A Fool and His Money … Kiwi Farmers Donate to Josh, but What are they Getting?


A Kiwi Farmer diligently saves up. Maybe one day they will be able to afford a whole BitCoin of their very own.

At 3:26am UK time on 21st January 2017 I received an unsolicited email from Joshua Conner Moon. It began thus,

“What is it exactly you want?

I’ve explained to you before that the site has a series of regents. If I die or take it down altogether, the information stays. People have copies of the database.
I want you to consider that I do indeed love my family, but they have no control over me or the site. I’m packing up to leave them behind as we speak. The damage is too great to repair with them. However, they do have things to lose. I am empathetic towards their situation.”

Moon’s mother Candice had parted company with her employer Keller Williams as a result of allegations of her involvement in Kiwi Farms. Josh claimed that he was taking Kiwi Farms down and wanted my help calling off various people who were attacking he and his family –


Josh asks what I want whilst feeding me a ridiculous line about ‘regents’. Click for full size.

I saw the email when I woke up and at first, I thought I may as well help. I have no control over the many people Josh has stalking him. I explained to Moon that the travails he faces are what comes of running a forum that targets vulnerable people. His preferred targets are mentally ill and / or have convictions for violence. I said that I would take down my articles as a gesture of good faith if Kiwi Farms stayed down and that, optionally he could give me the database –


I explained that I would remove my articles about Josh in Goodwill if he would keep Kiwi Farms down. Optionally, he could give me the database. Click for full size.

Josh later spread wild stories about ‘blackmail’ but far from it the offer was, ‘optional’. Of course Josh was telling me risible lies. There were no ‘regents’ he was just trying to create a plausible story to restart the Kiwi Farms under a pseudonym. However he failed to keep his story straight even in the Kiwi Discord channel and it soon collapsed –


Joshua Moon admitted he could not hand off the Kiwi Farms database without ‘heat’. There were no regents. Click for full size.

Josh continued to send me emails asking me to call off a variety of ‘stalkers’ but no one I could find was messaging him. The only exception was an anonymous sender who kept sending Josh emails under a variety of pseudonyms. Both Josh and the ‘stalker’ insisted on spamming me with their exchanges. Mysteriously though, after I suggested Dynastia’s real details would distract from Josh, someone did confront Dynastia with his alleged real-world details in the Kiwi Farms Discord channel.

I was monitoring the public channel at the time and initially thought nothing of it. Many people over the years have posted alleged real world details for Dynastia and he laughed it off. As has been said elsewhere, this time was different. There was no joking, no mockery, no trolling. He immediately asked the channel administrators to delete it. The moderators did not do a thorough enough job to calm Dynastia and seconds later, he had the moderators delete, “the whole exchange, please”.

Dynastia has come out with four different stories in relation to the details posted in the channel, including one to the effect that he posted it. He has denied the details are his numerous times on 8chan, in Discord, on the Encyclopedia Dramatica forums and on Kiwi Farms itself. The person who made it Kiwi Farms policy to ‘dox’ 5-year-olds suddenly developed a conscience about innocent people being mistaken for him.

This is in no way proof but the details do warrant investigation, and if they information is real, who would have it but Josh (a man previously accused of leaking details from 8chan)?

Before long, Josh brought Kiwi Farms back up, begging members for donations. He claimed he was being ‘blackmailed’. Unfortunately, he seems to have been unable to convince the police that my suggestion he ‘optionally’ give me the database was a demand made with ‘menaces’.

Josh also claimed to have moved. I have seen no evidence whatsoever that Josh has left his mother’s basement. However, I did see one curious thing. The anonymous troll who has been spamming Josh with emails had a long conversation with him, which he insisted on spamming at me. Reading the two of them going at it (for days, without either of them sleeping) is a horrifying portrayal of how degenerate two human beings can become. At one point, Josh says,


Josh boasts to an internet troll that his flight out is in “16 hours”. Click for full size.

Unfortunately, Moon goes on to say –


Josh claimed he had a flight out in ’16 hours’ but 18 hours later he is *still* locked in mortal internet combat with the troll. Click for full size.

Our heroes are also both on GMT -6 (Pensacola time) and are logged on at the same time. The two respond to each other within minutes trading no doubt vital internet wounds. To put it another way Josh is still in the Pensacola timezone and it is incredibly unlikely he caught a flight as he was internet fighting at the time he should have been soaring through the sky. Furthermore, there is no evidence that he and ‘Mike Crockett’ are different people.

Whilst Moon accused Eddie Przydzial he denies it and there is no evidence whatsoever he is behind this.

People have asked why I have not commented on this before now. In short, it is because almost nothing can be verified. As far as I can tell, no one has ever harassed Null, the only people being spammed are myself and his other opponents and there is circumstantial evidence suggesting Moon and Crockett are the same person (and still can’t keep their story straight).

There was also an alleged hack of Kiwi Farms by the satanic terror group /Baphomet/. Myself and several others received an anonymous email with a port scan of the Kiwi Farms mail server and purported passwords. I was extremely dubious about this as no one from Baphomet has claimed responsibility and the port scan was incorrectly carried out / interpreted. My day job is as a commercial web contractor, not some elite hacker and even I could tell from reading the email there were hundreds of false positive open ports that were most likely TCP wrapped if open at all.

The only evidence there was a ‘hack’ is a dodgy email and Josh’s word. Its only purpose seems to be to provide an explanation should private Kiwi member data find its way into the wrong hands.

There are only two things I can verify. Firstly that Candice Lynn Potter, Joshua Conner Moon’s mother, is no longer at her old job at Keller Williams. The second is that Joshua Conner Moon has been given a moderate sum of money by Kiwi Farms members.

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14 thoughts on “A Fool and His Money … Kiwi Farmers Donate to Josh, but What are they Getting?

  1. You’d think that Dynastia would be smart enough to pretend that the real details of his identity were false and would either ignore it or mock it again, rather than have a bitch fit and make up several stories. What an idiot.

    Also, a somewhat naive question: are people so easily able of being doxxed because they willingly put their personal information online? Or are there other ways of finding out? It seems that doxxing became extremely doable when social media came to be, and before Chris-Chan, almost no one did it. Oddly, back in the olden days, people were more aware of the dangers of real-world information online, and did not share much about themselves through forums and chatrooms. They all just assumed a different persona, as if the internet was completely different from real life; I sort of miss those days.

  2. these people make fun of Chris-Chan for wasting his money on games and toys yet they will send over $1000 (one BTC as of this writing) to keep a pithy Internet forum alive for all of a single month. You will never find a more wretched hive of autism and hypocrisy.

  3. Null is a zero and you need to expose them all. Have you phoned the FBI yet? Null, Dynastia and all the other kiwis must go to jail. They have been harassing people and getting away with it for far too long.

  4. Hey did you put in a bunch of Freedom of Information requests about Freemasons? There was an S Smith on ‘What do you know?’

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