Kiwi Farms Down? My Response to Josh

A post on says it is being shut down (archive here)? I am going to respond to Josh’s public post and the private email he sent me. In summary, if it stays down I will keep my promise to remove material about Josh so he can move on with his life. It will not all happen today, because of course they could be trolling.

It will not happen at all if Kiwi Farms re-opens under (say) Dynastia with someone called McNotNullHonest as its technical advisor. As down-payment that I keep my promises, I have just unpublished two articles about Null’s mother. Josh can greatly enhance my trust in that process by providing a complete copy of the Kiwi Farms database including an unredacted copy of the user and private messages tables. Even if he does not, as long as the site stays down I will keep my promise and eventually remove everything.


Kiwi Farms is down. It might be tempting to seek revenge, but instead if it stays down my part in the scrutiny of its former owner will fall away too. Click for full size?

Earlier this year, I told Null that if he took Kiwi Farms down and ensured it stays down, I would remove my articles about him from the internet. I am not legally obliged to do so and they are true articles in the public interest, but the welfare of the vulnerable is more important than my ego. The public interest would diminish if Kiwi Farms stayed down.

Some sites of course are beyond my control, such as Encyclopaedia Dramatica. I cannot remove the foolish things Null said about his mother in his interview on Dick Masterson although there is no need to link to them.

That depends on Null not facilitating Kiwi Farms’ resurrection. There will always be nasty forums for nasty people to do nasty things. Cruelty is a part of the human condition. Kiwi Farms industrialised it and attempted to optimise it. Null claims that Kiwi Farms’ database was backed up and shared with anonymous third parties. If that is true, he did it and bears responsibility.

However the Kiwi Farms forum was not just a XenForum database. It was a small core group of people and an increasingly complex (and expensive) transnational infrastructure. Kiwi Farms was also policies that made trouble inevitable, like going after people’s families, collecting images of their children, search engine optimisation for obvious libel. There is a big difference between spin-off forums and a Kiwi Farms mark II with the same database.

With its increasing user base Kiwi Farms costs hundreds of dollars per month per web server and transatlantic mirroring. That is not trivial. Of course there are things Null himself can do to limit the chance of Kiwi Farms coming back. Release Dynastia’s real identity. Release any emails that link him to the KiwiDynastia account. Give me a copy of the database including the user table and PMs table. Since most if not all members can be identified from that, I imagine that would ensure the site stays down.

Dynastia and the rest are not Null’s friends. They used him as an expendable pawn to take the heat and preserve their anonymity, damaging his career, his reputation and his future in the process.

The ball is in Null’s court. However, it is important that I do keep my promises so that everyone knows they can deal with me. It is important that people who I disagree with know they have a way out. So, provided Kiwi Farms stays down then yes in due course my articles will be removed. Today, to demonstrate my honesty I have removed two articles about Null’s mother’s role in all this. In the fullness of time all the rest can follow.

To anyone thinking of resurrecting Kiwi Farms I say this –

  • You are taking on a hosting bill of hundreds to thousands of dollars a year
  • You will be traced, hacked or your identity disclosed by legal process
  • You will be subject to legitimate media scrutiny
  • Your life and that of everyone around you will be (as Null says) irreversibly changed. You will lose things that cannot be repaired or replaced


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13 thoughts on “Kiwi Farms Down? My Response to Josh

  1. From what I witnessed before it shut down, Kiwi Farms made a topic on Dynastia. This implies that Kiwi Farms won’t be revived anymore.

  2. Not to be intrusive if you don’t wish to answer, but I wondered if you were going to attempt to collect your libel judgment from the British court system in the United States? I wasn’t aware of the 10,000-pound award you had against a defendant posting on Encyclopedia Dramatica until today. I must have missed that news earlier somehow. I have never tried to collect a foreign judgment in another country before, so, frankly, I am curious about how difficult this would be.

    • The Defendant concerned is anonymous and believed to be Australian. He is actually a Kiwi Farmer.

      Having said that, I will answer your question about enforcing UK libel judgements in the US as it is interesting. Foreign (including British) court judgements can be enforced in the United States and will be recognised by the United States Courts under the principle of Comity (Wikipedia has a good article). Enforcement of foreign libel judgements in the United States is subject to special restrictions under the SPEECH ACT 2010, but it does allow enforcement. There are several common law and statutory provisions that must be satisfied –

      * Minimum contacts / jurisdiction (the foreign court must have some relevance to the dispute)
      * EITHER the foreign court must give rights equivalent to the US 1st Amendment OR the outcome of the case would have been the same in US law
      * S230 Communications Decency Act must not apply (it has several little known exceptions)

  3. Line Held!

    Their starting it up again .
    I have many of the Administrators / members from kiwi farms names on P.U.L.L.
    I wounder who queen bee is now , dys was most likely sock puppet for Josh .


    • Nah it’s just Null. He emailed me. Apparently someone keeps calling him on his Google voice or something. At the moment it is just an icon and a sound file. I explained to Null that he has provoked a lot of people. Most of them left him alone when he pulled KF down, but you get the odd one. If he puts it up again he will rile them all up. Right now he just has a couple of people still pursuing it.

  4. Who is Dynastia. I think I know her pull handle , and I’m sure HE is actively trying to restart this BS again . I would paypal, western union 1000.00 cash no questions ask for that info , Seem HE , some has value after all . LOL

    Outstanding work Matthew !!!

  5. Hmmm I guess It’s time for Matt to start releasing more info , I would love it if someone would dox all the regulars , and post it Like a anti Kiwi Farms and goes after predatorily the main doxers . Just on balance .

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