with their hatred of western culture and history, are unwilling to accept that age of consent laws serve a useful purpose and instead see them as oppressive. The harbinger of this left wing attitude in America was Alfred C Kinsey, a zoologist turned ‘sex researcher’ whose deviant ‘academic writings’ are a foundation for much of left wing thinking on the issue. The Witchfinder cannot add to Frontpage Magazine’s brilliant articles on this left-revered monster.

Kinsey’s supposed research into ‘normal’ human sexual behaviour was biased by the fact that much of his sample group was made up of abnormal individuals like sex offenders. This led to his pervert pleasing writings trying to normalise their warped behaviour with children and other victims.

So when the Guardian writes, as it did in April this year, of the importance of teaching ‘young people’ about sexual pleasure – some apparently as young as 10, they are carrying on the legacy of misconceived social policy devised by the academic writings of a deviant quack.

When John Hemming rightly condemns social workers for arguing that prostitution by girls in care is a lifestyle choice, we see exposed again the same sinister left wing ideologies at work.

Bitter history teaches that sexual activity too young leads to disease, teenage pregnancy, single parenthood, broken homes and worst of all the exploitation of children. The age of consent laws are imperfect but exist for the protection of both children and society. The left’s blinkered refusal to learn this simple lesson is one of the great scandals of our time.

So the next time the left are silent or muted about some tin-pot state and its age of consent laws, here’s why. Quite a lot of them agree.

The world’s children will never be safe from the clutches of the organised left while they exist. The only difference in Iran is that at least the Iranians expect the men to marry the girls first.

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