7 Faithless Electors Abandon Unfit Candidate … Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump Sweeps Home as Left Plots Sedition

The electoral college results today dramatically confirmed Donald Trump as President-Elect of the United States of America, now on course for inauguration on 20th January 2017. Meanwhile in the ultimate humiliation, whilst leftists had sought to make the electoral collage undo the will of the people and the election results, it was Hillary Rodham Clinton who had 7 times as many faithless voters as Trump.


In the ultimate humiliation, in the electoral college vote today Hillary Clinton suffered 7 times as many defections by faithless electors as Donald Trump. Leftists are now campaigning to stop the, ‘fascist regime’ ‘before it starts’. MHN says it WAS stopped. Click for full size.

In Washington 4 Democrat electors successfully voted against Hillary Rodham Clinton (archive here), exercising what the left calls their constitutional mandate to vote with their conscience against a clearly unqualified candidate. In Minnesota, Maine and Colorado others tried to vote against Clinton.

Despite the ongoing humiliation and rejection, leftist hysteria over the election result has grown and some are now effectively advocating massive civil unrest across the United States in an effort, by their own admission, to overturn the results of a lawful election.

Today a new website appeared, refusefascism.org (archive here). The individuals behind it have set out a deeply uninspiring list of names. I have never heard of most of them but I recognised PZ Myers, a leading light of the failed Atheism Plus movement (a front for extremist Social Justice Warriors and the hard left). For those unfamiliar with the Atheism Plus movement I once made a video about their forum here.

On the site’s web-page, entitled ‘the plan’ (archive here), the conspirators make their position clear –

“bringing forward growing waves of people, numbering in the millions and millions, in a very short period of time, stepping outside of and going up against the “established norms” of “how things are done,” determined and daring to actually prevent this fascist regime from taking over and implementing its program.”

Stepping outside the, “established norms” of “how things are done”? The point of a democracy is that there is a vote and then everyone abides by the result. The alternative is a dictatorship of one faction or another.

The left’s lunacy does not end there though. In my previous article, “Why the West Should Give Thanks for Putin this Christmas” I exposed the unhinged reaction by some extremists to Vladimir Putin’s sensible and moderate interventions in international politics.

The reality of Putin is he puts sensible, temperately expressed suggestions that the west should stop clumsily overthrowing middle-eastern governments and stop replacing secular dictatorships with theocratic terrorists. The SJW response? Accuse him of being in league with aliens.

These are not just any aliens, either. The left have borrowed Iranian propaganda that America is run by “tall white aliens” (archive here). In the increasingly paranoid and delusional mythology of the extreme left the world is apparently run by evil aliens that were in league with the Nazis and look just like very attractive white people.

By rights the more obviously unstable members of the extreme left should be in institutions. Yet if President-Elect Donald Trump were to propose a kindly social programme to give these people the help they need doubtless there would be more hysteria about fascism. The reality is the world should be grateful for the electoral college result today. Society as a whole needs to re-evaluate its choices and make new ones. Trump is merely the first blossom of that process.

Democratic protest and free-speech are cornerstones of a free society. A fundamental failure to respect the outcomes of democratic processes is not. The left are rejecting the social contract that makes our society possible. The organisers of ‘Refuse Fascism’ cannot be stopped from protesting and they are unlikely to achieve their melodramatic goals of millions of protestors.

Even so if any of their events crosses the line from protest into riot then the FBI and local police should consider making arrests as appropriate. Political beliefs are no excuse for violence and some on the left have been engaging in bullying mob tactics for far too long.

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3 thoughts on “7 Faithless Electors Abandon Unfit Candidate … Hillary Clinton. Donald Trump Sweeps Home as Left Plots Sedition

  1. I’m tired of the Left / Liberals / Democrats destroying lives and robbing us of any hope or happiness we’ve managed to unearth after so many years. Aliens, bullying, threats, intimidation, ridicule, name-calling, fear-mongering, insult-hurling, protesting, rioting, … Enough. They want to take us down with them, rock bottom where they’ve hit. The less attention we give them, the less power they have. They can create all the aliens they want. Let’s not let them destroy our happiness. P.S. Well-written article, by the way. Thank you. 🙂

  2. I honestly wonder if the Left is ever going to know when to quit. They lost, fair and square, numerous times, and yet they are still not able to accept the results. Nor do they ever look inside of themselves, and try to see where they might be making mistakes. When you get right down to it, they are a bunch of spoiled children who will resort to the very things that they are trying to “prevent” because they don’t know how to handle situations that are out of their control, and they don’t know how to control their emotions. I honestly believe that there is a serious case of pathological autism in the Left.

  3. The current left is like the past left of Hitler (national socialist) Stalin (international socialist) Mao (communist) etc. You know, the people who were responsible for governments killing millions of their own citizens. They will never stop. It’s a blood lust for them. If the ALTRight is such a threat because individuals are expressing their own view, outside of the mandated propaganda, it shows that they are completely the CTRLLeft.

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