The Stalkers Stalked! Troll Sets Up Sinister Site Targeting Joshua Conner Moon as Dynastia Loses his Cool

For some time now, Matthew Hopkins News has covered the depraved website Kiwi Farms. The site boasts it is set up to exploit the mentally disabled for “amusement”, has been repeatedly closed and moved in some case by hosting companies that said the site contained child pornography. Joining the site requires applicants to watch a video of vulnerable adults in unpleasant situations (such as a seriously disabled female self harming) and correctly answer questions (example archived here – video greyed out but question visible). Now in the face of police inaction, anonymous vigilantes have taken the law into their own hand and promise equally vicious escalation.

For my part, please note that I do not condone criminal activity of any kind. If this site receives emails from persons contemplating or committing serious future or ongoing criminal acts such as terrorism or violence I shall disclose them to appropriate law enforcement agencies without warning.


Kiwi Farms NOT (KFN) is a sinister forum set up to harass Joshua Moon’s family in retaliation for his creation, Kiwi Farms. The URL has been blacked out and although the forum can easily be found on Google it will not be linked from here. Click for full size.

The site owner of Kiwi Farms Joshua Moon (also known as Null, IBan and Ichverbot) has intentionally hosted child rape stories on his now defunct image site 16chan and boasted of masturbating to Neko Shota (cartoon child pornography featuring boys). Whilst Kiwi Farms claims that under its rules members merely comment and do not harass this is an obvious lie – they frequently post addresses and phone numbers exhorting each other to contact their victims. Terrorist threats in Pensacola, Florida and Wales, United Kingdom have been linked to the site. In January, the site went down but it was restarted this month under the same owner.

Now the lawlessness is escalating further. A new web forum, ‘Kiwi Farms NOT’ (KFN) set up shortly after Joshua Moon restarted Kiwi Farms systematically targets his family and everyone associated with them. The administrator of KFN (whose name is unknown) identifies as Candice Lynn Potter or Candy Potter – Joshua’s mother’s name.

Although I sympathise with Kiwi victims I cannot condone the KFN site or link to it because it targets persons whose connection to the site or Moon is unverified, or who are innocent bystanders. KFN also intentionally mixes truth and lies such as claiming Moon has an arrest for contact child sex offences. He does not, although he has hosted paedophile material such as snuff stories knowingly and willingly and he has also stated that he masturbates over it.

The KFN website has been linked to a victim of Kiwi Farms called Donny Long but I believe he is deliberately being framed as a distraction. The owner has repeatedly contacted me by email and whilst in public they affect an unhinged, inarticulate persona in private their grammar is nearly flawless. I believe the misspelling shown above, ‘unsensored’ is a misdirection. Furthermore tracing attempts using multiple, sophisticated tools fail. The person is using proxies and changing their IP address regularly. It is doubtful that Donny Long has any such capability. I have identified endpoints in Lima, Peru as well as in Japan.

The site content is itself a paradox – whilst the language is childlike Moon’s entire family tree has been efficiently established along with addresses, emails and phone numbers. ‘Candice’ the site administrator (who also goes by ‘gene ross’) claims to have been making untraceable phone calls to multiple Moon family members, perhaps using VOIP. In my previous article I published some IP addresses and … odd … close matches that suggest ‘gene ross’ is a member of Kiwi Farms.

At the same time another, also unidentified but likely different actor has been distributing purported details for hated Kiwi Farms user Dynastia. During Kiwi Farms’ outage alleged details of Dynastia’s real identity were shared in the Kiwi Farms Discord server. Usually, Dynastia laughs at attempts to find his real identity but in this instance, he immediately had the conversation deleted.

Shortly thereafter, screenshots and an alleged picture of Dynastia were posted on the 8chan /cow/ board. As this happened, Dynastia came out with at least four conflicting denials and began retrospectively deleting internet posts that linked him to the details, embarrassingly being caught editing a post on the Encyclopaedia Dramatica forums.

Matthew Hopkins News is not yet ready to share the supposed identity as I consider it is not verified to an adequate legal standard. I will only say that Dynastia is allegedly an elderly Australian man or one of his two sons. Nevertheless, others picked up on the information, including one activist called Luke McKee.

When McKee started to contact associates of Dynastia’s alleged real world company, Dynastia lost his cool and sent him bizarre emails – three times in one day. It appears the fate of this unrelated family kept ‘Dynastia’ up into the small hours as the first email was timed at 2:46am, client side.


At 2:46am, Dynastia wants to know why he is being ‘doxed’.


After some sleep, Dynastia is back on at McKee, asking who provided the information.


After failing to obtain satisfactory answers, Dynastia degenerates into vulgar abuse.

I have been sitting out the Dynastia ‘dox’ saga, although following with interest. I am keen Dynastia be identified as Hertfordshire, South Wales and (Greta Martela tells me) San Francisco police would like to talk to him. I also have a civil judgement against him. Until there is solid evidence however, I have been biding my time.

Having said all that, there is one factual snipped I would like to share – Dynastia has repeatedly posted as if he attended the final hearing in the libel claim I brought against him. Dynastia believes the judgement cannot be enforced, pinning his hopes on a remark the judge made that he has not fully understood.

At the day of the court hearing, I looked carefully at the audience as I expected some Kiwis would be there. However, the only persons present in the audience were an old couple in their 50s or 60s. I went over and spoke to them briefly. The man had an Australian accent. He gave some glib explanation for his attendance but whilst he gave me a bad feeling, I ultimately thought, “nah!” No one that old, I reasoned, would be a member of Kiwi Farms.

However, not all elderly people are technically unsavvy – I have met software developers that age. Perhaps I was mistaken. Perhaps … I have met Dynastia.

In any event I will not act on speculation. I am unwilling to participate in the destruction of an entire family on tenuous evidence. Unfortunately for the identified family, it is not my decision. The KFN site has published the alleged details for Dynastia and I have seen emails circulated including Black Lives Matter activists with the addresses of members of Moon’s family and Dynastia’s. KFN has actively sought to contact Islamic extremists with (to be fair, true) details of Moon’s anti-Muslim remarks.

It is clear that the operator of KFN intends Moon and Dynastia very serious harm and is prepared to go after anyone remotely associated with them. When Moon shut down Kiwi Farms in January, things began to die down until he decided to poke the hornet’s nest with his bizarre lies about passing the site to ‘regents’.

Now Moon is in the worst of both worlds. If he does pass on the database no one will believe Moon does not have it. Stalking against he and his family will inevitably escalate and I fear it may lead to violence. His mother is already unemployed because of his site – but what will happen if her home is attacked and she is left without a roof over her head? ‘Candy’ could end up on the streets. Even charities might be unwilling to house someone who will draw terrorism and violent, mentally ill criminals down upon them.

Similarly, whilst I will have no part in it the trolls intend to target the entire alleged family of ‘Dynastia’. They lose nothing regardless of whether those whose lives are utterly ruined are the right targets. If they are wrong they have at least deterred would-be Kiwis and sent a clear message to Dynastia of what awaits him. Of course if Dynastia is the older man, then it would be ironic for his adult children to be targeted as he has specifically encouraged as policy, cyber stalking the 5-year old children of others.


Kiwi Farm’s official policy on doxing underage children. Click for full size.

Whilst I cannot condone the actions of these trolls, I do see the irony. For years Kiwi Farmers have sought the ‘new’ Christian Weston Chandler (CWC) – the vulnerable disabled person they set up multiple forums and a 1600+ page wiki to stalk. Now, like CWC there is a forum dedicated to a source of amusement. How ironic the new CWC should be Null – and with far crueler ‘fans’.

Kiwi Farms needs to come to an end and it needs to be done the right way, by criminal law enforcement or civil legal action. I am looking into this and have recently sent Moon some disclosures I have obtained by legal means (which he has curiously not posted on Kiwi Farms). Until Moon sees reason, things will only get worse. The only way this ends well for him now is if Kiwi Farms goes down, and stays down.

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16 thoughts on “The Stalkers Stalked! Troll Sets Up Sinister Site Targeting Joshua Conner Moon as Dynastia Loses his Cool

  1. Yo Hopkins. Null is going to get your mailing list and all your emails. He has a whole list from a defector and he is going to get them all.

    • He has one, partial list of 5 from Tommy Tooter. These days I send the emails out in a single merge and no one can see each others’ mail.

      However his main problem is there is nothing illegal on any emails. Firstly, not actually down with the stalking and secondly if I was, would I be stupid enough to put it in writing? Nope LOL. If Null successfully intimidated someone into handing them over it would all be lawful activities – mostly identifying hosting companies and informing them about the site.


    • Pretty sure it is not Donny. I will not speculate in public.

      I’m just a bit distracted laughing at Null. He’s seriously losing it. He just found my article on the police terror documents. Last year he tried to say it proved I was a terrorist and I pointed out that ‘NULL’ was our source – or one of them. He just posted about the same article again, but is so strung out that he’s forgotten he read it last year. It even still has my addendum from last year responding to him.

  3. I am the real Donny Long [check my ip and email address] and I can tell you the army of trolls I have that support me and kick around [****] that talk shit about me is HUGE. Remember there were a bunch of us straight male porn stars working in porn before the [****] took over and a bunch of them are my anonymous supporters.

    Not only its a huge army I have but this army is ruthless and what they are doing to Joshua Moon’s mom is nothing to whats coming. I predict the rest of his family will have .com’s sooner than later and worse. Joshua kicked the wrong bull thinking he could fuck with me. I am Miami Cuban brought up in gangs and I don’t take shit from nobody and if you fuck with me in person or online you will get your [****] ass handed to you on a poo poo platter. Joshua the only hope you have right now is to shut down your site and turn over the .net to my hommie Gene Ross! You been warned punkass.

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