Vive la Différence!

The Witchfinder explains to leftists in very short words why the beautiful Holly Fisher, the lady featured below, is not the same as a terrorist just because she is holding a gun and has a Bible and a flag.

Selfie of Holly R Fisher holding a gun and bible standing in front of an American flag.

Holly R Fisher – Christian. Wife. Mom. (Conservative) Political Commentator. Not the same as a Terrorist. Picture by kind permission of Mrs Fisher.

Sometimes, in politics, there is a genuine sense of agreement. Of cooperation. Of bipartisanship. Sometimes, on the other hand, there is the sense that leftist demagogues are whipping up their ever-credulous followers just for sport. Finally, there are those times that you simply feel like you are back at nursery school (kindergarten, for our American friends).

Today, children leftists, the Witchfinder explains that things that look the same are sometimes different. Same or Different? That sounds like it should be on the front of a colouring book. Oh, wait …

Some Cherries

Cherries. Picture by Dreamstime

Nightshade Berries.

Nightshade Berries. Picture by Dreamstime.


Oh look children leftists! Some red berries. Wow! Don’t they look yummy scrummy! Wouldn’t you like to try some?

Well NO.


You see, the ones on the left are called cherries. They are yummy and safe to eat, but the ones on the right are from a family of plants called nightshade and they are poison! You must never eat them! Oh noes! You see, even though they look the same outside, inside, the nightshade has poison. They are different!

Executioner with an Axe

Executioner with an Axe. Picture by Dreamstime

A Fireman with an Axe

A Fireman with an Axe. Picture by Dreamstime


Oh look children leftists! Some men! They are both holding axes and that is scary.

Or is it?

Well NO.


You see, the man on the right is called a ‘fireman’. A fireman is a nice friendly man who uses his axe to rescue people. When buildings are on fire and the door is stuck the fireman uses the axe to break it down! He rescues people and saves them! Only the man on the left is scary because he is called an ‘executioner’. An executioner is a man who uses his axe to chop off people’s heads!

They are both holding the same thing but they are going to do different things with it! That makes them different! Wow! This same or different stuff is fun!

So now children leftists, we come to the main event – godless left wingers and their difficulties with the same or different game! The tweet below is from  @pdxprogressiveX, the twitter account of Michael Stone, who describes himself as a ‘Progressive Secular Humanist’.

A screenshot of a leftist tweet comparing Holly R Fisher to a Terrorist.

A Leftist asks for Help. Picture via Twitter (c) pdxprogressiveX/Twitter.

Oh look children leftists! Some ladies! They are both holding guns, books and have flags! They are the same! Or are they?

You see, the lady on the left is called Holly and she wants her country to be run in accordance with her political beliefs. Holly believes in the rule of law and seeks change by persuasion, democratic campaigning and through legal channels.

As a Conservative she believes the government of her country should have a limited remit and power should be controlled at a local level to maximise individual freedom. Holly wants to use her gun to protect herself and others, and for fun (remember the fireman, leftists!?) She believes that Jesus Christ is God and he commands she tell unbelievers about him.

The name of the lady on the right is a secret because she is a terrorist. She wants her country to be run in accordance with her political beliefs. The terrorist lady believes in change through violence, fear and killing. She seeks to overthrow any laws that disagree with her beliefs.

As a Theocrat she believes the government of her country should be absolute and an instrument of her concept of God. Power is controlled centrally to maximise the power of her religious group. The terrorist wants to use her gun to kill people who will not adopt her religious and political ideology (remember the executioner, leftists!?). She believes that Allah is God and he commands she kill unbelievers.

Woah! Mind blowing. Maybe the leftist teachers’ unions should write it all down and teach it in schools. That would be the day.

Moving away from the baby talk sometimes necessary to illuminate things for our socialist friends, they seriously have been using this as their meme. actually published an article stating that Mrs Fisher’s fetching picture had backfired. At the time of writing Michael Stone has 1,236 followers. @HollyRFisher ? 56.1 thousand.

The issue Mrs Fisher has been campaigning on is a controversy in the United States where the Christian owner of a company called Hobby Lobby did not want to be compelled, via ObamaCare, to pay for the ‘Morning After Pill’ due to his religious beliefs. He brought court proceedings and eventually his claim reached the Supreme Court of the United States, which granted certiorari.

This law student has a fascination with United States jurisprudence. The case is interesting. Turns out that the United States has a specific federal law, The Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993 (RFRA), that the court say “[…] prohibits the federal government from substantially burden[ing] a person’s exercise ofreligion even if the burden results from a rule of general applicability” unless the Government “demonstrates that application of theburden to the person—(1) is in furtherance of a compelling governmental interest; and (2) is the least restrictive means of furtheringthat compelling governmental interest. […]”

Left wing Americans are of course very upset about it but it turns out that when the pseudo communist bluster is set aside this maniacal piece of religious fundamentalism was introduced by Democrat Chuck Schumer and signed into law by er … Bill Clinton. The law already applied to other forms of employer such as churches and the only question was whether it applied to small businesses with a small number of shareholders. The American legal definition is a ‘closely held’ company.

Holly and her fellow campaigners achieved their goals through campaigning, democracy and law. In Paris on Wednesday, Islamic terrorists sought to achieve theirs through mass murder. Is it really so hard for the left to tell the difference?

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2 thoughts on “Vive la Différence!

  1. Good word!

    I recently asked one of these obtuse “lefties” this question:

    “@HollyRFisher @bcclist No difference? Which would fight to allow the other to believe what they wish?”

    As expected, I got this reply:

    “@MarkBordeaux Your tweet makes no sense.”

    I don’t know whether to feel sorry for this person or to laugh. It would likely be a waste of time to try to explain it to them.

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