Trump Wins! Pro-Trump Invitation Petition Scheduled for Debate in UK Parliament

After extreme left-wingers created a petition to oppose Donald Trump entering the United Kingdom, supporters of free speech and democracy created a counter petition for Parliament to invite him (sign or view here). Within hours the petition exceeded 100,000 signatures meaning it will be debated in Parliament on 20/02/2017. Despite being created roughly two months later and only being open to UK residents and citizens, the pro-Trump petition is growing far faster and gaining rapidly on the anti-free speech lobby.


Pro-Trump Parliamentary petition smashes 100,000 threshold and will be debated in Parliament on February the 20th 2017. Click for full size.

“[…] you’re going to be so sick and tired of winning,” promised Trump not so long ago. True to his word, once again left-wingers are being humiliated. Roughly two months ago, a petition was created asking Parliament to ban Donald Trump from the UK. That has gained 1.7 million votes. Roughly two days ago a countering petition was created asking Parliament to invite Trump to the UK.

The pro-Trump petition is growing far faster and accelerating thanks to supporters of free speech. In only 2 days the pro-Trump petition has picked up 200,000 votes and is growing in support much faster than the anti-Trump petition.


The pro-Trump petition is growing much faster than the anti-Trump petition. Click for full size.

If support for the pro-Trump petition continues to accelerate and support for the anti-Trump petition continues to decelerate then it is possible that the petition to invite Trump will have more votes by 20/02/2017 despite the opponents of free speech having a 2 month head start.

Once again, the Parliamentary petition is here.

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Samuel Collingwood Smith was born in the north of England, but his family moved south early in his life and spent most of his early years in Welwyn Garden City before attending Queen Mary, University of London, where he studied Economics. Smith was employed as a Labour Party fundraiser in the 2001 General Election, and as a Labour Party Organiser in the 2005 General Election. In 2005 Smith was elected as a Borough Councillor for Haldens Ward on Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council and served for 3 years until 2008. In 2009 Smith changed sides to the Conservative party citing division within Labour ranks, Labour broken promises and Conservative improvements to local services. In 2012 Smith started to study a Graduate Diploma in Law, passing in 2014. Smith then moved on to studying a Master's Degree in Law combined with an LPC, receiving an LL.M LPC (with Commendation) in January 2017. During his study, Smith assisted several individuals in high profile court cases as a McKenzie Friend - in one case being praised by Parliamentary petition for his charitable work and legal skills. Smith is also the author of this blog, Matthew Hopkins News, that deals with case law around Family and Mental Capacity issues. The blog also opposes online drama and abuse and criticises extreme-left politicians.

8 thoughts on “Trump Wins! Pro-Trump Invitation Petition Scheduled for Debate in UK Parliament

  1. Null is trying to reopen Kiwi Farms. He wants 2000 American Dollars a month in donations in order to do this. You may be able to split the bounty money with him in order to get the user database or even Dynastia’s dox. He seems like he has fallen on real hard times and it may be the perfect time for an offensive. I hope you are monitoring this situation. Anything I can do to help just let me know. There is a countdown timer on the site now also.

  2. Null is now e-mailing and pming users on discord chat telling them that they have to pay him/the site a monthly “donation” or he will hand over the database and all private messages and payment information.

  3. Vordrak! Josh has been posting on /cow/ that you are harassing his family demanding he hand over the database! Is this true?

    • LOL no.

      A bunch of people were hassling him at one point. It mostly tailed off when he shut down the farms but some continued. He emailed me asking for help. I did help. The first time I emailed asking people to back off. At the same time he was secretly planning to bring back the farms and kept revealing it in Discord. This poked the hornet’s nest again.

      The second time he asked for help I told him to stop contacting me. The only contact since then was a letter of claim. I am contemplating legal action. If I get a judgement against Moon in the UK, then the next time the farms are hosted in Europe (or many other places outside the US) I will try to get a court order to seize the server. The constant loss of hosting has drained their funds, but this will be a one-shot takedown. Anyone who joins risks the side being closed at any time and the database being legally transferred to me.

      Moon has complained to police on both sides of the Atlantic but they have taken no action because not actually harassing him. In fact aside from the legal email I sent him, he keeps emailing me LOL! I gave one set to Likeicare to post on EDF.

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