The Twisted Face of Hate Behind Labour’s Mask – #WeBackMyleene

'How to Speak in Public' Cover

‘How to speak in public’, a training manual published by the Labour Party. From the Witchfinder’s collection.

What do former US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and successful TV Presenter Myleene Klass have in common? Both are successful, intelligent women of non-Anglo-Saxon heritage who have been the target of racist, sexist and classist hatred by left wingers. The Witchfinder exposes the poisonous, toxic hate that oozes out whenever the skin of the left is scratched.

Look right. The picture is the cover of a book the Witchfinder received early in his training as a Labour Party spin-doctor. It is an official Labour Party training manual on public speaking.

The cover is a revealing portrait of Labour’s self-image. Chosen, designed and approved by Labour staff for Labour members it shows a shrivelled scowling hate-face behind a healthy smiling mask. The book is about how to speak in public and contains various rhetorical tricks for manipulating the public. To a disinterested observer, the picture could be seen to say this – “We are false, we are wrong … and we know it.”

The Freudian slip on the book’s cover is unsurprising. For all the time your Inquisitor was a member of the Labour Party its defining characteristics were hatred, narcissism and envy. To be in the left is to be told precisely who to hate and why. From its roots in the Russian revolution against Tsar Nicholas II, the left wing in all its forms has been defined by whom it is against.

The British flavour of leftism, with its cheerleaders in the Guardian and the BBC, is no exception. To the self-righteous leftist the answers to all the ills of the world are to be found in hatred. In the period before the 1997 election and for a while after, we were told to hate the ‘Tories’ who, said the apparatchiks, were the root of all evil.

After a term or two of ‘New’ Labour rule blaming the ‘Tories’ began to pall and so the machinery of the left swung into action We were told to blame the judges. After all, it is hardly as though the Labour government could be to blame for the laws the judges enforced, is it? We were told to blame the bankers. After all, it is not the Labour government’s fault the banking industry was inadequately regulated, is it? We were told to blame Islamophobia. It is not as if western governments could respond to religious extremism, is it?

In Rotherham, we were told to blame underage victims of rape. What could be more vile? Whatever else it is or claims to be, Labour is not the party of ordinary working class women or their rights.

On the other side of the Atlantic, Republican Condoleezza Rice was the first female African-American Secretary of State the United States had ever had. So Democrats cheered this great advancement for equality called her a “House Nigga”. The Guardian’s transatlantic sibling, the New York Times, ran a cartoon that depicted her as big lipped and barely literate.

The hatred reached another low in Britain this week when Oxford educated Ed Miliband was trounced in a debate with a pop star. Myleene Klass, formerly the lead singer of Hear’Say, did not attend Oxford. She never had the privileges enjoyed by Ed Miliband and she never had years of malevolent training in creepy leftist propaganda techniques enjoyed by most senior Labour politicians. The impressive, articulate and well researched eloquent Klass made Miliband look like a moron. “A pasting from a pop star”, David Cameron and the papers called it.

So the leftists responded with hatred. Labour candidate Paula Sherriff was rightly taken to task by Guido for saying that Myleene Klass should consider emigrating. Of course the leftists are quick to point out that she used the word ’emigrate’ and not ‘deport’. The sentiment is clear enough.

The process of left-wing indoctrination begins early. Your author should know, he used to do it! Nothing is more revealing of the hatred that festers in the heart of the left than what they say. The Witchfinder collected screenshots of the wit and wisdom of some left-leaning twitterati –

A screenshot of a vile tweet

Sexist, racist abuse from a left winger. Note the references to race, ‘chinese looking’ and the implication of sexual promiscuity, ‘slag’.

Of course most leftists are more articulate, like my next two –

Another sexist tweet screenshot

An um … er … leftist exhorts Klass to stay out of the debates of ‘educated people’ and ‘be a mother’. In short STAY IN YOUR PLACE UPPITY WORKING CLASS WOMAN!

A leftist makes a sexist remark.

Another leftist tells Ms Klass to focus on motherhood.

At least these two can spell.

My next example, almost inevitably, involves Kieran Thorpe. The Very Important Labour Councillor who ‘leads’ Welwyn Hatfield Labour ‘Group’. Mr Thorpe is known for his hateful, inciting language such as describing his Conservative opponents in the area as ‘vermin’. This language leads directly to action in the minds of his many less … level-headed supporters. John Daniels, for example, clearly agrees that ‘Tories are vermin’. In fact he believes we should all be shot!

Leftist tweets calling for all Tories to be shot.

John Daniels is pretty clear what he thinks – “All Tories must be shot.”

In this instance Mr Daniels (or ‘Chopper’ as he likes to be known) was responding to a post by Kieran Thorpe. ‘Sergeant’ Thorpe was deriding his local MP Grant Shapps for threatening former Labour Councillor Dean Archer with legal action for an online post. As Archer admitted his words were ‘false’ and apologised, Thorpe had nothing to complain of. Nonetheless, Mr Daniels responded to Thorpe’s words by advocating a killing spree.

Pike Kieran himself of course has remained notably silent in condemning Daniels. A decent, reputable politician would have responded negatively – our ongoing monitoring shows that Thorpe had received relatively few tweets in that period and would have had a notice of it.

The extreme leftists in our society are a cancer. They believe that all their opponents are evil and only they know the right way, a belief that they continue to hold even when their leaders do u-turns. This belief is what drives the epic postal vote frauds seen in Birmingham and in Tower Hamlets – because the leftists are right and everyone else is evil it is ok, even necessary, to break the law.

Our society cannot function when there are those within it who have decided, systematically, not to abide by its rules.

Myleene Klass’s brave stance has elevated her above an entertainer and brought her into the company of some of the best and brightest in society. Like one of my personal role models, Professor Thomas Sowell (an African American Economist) or like talented author and political commentator Rachel Marsden, she has been subject to the vicious hatred and bigotry the left keep behind their mask. Let us all hope it opens some eyes.

[This article has been amended for legal reasons]

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  1. I ‘m shocked that in a democracy, someone can be condemned for their views. You don’t agree with her so what. Everybody is entitled to an opinion

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