Disgraced Former Teen Vogue Contributor Lara Witt Calls for Stabbing, Poisoning, Murder of Police Officers and Donald Trump

Readers would be forgiven for hoping that “Freelance” “journalist” Lara Witt would have learned her lesson. After Witt’s claims that “white people are evil” and her regrettable comments about Jewish terror victims, Elaine Welteroth, the editor of Teen Vogue publicly distanced herself. Normal people, confronted with their highest profile client backing off, would reconsider their behaviour. Witt however has decided to maximise her unemployability by publishing a calendar on Twitter espousing the murder of police officers (archive), Donald Trump and even feminists whose views she disagrees with.


Being “quite unemployable” is not enough for Lara Witt, here publishing a calendar listing a large number of undesirables to “stab”, “poison” or “kill”. Followers are assigned a task and victim group based on month and day of birth. Click for full size.

A word here about Twitter rules –


Twitter rules now forbid even indirect promotion of violence. Perhaps someone should contact @Jack about @FemmeFeministe?

Doubtless Ms Witt would claim it was just a jokey, tongue in cheek call for followers to “stab”, “poison” and “kill” serving police officers. To my mind, that is no defence. Normalising, promoting and trivialising violence against police officers, who face a real risk of stabbing and shooting on a daily basis just while doing their jobs, is unacceptable.

Bizarrely, Witt does not even limit the murder call to (for example) white police officers or corrupt police officers. She apparently includes non-Caucasian, female police officers in the broad category of “cops”. Other people Witt speaks of supporters being called to “stab”, “kill” or “poison” include the President of the United States Donald Trump.

Another category of people Witt targets is, “TERFS”. TERFS is an acronym referring to feminists who do not share all of the currently fashionable leftist views. The Wrong Kind of Feminist. What is a TERF? The word is a slur referring to “Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist”. These women have committed the grievous offence of espousing the view that individuals possessed of a penis, but not a vagina or uterus, are not in fact women but men.

The context of the TERF slur is that some trans-activists sought to be recognised as women whilst possessing male reproductive organs. As “women” they sought not only to participate in, but to lead “feminism” and to alter or end traditional feminist activities and ideological positions, such as performances of the “vagina monologues” and prioritising advocacy for women’s reproductive autonomy. The basis for this is that, “not all women have a vagina”. Furthermore, “feminists” who continue to base their ideology on the common interests of people born with vaginas are slurred and excluded as “TERFS”.

Readers may wish to politely draw this to the attention of Twitter and to Ms Witt’s one remaining publisher, Wear Your Voice Magazine. I imagine that were Twitter to ignore this post, charities for (as an example) families of murdered police officers might express strident views on such inaction. Ms Witt still uses PayPal, which has policies against supporting extremist views.

The editor of “Wear Your Voice Mag” is Ravneet Vohra (ravneet@wyvmag.com). Twitter contacts that may assist include the legal team tw-legal@twitter.com, General Counsel Vijaya Gadde (vijaya@twitter.com) and of course CEO jack@twitter.com.

Readers’ polite emails and tweets have already helped publications to understand the hurtful and unacceptable nature of Ms Witt’s views. Let us help Twitter to understand too.

Readers have also been in contact with PayPal to complain of apparent breaches of their terms at aupviolations@paypal.com. PayPal prohibits the promotion of hateful content. Lara Witt advertises her PayPal as paypal.me/larawitt and her email as LaraWitt@gmail.com.

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4 thoughts on “Disgraced Former Teen Vogue Contributor Lara Witt Calls for Stabbing, Poisoning, Murder of Police Officers and Donald Trump

  1. I find her Twitter feed fascinating and entertaining. It’s a glimpse into the mind of a very immature young person with a fledgling career. She brags about being a “freelance” writer and how she cannot be fired without. But she doesn’t realize for a second that the outlets she has written for are clients. Clients do not like to be hammered by their customers or readers because of Twitter comments you’ve made on your personal feed. You become a nuisance instead of being a freelancer they would want to sub work out to. There are a ton of young people who wasted money on journalism degrees, why would they want to deal with your headaches? And now a simple Google search shows potential clients how tainted she is.

    I just think so much of what she writes does more harm than good for her “cause”. When she matures in several years she will look back on most of these comments and cringe as hard as the rest of us currently are. What a waste of what could have been talent. Now delegated to writing about feminism on the internet like so many other gender studies and journalism students, who have no career to show for it.

    • I don’t know. If she will have the emotional intelligence to even look back and feel ashamed, she would likely have never said such things in the first place.

      I feel that the internet has stunted a lot of the younger generation’s emotional growth.

    • Thanks for drawing that to my attention. Just been reading the subpoena posted on CLP. I also got a summary of the files documents from the court website.

      My thoughts – basically it is between Melissa Sanford and CLP. I have been pretty clear on the risks of CLP from outset and I am not a member. I am not their legal advisor, either.

      I have no beef with Melissa Sanford. She was perfectly reasonable with me last year when I wrote to her about Josh and she tried to speak to him. She is not responsible for his actions. Note that court records appear to show she is representing herself not Josh.

      I am interested in one thing – the court website shows an ex parte injunction on 20 March 2017 and I am curious as to what it says.

      I will write an article but will need to ask both sides for their view.

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