Despicable Threats Against Oliver Smith Continue Due to

A few weeks ago, Matthew Hopkins News reported that a person claiming to be a Kiwi Farms user had sent threats to a school and MP to stalk a child in the rough area where Oliver Smith lives, demanding that bloggers and Oliver stop criticising Kiwi Farms. A subsequent, anonymous, paper letter was sent to Smith’s home following up on the same threats, with the same goals. With Darwin-award level stupidity, the sender used signed for delivery. This tracks the sender location and timestamp as well as the recipient and all UK post office have CCTV. Subsequently the sender was finally revealed – and their identity is with the police and FBI.

Letter 1

This letter appears to follow up on the terror threat email. It is full of wild allegations but without signature, name or address of sender but has been written by a Kiwi Farms supporter using my style to try to implicate me. Also, best not to use signed for delivery.

This has to be the stupidest thing I have ever read. It is clearly menacing and it is anonymous (it goes on for another crazy page) and wildly untrue but the tracking number is stuck to the envelope. Whoever wrote it clearly expected to be untraceable, so they deserve a Darwin award for stupidity. Royal Mail records show that it was sent from a post office in the B and M store in Park Street Liverpool L8 4UE at 13:12 on 21 March 2017. The shop confirms it holds CCTV. After the extent to which the ‘anonymous’ sender fouled up began to circulate however, there was a fresh revelation.

In what is presumably a desperate attempt at damage control, this happened –


Apparently realising his mistake, Joshua Conner Moon now admits to sending the anonymous letter but claims the lengthy and unhinged rant – in the style of all the other terror threats – was a legitimate complaint. Click for full size.

The letter is a clear followup from the school terror threats. It uses the same style and uses an attempt at my letter format in an obvious attempt to implicate me. Shortly after the letter arrived, it became apparent the sender would be traced. For some reason (I suspect panic) Joshua then admitted he sent it (archive here), although he insists he did not send the others. As a reminder that would be the threats to schools in Florida, the threats to a hospital in Wales (Josh also claims there were threats to hospitals in America – but I had no knowledge of this) the threat to two separate Hertfordshire Schools, the threat to murder Margaret Pless, myself and Greta Martela.

This insane, two page rant is currently being reviewed by police in the United States and United Kingdom –

Letter 2

A mixture of wild allegation and semi-comprehensible legal threats. Tip to anonymous letter writers – threatening to sue is not credible. Also, best not to use signed for delivery. Although the letter was anonymous and unsigned at first, Joshua Moon admitted it was him after it proved to be traceable.

Moon’s motive for this despicable and cowardly communication to a person he and his friends claim to be vulnerable adult is his belief that Oliver runs a website called Moon is wrong, as far as I can tell – whoever is running it uses the name ‘Gene Ross’ and is far more technically sophisticated that Oliver.

[Update 26 March 2017 – amended above to add “person he and his friends claim to be”, for clarity]

I regard as a criminal enterprise doing the same as Kiwi Farms. Up until now, I have refused to link it. However, this incident has caused me to review the policy. I have decided it is lawful and ethical to put on the same footing as other criminal sites I report on like Kiwi Farms or Silk Road. They can be named although I do not condone them.

This moronic letter has backfired badly. Not only has he got the wrong person, not only is this letter the only anonymous threat whose sender is now identified, but he has provoked the real owner of There is now a new thread on coordinated stalking of Josh’s family here and targeting his mother’s home here. This is simply another escalation of what are now two blatant criminal gangs. I regard both as illegal and point the police to both of them.

However, only one side has resorted to terrorism – and it is not Gene Ross.

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Samuel Collingwood Smith was born in the north of England, but his family moved south early in his life and spent most of his early years in Welwyn Garden City before attending Queen Mary, University of London, where he studied Economics. Smith was employed as a Labour Party fundraiser in the 2001 General Election, and as a Labour Party Organiser in the 2005 General Election. In 2005 Smith was elected as a Borough Councillor for Haldens Ward on Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council and served for 3 years until 2008. In 2009 Smith changed sides to the Conservative party citing division within Labour ranks, Labour broken promises and Conservative improvements to local services. In 2012 Smith started to study a Graduate Diploma in Law, passing in 2014. Smith then moved on to studying a Master's Degree in Law combined with an LPC, receiving an LL.M LPC (with Commendation) in January 2017. During his study, Smith assisted several individuals in high profile court cases as a McKenzie Friend - in one case being praised by Parliamentary petition for his charitable work and legal skills. Smith is also the author of this blog, Matthew Hopkins News, that deals with case law around Family and Mental Capacity issues. The blog also opposes online drama and abuse and criticises extreme-left politicians.

27 thoughts on “Despicable Threats Against Oliver Smith Continue Due to

    • Indeed. Also, you know how he always tells everyone (and the police) the “terrorist” writes like me. This letter even ended “kind regards” and tried to sound all legal. It talked about legally “servicing” Oliver. Then after we worked out it could be traced Josh posts on Kiwi Farms trying to act like it was a legitimate complaint. We sent it to those cops and that FBI agent. Spoke to one of them on the phone earlier.

      He is a special child, he really is, isn’t he? I mean those tracking stickers were HUGE.

  1. I know a lot of this shit with KiwiFarms/CandiceLynnPotter has been getting out of hand. But I do not think that Mr. Moon’s letter here as shown constitutes a threat.

    The fact of the matter is that myself and many people I know who have been unfairly targeted on Wikipedia by this man, Oliver Smith, as well was his brother Darryl being a possible accomplice. So the accusations in this letter don’t strike me as impossible.

    He enjoys calling people racists, nazis, and sex maniacs when they disagree with him, while he has posted lengthy screeds on white supremacy and the lost city of Atlantis under various aliases including Atlantid. He’s been doing this for years but exposing him as such leads him to publishing these websites full of lies.

    Most notably he harassed and defamed an innocent man named Rome Viharo because Viharo made a handful of edits on wikipedia, the edits themselves may have been factually incorrect, but Oliver has taken this too far. If what Joshua Moon does is terrorism, then so is Oliver Smith’s modus operandi. He will continue this if you keep apologizing from him. He is a bad person, Mr. Smith and I hope you denounce him in a future article.

          • Oliver was replying with his own links created on Egypt forum – continuing the defamation, doxxing, and targeting campaign against the Moon family, specifically in response to the ‘Sam Smith call to arms.’ Clearly – he supports that sort of activity from his emails alone.

            He then replied to his *own email*, not kiwihunter, with “lol, who is sending this emails?”

            Was Oliver replying to kiwihunter, or did he make a mistake and forget which sock email account he sent his list of defamatory links from?

            Lots of flag waving here with various email and forum accounts, like you mention in this post.

            Why would ‘kiwihunter’ or ‘Mike Conner’ wish to link this activity back to you, and are you concerned with what they are implying?

            Who do you believe benefits from the publication of CLP?

            All evidence I’ve seen so far shows most activity around CLP (in relationship to me and my site) have occurred in the Watford area of the UK.

            I’ve not seen any clear evidence of anyone involved other than Oliver Smith (or perhaps his brothers as well).

            Since Oliver has been know to impersonate, it would seem to me that if there is a culprit behind creating fake email accounts – the first suspect would be the one with a long history of just that behavior.

            What am I missing?

            fyi: you should know, although I have been a target of Oliver for three years and publish his activities on my website – I don’t believe how he was treated on KF (being labeled as a pedophile) was justified. I believe these sort of online behaviors and misinformation campaigns are very harmful, whether performed by Wikipedia editors, RationalWiki (whom I have criticized highly), KF, or political operatives (of any party)

            Apparently, all chickens are coming home to roost on this one.

          • Dude there are lots of sock puppet accounts from various factions acting in their own interests and false flagging. I have no idea who Kiwi Hunter is.

            My personal advice to you is that you should avoid drawing unrelated people into things. You seem to have quite enough on your plate without starting another fight.

  2. Obviously several of these people are Kiwi trolls. The reason I engage them and allow (some) of their posts is that it demonstrates the degree of emotion being experienced by Josh and the Kiwis. This post has hit a nerve.

  3. Hello,

    I apologise if I’m steering off-topic; but I felt it was necessary to speak up here, anywhere, on your blog, regarding my dealings with KiwiFarms. I’ll cut right to the chase:

    I, along with hundreds of others, have faced ongoing abuse from the KiwiFarms community for a considerably long time now. I just wanted to say that I have been a big follower of your blog for nearly a year now, and I’m really glad to see how determined you are at unmasking and putting a stop to these vile, horrible people.

    It sickens me that nearly nothing gets done to terminate these websites, and how the authorities can let such depraved criminal scumbags like Joshua Moon continue to live freely, evading arrest. I truly believe you and Oliver Smith are the only people that I know of who are brave enough to take action against the KiwiFarms community, and for that, I commend you, wholeheartedly.

    I can only hope KiwiFarms is shut down, the sooner the better. I was devastated to see it return in February of this year. Before I was targeted, I initially knew about the site after I learned of the tragic suicide of Julie Terryberry (one of KF’s many hundreds of victims). I would’ve HOPED this incident would’ve got the site shut down, but sadly, no, it continues to run; harassing and tormenting innocent people and being nothing but a disgusting cesspit of cyberstalking, and malicious abuse.

    I have details on two particular members of the site; as I had known them quite well prior to them attacking me. If possible, I can disclose these, but I would have to do so in a PM. These people need to be stopped. Someone has to stop them.

    I can’t take this any longer.


  4. I think what Kiwi Farms does is despicable and I’ve been a silent supporter of yours for a while but I find it a little surprising that you aren’t writing about what the candicelynnpotter defamation site is doing with the same kind of veracity if your concern is online harassment and defamation. I realize that initially there was an element of “taste of their own medicine” but it’s crossed over into openly advocating raping and murdering the family members of Kiwi Farmers.

    • Null has been doing this sort of thing for a while. It’s not uncommon for people of his ilk to dabble in this sort of thing just to set people’s teeth on edge.

  5. I have had a number of posts from Donny Long, Gene Ross and Eddie Przydzial taking shots at each other. No further comments by any of them attacking the other will be allowed here. I have gone back for the last few weeks and removed attacks by both sides.

    I am happy to confirm that both Gene and Eddie vehemently say that they are not working together.

  6. Surely both websites are violating both their hosting services’ TOS. Surely reporting them would be the easiest solution? I don’t see what you have to gain by dragging this out.

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