New and Sinister Threats to Hertfordshire Children by Kiwi Farms, Will Authorities Take Action?

Earlier this evening, I received an email from Oliver Smith, a Kiwi Farms victim (no relation). I had been in touch to check the progress of a complaint he had made to police. His reply was chilling. An email from “Dynastia’s Apprentice” and tracing back to Joshua Conner Moon’s email service, had been sent to Oliver, a Hertfordshire MP and a local school. Subject: “we will stalk little sue denim at grove road school” (I have changed the child’s name throughout to anonymise them). Grove road is a primary and nursery school. The email demanded that sites and articles critical of Moon’s website Kiwi Farms be taken down or a named child, “sue” would be stalked, presumably in line with official Kiwi Farms policy as set out below.


Kiwi Farm’s official policy on doxing underage children. Click for full size.

The forum, Kiwi Farms is well known for having publicly taken a vote making it policy to target underage children (archive here) and then carrying it out by harvesting pictures of children as young as five like the son of prominent left-wing academic Marian Aanerud.

Joshua Moon, owner of Kiwi Farms also previously owned the now defunct 16chan, which had a board called [paedo]/phile/ for child rape stories. The rules of 16chan, written by Moon expressly permitted such material, which he described as, “child fetishism” and he did not remove child rape stories or the /phile/ board. One story, as recounted in my video, “Enemy Within” included a “fantasy” of the kidnapping, mutilation and murder of a 5-year old child. Specifically a hole was sliced in them and they were raped to death through it. For reasons such as this, many people would like police to take a keen interest in Kiwi Farms users and donors.

The text of the email is as follows –

o diggety-dawgs, we ARE kiwifarms! an extraordinary community of loving and kind, if colorful, individuals.

our community has many fine achievements. we have an email service for being really friendly and close, and not for stalking, no-sirree! we love our email service at! we have a website where we can and do discuss everything and anything! we discuss how to best portray ourselves as mudslimes, how best to mess with feminists and trannies and whatever makes our feels pulsate. that includes doing very bad things to children.

incredible as it may sound, some journalists and trouble makers have been setting out to oppose us ==>

oliver smith in hertfordshire united kingdom. we hate him and his article about our leader josh.

margaret pless in new york. can you believe this?

sam smith in hertfordshire. the whole fucking site.

eddie dzial in beverly hills. everything about

so take em down, OR we will have do something about it. we want you elected leader types to help and we know that we can operate with impunity because we’ve been messing with people and their children for years. better yet the dear leader is now at an undisclosed location. so we could happily stalk sue denim (cute little sue denim) at
grove road school. we can go after her online and we can go after her offline AND WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT IT? FAGGOTS.

imagine the horror of a child and their parents when – – – photoshopped – – – pictures get sent to all their little friends and frankly, that is the least of what we can and will do. we expect david gauke to do his part to close these meddling bloggers down or he can expect to see his poll numbers tank as the bad things happen.


dynastias trainee

ps oliver getting josh’s mom fired made you and eddie targets one and two forever

As readers will see, it is a clear terrorist demand that unless sites critical of Kiwi Farms are taken down, an innocent child and a Conservative MP will be targeted by the infamous paedophile group.

Last year myself and Margaret Pless received death threats in similar form as recounted by Pless in her article here (archive here). Furthermore there were threats to murder the entire population of Peartree School in Welwyn Garden City.

Whilst Josh and Kiwi Farms deny paedophilia, it is worth remembering the following –

  • removed Kiwi Farms citing that they had found illegal child pornography as the reason for terminating the hosting contract (article and evidence here)
  • Whilst denying being a paedophile, Josh willingly and knowingly hosted detailed child rape stories (see video)
  • Whilst denying being paedophiles, Kiwi Farms have had a vote to target children then harvested pictures of 5-year olds (see above and video)
  • Josh has boasted of being aroused by and masturbating to, Neko Shota (cartoon child pornography featuring males)
  • Whilst denying contacting victims, Kiwi Farms openly posts addresses, emails and phone-numbers with exhortations to contact them
  • The thread about is full of users boasting of emails they sent to feminists in the name of other feminists, with penis photos (archive here)
  • There is a Kiwi Farms thread on “Islamic Content” explaining Islam in detail down to the name of clerics who founded schools of thought (article and evidence here)
  • This information was apparently used to send terror threats posing as Muslims (article about FBI investigation and evidence here)

Not all Kiwi Farmers can be traced. Allegedly Joshua Conner Moon has left his mother’s house after she parted company with her employers. However, there is at least one English suspect. Last month Kiwi Farmer “Ginger Piglet” contacted Welwyn-Hatfield Council with a request for copies of minutes, which they then used in the thread harassing me. The council’s legal department confirms they hold the information.

Whilst there is no direct evidence “Ginger Piglet” personally sent the email, they certainly participated in a thread where others have planned such emails – such as the draft mass murder threat posted by Dynastia in my name.

“Ginger Piglet” will be familiar with the nature of the site and CWCKi. As set out in Margaret Pless’ article in New York Magazine – these included hacking an autistic man’s PSN account and blackmailing him into anally penetrating himself. The same group groomed a 13-year-old into having phone sex with the man, posing as a 19-year old and then posted audio recordings and a typed transcript.

Obviously, “Ginger Piglet” is really someone who should be known better to the authorities, regardless of their involvement in this specific incident – certainly they have shown a detailed enthusiasm for local research. I would like to publicly invite Welwyn-Hatfield Council and its Chief Executive Michel Saminaden to assure everyone they will do everything in their power to assist victims of Kiwi Farms and introduce “Ginger Piglet” to the relevant authorities.

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Samuel Collingwood Smith was born in the north of England, but his family moved south early in his life and spent most of his early years in Welwyn Garden City before attending Queen Mary, University of London, where he studied Economics. Smith was employed as a Labour Party fundraiser in the 2001 General Election, and as a Labour Party Organiser in the 2005 General Election. In 2005 Smith was elected as a Borough Councillor for Haldens Ward on Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council and served for 3 years until 2008. In 2009 Smith changed sides to the Conservative party citing division within Labour ranks, Labour broken promises and Conservative improvements to local services. In 2012 Smith started to study a Graduate Diploma in Law, passing in 2014. Smith then moved on to studying a Master's Degree in Law combined with an LPC, receiving an LL.M LPC (with Commendation) in January 2017. During his study, Smith assisted several individuals in high profile court cases as a McKenzie Friend - in one case being praised by Parliamentary petition for his charitable work and legal skills. Smith is also the author of this blog, Matthew Hopkins News, that deals with case law around Family and Mental Capacity issues. The blog also opposes online drama and abuse and criticises extreme-left politicians.

5 thoughts on “New and Sinister Threats to Hertfordshire Children by Kiwi Farms, Will Authorities Take Action?

  1. The owner of the anti kiwifarms website complained a while ago and was found to be using the registration name Eddie Dzial. Does that mean you are allied with them? Or is it someone impersonating Eddie?

    • Fair questions. Firstly, I do not believe it is Eddie. I attempted to trace the site operator and they are using a proxy with an endpoint that changes at regular intervals. Accordingly, I believe it is unlikely that they are Eddie, Donny or any of the people they claim to be because then they would not need a proxy. I may be mistaken, but it would pretty dumb to do this in a person’s real name and it would also defeat the point of the proxy.

      The site is not my ally. My policy on contacts about unambiguously criminal acts is to report them to the police and other law enforcement. I gave fair warning about this repeatedly, most recently in this article – I did pro-actively send UK and US police my article about the anti-Kiwi site and IP information. I have previously provided the police and FBI with relevant information about serious crimes. For some relevant information, I have received acknowledgements.

      The police are aware that Josh has upset a lot of people and there are many suspects for crimes against or relating to him. I believe that an Escambia county sheriff officer may have politely tried to explain this to Josh during a visit with the FBI last year. “Why do you have enemies Josh? Is it because of the website you run…?” The kindly police officer was just one more person who tried and failed to gently talk some sense into Josh.

  2. Wow, Joshua gets more irrational. He’s now posting lies you and me “faked” this email. Slight problem with that: I’ve emailed David Gauke and he (hopefully) will be contacting Hertfordshire police, like I advised him; I’m also in contact with the police about this email threat, as well as the ongoing defamation posted about me on Kiwi Farms. Furthermore, the email was sent by Joshua Conner Moon’s email service, so it undoubtedly traces back to him.

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