Racist Lara Witt Tries to Silence /r/The_Donald as Teen Vogue Editor Disavows Her

Lara Witt set her Twitter feed to private for a brief period last week. She was not idle during that time, however. Far from learning her lesson about the dangers of hate speech she was engaging in a sinister and failed attempt to silence Redditors, most likely from popular pro-Donald Trump subreddit /r/The_Donald. She also suggested that she would try to use her now threadbare “press” status to pressure Reddit.


In the red corner, top-left, we have Lara Witt, a racist hard leftist I parody here as a Communist. In the bottom-right, patriot blue corner we have /r/The_Donald – a subreddit of decent human beings.

When Twitter leftists set their accounts to private it is rarely because they have learned their lesson. Instead they are seeking an echo chamber free of criticism where only chosen followers can share their thoughts. If more open minded individuals can gain access, the tweets sent privately can be revealing. Often when the account is visible again, tweets of interest are left up, such as Witt’s plans to silence opponents –


During her period of Twitter privacy, Lara Witt tried to take down a “MAGA” thread, most likely in /r/The_Donald and contemplated using her “press” credentials to do so. Click for full size.

Lara Witt’s tweets [1] (archive) and [2] (archive) show that she was trying to have a Reddit thread removed. Whilst there are several threads about her on Reddit, I suspect it was this one (archive). The thread achieved over 11,800 up-votes encouraging people to politely and courteously complain about her racism.

It is understandable that they would wish to complain. As my article “Whiteness is evil” relates, Lara Witt is a virulent racist who called for cyber-attacks on Trump administration official Steve Bannon. Readers of the article “Racist Freelance “Journalist” Lara Witt, Terrorism and the Burning Corpses of Jewish Children” will know just what Witt thinks about terror attacks on Israel.

At that stage however, President Trump’s loyal supporters (many of whom also support GamerGate), were unaware of the way she was intending to use her journalistic status. Now that the movement for ethics in journalism can be alerted, doubtless they too will have something to say. Perhaps there is a place for her on the Deepfreeze database?

To their great credit, Trump supporters have been contacting publications that feature Witt’s work to complain and warn of her bigoted views. The work has been having an effect. Teen Vogue editor Elaine Welteroth has personally distanced the magazine from Witt’s work (archive). I suspect it will be a long time before Teen Vogue commissions Witt again –


Elaine Welteroth seems unwilling for her publication to be associated with Ms Witt’s opinions that, “White people are evil” and “Jewish figures” are “despicable” for decrying terrorist attacks on Israel. Click for full size.

However, it appears that Welteroth has not yet been joined by the editors of all the other publications Witt lists on her CV. Readers may wish to email Elaine Welteroth (Elaine_Welteroth@condenast.com) praising her, whilst asking the others to follow her lead.

As a reminder the list includes Jodi Jacobson the editor of Rewire (Jodi@rhrealitycheck.org, press@rewire.news), Nikki Gloudeman co-founder and Editorial Director of “The Establishment” (nicholemarie29@gmail.com), the President of Whyy.org William Marrazzo (wmarrazzo@whyy.org) and the editor of “Wear Your Voice Mag” Ravneet Vohra (ravneet@wyvmag.com).

Readers have also been in contact with PayPal to complain of apparent breaches of their terms at aupviolations@paypal.com. PayPal prohibits the promotion of hateful content. Lara Witt advertises her PayPal as paypal.me/larawitt and her email as LaraWitt@gmail.com.

Readers complaining to publications or to PayPal are asked to keep their letters and emails polite, factual, courteous and respectful. To make use of hatred and threats is to descend to the revolting levels occupied by Ms Witt.

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5 thoughts on “Racist Lara Witt Tries to Silence /r/The_Donald as Teen Vogue Editor Disavows Her

  1. It seems she hates herself for being white. This explains a lot. Self loathing is no excuse to hate a race of people. Sad. Per an article she wrote:

    “My mother is black: half Kenyan, half Indian. My father is white. My skin varies from being a light olive to 3-4 shades darker when I am tan. My hair is brown and naturally wavy-curly. My eyes are brown. I have somewhat non-caucasian features, but my heritage is pretty indecipherable.

    On paper I am a minority, but you wouldn’t necessarily know that when you see me. I come from a upper middle class family, I grew up in Switzerland, I got to travel a lot and I speak fluent English and French. In person, I can perform whiteness. I portray European-ness. But I know nothing else.

    For years I have struggled with my mixed ethnicity because I don’t feel either Kenyan or Indian at all…

    My mother made me white, she denied me half of who I am. This is a rupture of my identity. I only know my whiteness and I feel guilty about this. I hate that I can only perform whiteness.”

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