Kiwi Farms to Return? Not For Long


Kiwi Farms to come back with Null’s approval? Click for full size.

So Kiwifarms is gone, and Dynastia plans to return it using a database backup provided by Josh. What does this mean?

Kiwi Farms closed last week. Victims discovered that the administrator, Joshua Conner Moon lived with his mother. She was the only member of their household with a job and the only earner. Unfortunately it appears she had unwisely joined Kiwi Farms.

After third parties reported her to her employers, she lost her job and Null claimed he was leaving. He shut down the site but claimed he had created three backups for anonymous third parties and linked Kiwis to a Discord channel.

Well wishers have been monitoring that channel. As ever, the Kiwis have no discretion at all. In summary, the former Kiwis have never heard of any regents but have been told the site is coming back next week as a relaunch with Moon’s approval. Dynastia has posted the same on various sites.

This will have simple consequences. Firstly of course if Dynastia is at the centre of a new Kiwi Farms we can expect mass doxing of members. Secondly, if Josh is passing on the database, or perhaps still acting as technical manager of Kiwi Farms, then no historic material here will be removed and any unpublished articles will be reinstated.

Secondly and more importantly Kiwi Farms needs to be dealt with forever. The site content is not the issue, but instead the fact the domain appears in Google and Bing / Yahoo index. Dynastia is always boasting about their SEO. UK law provides a simple remedy for this and appropriate steps will be taken in law the day it returns, if it does.

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18 thoughts on “Kiwi Farms to Return? Not For Long

  1. Hi Mr. Smith. You’re a brave man and I admire the good work you do. I don’t know much about you but I vaguely heard you were active on Wikipedia.

    If you’re interested you’re welcome to check out InfoGalactic, an alternative fork of Wikipedia designed to counter Wikipedia’s bias and dysfunctional community, it has professional investors and backers and intents on surpassing Wikipedia, and someone of your skills and dedication would be a welcome asset to the community there, thanks very much. Email me if you’d like to hear more about InfoGalactic.

    • Nope. Null has them the whole ‘regents’ thing has been comprehensively debunked even in their general discord chat. Also, Marvin’s identity is available and the other two may not be as anonymous as was thought, given the emails I have been receiving.

    • I am following with interest, but have yet to see satisfactory confirmation. Several alleged identities for Dynastia have gone around and I have seen this one before via email. There are some obvious lacunae. What links to, let alone Dynastia? Where is any evidence linking that domain to Dynastia? The picture is linked to him and better sourced – but that comes from a separate incident.

      Checking the Discord history Dynastia did react quite strongly in channel – but is it because it is real or he is in on a hoax? So I am interested, but I will not be filing the N244 just yet.

  2. I have some info on the dox of certain Kiwifarmers. Sadly, those I have aren’t direct doxxers but never objected and gleefully used the doxx of people. I will certainly send you an e-mail with some evidence when I find time to sort all the info through. The one whose doxx I have has two small children he abuses regularly. You need to go after them and their families. These people need to feel the full brunt of their participation on KF.

  3. I think you need to bring the articles about null and his family back now that he’s relaunched Kiwi Farms. As you said before they are of the public interest, and he went back on his word.

  4. Kiwifarms has been hacked,

    [link redacted by MHN]

    Hopefully all their emails and info will be posted , I have a few ” people of interest ” and would love to know a little more about them . The fun has just begun 🙂

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