Neocommunist Democrats Try to Steal the Election from Trump, Subvert Electors and Start Nuclear War

The late 20th and early 21st centuries have seen a bizarre role reversal between Russia and America. Where the cold war saw a free market west fighting a communist Russia, now in a bizarre role reversal we see a free-market Russian leader facing aggression from extreme left wingers in the United States, such as lawyers calling for the bombing of Russia (archive here). Whilst it was once the Soviet Union that was undemocratic, now the Left in the United States seeks to undo the outcome of the presidential elections.


A Twitter user calls for the bombing of Russia whilst implying a Republican conspiracy. Click for full size.

Years ago I was a member of the British equivalent of the Democratic Party, Labour. It is easy to support a party like Labour or the Democrats when you are young. They promise a paradise with glib soundbites. They have a ready made villain – their opponents. Most of your teachers will be enthusiastic supporters. Like a Saturday morning cartoon it is all so simple, with goodies and baddies ready made.

Then reality sets in. Every left-wing government that has ever been elected has failed to deliver on its promises because the fantasies that they sell to well meaning, decent people can never be achieved. No socialist government can achieve its vague utopia any more than King Canute could stop the tide coming in or Angela Merkel can repeal the law of gravity.

The political left of this era is a confidence trick. My own eyes were opened when I was a political organiser and I met and worked with the political ‘idols’ who dazzled my starry eyed peers. Some would even joke about their manipulation of the “punters” as one Member of Parliament called their constituents.

To some modern left wing politicians, the equalities movement is a mechanism for fanning the flames of hatred. Where old fashioned hate-mongers would target a single group, the left finds this laughably naive and inefficient. ‘Intersectional’ analysis enables every group to be broken up into multiple subgroups all of whom can be taught to believe the others are discriminating against them.

At the same time, ‘micro-aggressions’ make every tiny disappointment a bigoted plot requiring harsh punishment in the name of ‘justice’. ‘Divide and rule’ is an ancient maxim and it is the underlying rationale behind today’s social justice movement, accompanied by a rising tide of fear, suspicion, hatred, racial violence and chaos.

One especially bizarre phenomena is the way that the obssessive left wing belief in their own righteousness continues even when doing a u-turn. In 2004 Tony Blair’s Labour government downgraded cannabis in the UK to a class-C drug. In 2008 when this policy proved unwise they did a u-turn and reclassified it to class-B.

This year in the United States, Democrats mocked claims the election was hacked – until they lost. Now we are deluged with increasingly unhinged and paranoid fantasies, along with demands that the electoral college be ‘briefed’ on alleged Russian interference (archive here), along with flat out calls for bombing. Whilst most Republican electors have stood firm, the left have teased out a few of the weakest and individuals to oppose Trump.

To defend their own pseudo-religious faith in whatever the left says it believes in these days the followers of the Democrats are willing to risk nuclear war.


Who knew that the old Matthew Hopkins News site background was also the US Democrats’ vision of the future?

Those Republican electors who turn on the President-Elect do so at their own peril – they will never be trusted again by their own party nor any other. When I was a Labour councillor I longed to cross the floor. I did not. I did the honourable thing and served the term as a member of the political party the voters had supported. Only when I had fulfilled my promises and left office did I join the Right.

Even if he overcomes sinister Democrat attempts to intimidate and deceive the electors, Trump will face a sizeable chunk of society that needs to be helped to see that a diversity of opinion is a good thing. Universities in particular have seen a vast expansion of ideological, rather than empirical subjects.

The rise of extremism and the increasing suppression of free speech on campuses are not coincidental nor unconnected. They both stem from virulent left-wing ideology. African American Professor Thomas Sowell has repeatedly and eloquently warned of the dangers of indoctrination masquerading as academia (archive here),

“One-sided presentations are the rule rather than the exception in some fields or in some subjects, such as Marxism, race, feminism, or “peace studies.” An all too common pattern is that found in a course called “Introduction to Marxian Economics” at the University of Texas in Austin. The syllabus is full of the writings of Marx and Engels and latter-day Marxists-but not one writing from any of the many critics of Marxism.”

Once this election was settled the new President, Donald Trump, would be well advised to ensure that the flow of Federal funding to state educational institutions was refocused to economically beneficial ends. Moving funds into economically beneficial courses like engineering, medicine or computer science will do far more for “peace” than any amount of left-wing indoctrination in “peace studies” ever did.

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Samuel Collingwood Smith was born in the north of England, but his family moved south early in his life and spent most of his early years in Welwyn Garden City before attending Queen Mary, University of London, where he studied Economics. Smith was employed as a Labour Party fundraiser in the 2001 General Election, and as a Labour Party Organiser in the 2005 General Election. In 2005 Smith was elected as a Borough Councillor for Haldens Ward on Welwyn Hatfield Borough Council and served for 3 years until 2008. In 2009 Smith changed sides to the Conservative party citing division within Labour ranks, Labour broken promises and Conservative improvements to local services. In 2012 Smith started to study a Graduate Diploma in Law, passing in 2014. Smith then moved on to studying a Master's Degree in Law combined with an LPC, receiving an LL.M LPC (with Commendation) in January 2017. During his study, Smith assisted several individuals in high profile court cases as a McKenzie Friend - in one case being praised by Parliamentary petition for his charitable work and legal skills. Smith is also the author of this blog, Matthew Hopkins News, that deals with case law around Family and Mental Capacity issues. The blog also opposes online drama and abuse and criticises extreme-left politicians.

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