Desecration! Joshua Conner Moon / Null, Islamic Hate, and Destroying the Qur’An

It is well established that Joshua Conner Moon / Null the administrator of vile hate group Kiwi Farms has called for the genocide of Muslims, hosts a thread on how best to produce ‘Islamic Content’ (pose as Muslims) and that his email service has been used to send hoax terror threats in the name of the ‘New Calithate’. Kiwis apparently cannot spell their fake terror threats correctly even with a guide. Now fresh allegations have emerged, as yet unproven, that he produced or distributed a video in which the Qur’an is systematically torn up, wiped in alcohol, wiped with a shoe and then burned.


A Qur’an burns in the video allegedly shared by Joshua Conner Moon. But is he the victim of a hoax?

Links to the video first emerged with the recent mysterious appearance of a web forum devoted to exposing Joshua Moon. The site, named after Moon’s mother and administered under her name, is banned from being linked on this blog or its comments. This is because it lists addresses and phone numbers for Moon’s entire extended family including innocent bystanders.

The site also targets innocents such as Keller Williams real estate agents, former employers of Candice Lynn Potter (Candy Potter), Joshua Moon’s mother. Whilst there is evidence that Candy Potter was a member of Moon’s site she no longer works at Keller Williams and they are no longer connected in any way with Kiwi Farms. Targeting them is not something Matthew Hopkins News can condone.

Even so, the strange new forum is little more than an aggregation of information about Moon and his supporters drawn from all over the internet. Much is accurate. For example it is true, documented and archived that Moon called for genocide against Muslims on Twitter (archive here). This was one reason his account was permanently suspended and why he and his friend Dynastia are ban-on-sight on the platform.

Joshua Conner Moon Calls for Genocide Against Muslims

In this tweet, Moon calls for genocide (his word) for Muslims. Click for full size.

In this archived Kiwi Farms thread, Dynastia posts a great deal of accurate information and sophisticated terminology about Muslims for the purpose of creating, ‘Islamic content’. Islamic terminology appeared in terror threats sent via Joshua Moon’s email service


In this thread Dynastia takes a break from stalking women to demonstrate a detailed and sophisticated knowledge of Islamic belief and terminology. Click for full size.

The thread goes so far as a detailed comparison of the major official schools of Sunni Islamic thought, their proper names and ideologies –


In this extract Dynastia identifies the recognised schools of Sunni Islam complete with the name of the founding Imam. Click for full size.

The ‘genocide’ and ‘Islamic content’ posts can be verified because there are way-back archives of the posts being made by acknowledged accounts of Null and Dynastia. The terror threats appear in police records. Whether or not Dynastia personally sent the threats it is clear Dynastia provided the instructions and his friend Josh Moon provided the email service.

However, the video appears to be considerably less well sourced. The current post is in a YouTube video entitled, “joshua conner moon Burning Quran google his name to find him” placed by an account in the name, ‘Candice Potter’. Clearly this video was uploaded by the operator of the new forum opposing Moon and not by he or his mother. Having said that, it is claimed to be a re-upload of content formerly created by Joshua Moon.

I contacted the owner of the anti-Moon site for comment. It is clear they are someone other than they claim to be. A number of semi-coherent posts online have caused people to suspect that the site is operated by former porn star Donny Long, a victim of Moon. However in private the individual is highly eloquent, articulate and sly. Furthermore, when I used (legal) investigative techniques to try to trace the operator I discovered that they were using a VPN in Peru, which subsequently switched to a Japanese address.

The IP address of the Peru endpoint ( is similar to one I previously identified as being used by Moon himself, ( Both are in Lima Peru. The impression I have formed is of a member of Kiwi Farms or a rival trolling site familiar with moderately sophisticated counter-forensic techniques, perhaps one of their recommended no-logging VPNs. ‘Candice Potter’, the administrator of the forum also claims to be outside the United States. However their private correspondence shows sophisticated grammar and it is likely this is untrue.

The possible motives vary. It could be a Kiwi engaging in a false flag attack to try to obtain law enforcement sympathy. It could be one of Josh’s many enemies posing as Donny to avoid retaliation. Without further investigation, there is no definitive answer.

The same goes for the video. As yet I cannot say for certainty whether Moon posted the video or whether it is a hoax. However, his verified calls for genocide would be an offence in the United Kingdom under s29B Public Order Act 1986 as amended by the Racial and Religious Hatred Act 2006 whereas the video would not necessarily be so. As Moon has already done far worse than the video, it seems to me to do negligible harm to his reputation to share these allegations.

Null is in an awkward position, akin to a kind of reverse of the, “Boy Who Cried Wolf”. Because he has regularly engaged in hate speech, he has limited recourse in libel if he is being defamed by the operator of the new web forum because he literally has no reputation to damage.

Ultimately, Moon has only himself to blame. Meanwhile the appearance of the anti-Joshua Moon site has resulted in a frenzy of attempted retaliation against suspects on Kiwi Farms. Most recently, they have attempted to report me for tax evasion on the basis I have not filed company accounts. But in the UK small business need file very little at Companies House – only a balance sheet. Full accounts need only be sent to the tax authorities – and those records are non-public.

A balance sheet only shows a snapshot of assets at the time and not profit. The balance sheet, will almost always be very low for a consultancy as profit margins are high and money is paid out as wages and dividends. Furthermore, accounts do not need to be filed until 9 months after the end of the financial year. In short, Kiwis impotently fail once again.

The author of the allegations appears to be a user called, “Ginger Piglet”, who claims to be a solicitor (a type of UK lawyer). I doubt this as he seems ignorant of company law. However if true he has jeopardised his anonymity and career seriously, which could have consequences. Being an active member of Kiwi Farms is painfully obviously a breach of SRA rules.

What do readers think? Has anyone evidence for or against the veracity of the video allegations? Let me know in the comments, or by email.

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  1. So what? It’s only a book. If people think it’s somehow magically more than paper and ink that’s their problem. Are you suggesting that doing what one likes with one’s own book should be legislated against?

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