Candy Potter Canned and Kiwis Server Cracked?

In his recent interview on the ‘Dick Show’ this week, Joshua Conner Moon the proprietor of Kiwi Farms gloated about his mother’s use of hate speech to describe a transsexual who visited his home. Josh said that his mother met the person at the door and later said that the transwoman was the, “ugliest bull dyke” she had ever seen. Not long after I received a blizzard of emails. Apparently, opponents of Kiwi Farms had discovered Josh’s mother Candice Lynn Potter was a member of her son’s depraved website. They drew the hate speech to the attention of Candy’s employer Keller Williams (KW) and a few days later her profile disappeared from the KW network.


Candy Potter (Candice Lynn Potter) is no longer at Keller Williams. The change occurred not long after her son Josh quoted her on ‘the Dick Show’ as using vile homophobic and transphobic hate speech. Click for full size. Phone numbers blacked out for ethics reasons.

When Joshua Moon appeared on the Dick Masterson show he was cock-a-whoop. It appears however that his unguarded words may have had consequences for his mother Candy. Masterson (a stage name of comedian Dax Herrera) seems to have invited Moon on the show because Kiwi Farms has a nasty thread on his estranged former business partner, who goes by the name ‘Maddox’.

‘Dick’ gave Moon an easy ride and barely challenged him as a tirade of malicious lies spilled from the repugnant troll. Herrera said he had received emails from me accusing Moon of paedophilia but there was no evidence. He neglected to mention the archive of Moon’s paedophile story board /phile/ that I linked him to. There is plenty of evidence, which is neatly summarised in the Joshua Conner Moon article on the Kiwi Farms Wiki.

Joshua described me as a ‘stalker’ in a bizarre inversion of reality. In the real world of course I have a High Court restraining order against Moon’s friend KiwiDynastia. However, the vile troll’s greatest hatred was reserved for Greta Martela, a transgender rights activist who had peacefully visited Joshua Moon’s home to explain how his malevolent hate site hurts innocents.

During Greta’s visit, Josh had humiliatingly cowered in the toilet leaving his mother to open the door. His hatred for Greta knows no bounds. Josh was allowed to describe his blatant cyberstalking (including writing a monitoring bot to scan Greta’s anti-suicide charity 24/7) as some sort of heroic endeavour. Then Moon made a fatal mistake. He quoted his mother verbatim as using virulent homophobic language and calling Greta the, “ugliest bull dyke” she had ever seen.

One of the great things about running a growing social movement is that they do things on their own initiative. The movement to protect the vulnerable and disabled from Kiwi Farms has snowballed and soon, without lifting a finger, I was getting unsolicited emails from near strangers who had discovered Candy was a member of Kiwi Farms. They had archived her profile here to stop Moon destroying the evidence.

Candy had previously suffered complaints but been given a pass by her employers Keller Williams because she was seen as not responsible for her son’s actions. It would be unjust to blame the mother for the sins of the son.

The profile changed all that as did Moon’s unguarded quote. If Moon and the site were to be believed Candy is fully behind the hate. I watched bemused as a mere spectator whilst others deluged KW with evidence. Soon Potter’s fate was sealed and I was forwarded the following email from Candy’s (now ex) boss, which had been sent to two Kiwi victims –

From: Wynette Haviland <[REDACTED>
Date: Thu, Jan 19, 2017 at 2:47 PM
Subject: Re: Complaint against Keller Williams Realty agent Candy Potter
To: [Kiwi Victim 1 REDACTED], [Kiwi Victim 2 REDACTED]

As I previously informed you I was working on this issue.  As of date Candy Potter is no longer an agent for Keller Williams Realty Gulf Coast.


I vaguely intended to write an article at some point but then, around 2am this morning I received an email purportedly from the satanic terror group /Baphomet/. The email said it was copied to myself and various other journalists interested in Moon. I decided to stay up and write this article right there and then but thought better of it as the allegation was unverified.

‘/Baphomet/’ claimed to have hacked Joshua Moon’s email server and in the email they provided the root password to the all-important MySQL database. They also provided the password to the welcome email account at Unfortunately there was no way I can legally test the passwords but the information provided looked technically credible.

‘/Baphomet/’ further claim to have ‘Rooted’ the server and stolen all of Moon’s emails for release at a later date as and when it amuses them. Port scan information included also appeared to show that Josh was running TOR nodes on the server and /Baphomet/ allege these were used in the recent terror attacks.

I was holding off publication as the whole thing seemed fishy, but this morning I was directed to a thread where Moon admitted the hack occurred in some form (archive here). Moon downplays it and alleges that the penetration was more limited – although he downplays every adverse event. It is unclear whether Moon has even rebuilt the mail server. This would seem prudent as the whole point of a rootkit is undetectability.

Moon continues to blame all of these events on me even though for once I had nothing to do with them. Whilst I have in the past (and will continue to) used legal means to oppose Kiwi Farms I condemn all hacking. In fact, Joshua Conner Moon has sent complaints to a variety of UK authorities and the result is that they now all have notes stating that I am at risk of false allegations from “overseas offenders” or words to that effect.

Moon must realise at this point that Kiwi Farms will destroy he and his entire family. It is just maths. There is only one Josh and there is an ever growing number of enraged victims. Not all of them are law abiding. Furthermore, as they encounter and synergise with each other their motivation increases dramatically. The misery in Josh’s life is a mathematically expressible geometric function of the number of targets of his site.

Josh has rendered his own mother unemployable, which is a problem for him as he is also unemployed and lives in her basement.

For Kiwi Farms, the writing is on the wall (and possibly in the hands of /Baphomet/).

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4 thoughts on “Candy Potter Canned and Kiwis Server Cracked?

  1. I plan on contacting LGBT websites/organisations soon about Kiwi Farms and how it harasses homosexuals, transsexuals etc. Joshua Conner Moon has also insulted asexuals or people on the gray-asexuality spectrum, like myself. He has gone as far as denying asexuality exists. Kiwi Farms has targeted virtually every sexual/religious/ethnic minority group. As I previously informed you, I recently also submitted a report to the SPLC. I have a massive log of Joshua’s racist and islamophobic (where he says he wants to kill Muslims etc) comments.

  2. As someone with a U.S. law degree, I think I should point out that hate speech doesn’t exist under American law and there are no criminal penalties for any such utterances. I am not going to go into some long discourse about the case law, but reference Brandenburg v. Ohio, a 1969 Supreme Court case, for the current legal standards: Of course, a private employer could still discharge their employee for alleged public dissemination of hateful comments since there are no First Amendment rights implicated, especially in an “at-will” state such as Florida. I just think calling such language “hate speech” in the U.S. isn’t entirely accurate because such is constitutionally protected and any attempt to stop it a legal nullity. Anyway, I am mostly surprised no one in the U.S. has ever brought a civil tort action or actions against the appropriate defendants. Some of the Kiwis’ targets were financially well off enough to pay the attorney and court costs. I thought defamation or one of the invasion of privacy torts (e.g., intrusion of solitude, false light, etc.) were definite possibilities, especially with hundreds of victims targeted so the odds were high someone would proceed.

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