Why is @LibertyLynx so Awesome? #InspiringJournalists

Liberty Lynx

The beautiful and mysterious ‘R’ – @LibertyLynx!

The Witchfinder has always celebrated strong Conservative and Right of Centre women who have stood up to hateful leftist harassment. This week, security journalist and commentator – the mysterious ‘R’ – better known as … @LibertyLynx!

Anonymous speech is a long an honourable tradition. The American Supreme Court has recognised it as so important that it is covered by the First Amendment to the United States Constitution.

To quote Justice Hugo Black… Anonymous pamphlets, leaflets, brochures and even books have played an important role in the progress of mankind.”

Sadly many users of anonymous speech are abusers of the privilege engaging in childish trolling.

@LibertyLynx on the other hand is the reason we have pseudonyms. At nearly a 135,000 tweets she has had a lot to say since she joined Twitter in 2008. In fact, that is roughly 61 insightful and clever tweets a day for 6 years.

What impresses the Witchfinder is that barring minor typos, all of Liberty Lynx’s comments have been strong, on point, courteous and relevant despite an avalanche of hysterical leftist hatred. Most recently Lynx has been responsible for sophisticated and subtle commentary on the Ferguson outrage in the United States, in which Liberals have whipped up groundless rioting over the regrettable but justified killing of a violent criminal by a police officer –

Liberty Lynx

Liberty Lynx on Ferguson. Sensible, measured commentary.

Her opponents, like all Liberals, have considerably less sophisticated talking points –

A sexist tweet about @LibertyLynx

A leftist gives it his best, misogynist shot. Clearly, equality is only for leftist women.

Readers, please feel free to show your appreciation to @dankmtl in the usual way. Whilst you are at it, perhaps a few kind words to these ‘gentlemen’ –

Leftists making hate filled comments to @LibertyLynx.

Left wingers filled with the virtues of ‘love’, ‘tolerance’ and ‘diversity’.

For ease, that would be – @larxbar and @asherahresearch.

The fact is that leftists hate those who shatter their infantile delusions about reality, especially when they have put their all-too-human leaders on pedestals –


LibertyLynx tells it how it is on Obama.

The scarf covering ‘R’ protects not just her face but also her right to free speech (sadly, as the Witchfinder guesses she is smoking underneath). More important than her appearance or identity though is what she has to say.

No one can agree with everything another person says, even in the same political party. The Witchfinder does not pretend to agree with every word @LibertyLynx says – but hats off to her for being a brave and prolific source of news.

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