TwitterGate – 4Chan and /Pol/ Allege Scandal of Unimaginable Paedophile Horror on Jack Dorsey’s Watch


Well respected Kotaku In Action member points out that, “Vordrak was right”. Click for full size.

“Vordrak was right”. It is good to be appreciated. Some of you may have noticed last week the disappearance of a large number of Kiwi Farms accounts, but not known why. Now that 4Chan and /Pol/ have begun to move, it is time for me to reveal the horrific and unimaginably depraved truth.

According to Anonymous, Twitter has been hosting an international paedophile ring in which thousands of perpetrators shared child pornography openly in tweets. I have no idea whether it is in the 24,000 range as the Anonymous campaigners allege, but certainly I am aware of online abusers that Twitter has failed to deal with.


Fresh faced, wholesome Jack Dorsey as seen in London two years ago. Picture via Wikipedia Commons. For some reason he does not seem keen on journalists going to his house.

The opening moves came on Friday when I sent a friendly message to Twitter. Now everyone knows that under CEO Jack Dorsey’s failing leadership reporting tweets is a haphazard process at best. Perhaps that is why no one wants to buy the ailing social network and it recently announced the closure of Vine. The risible failure of Twitter to deal with complaints in a reasonable way is widely seen as contributing to the collapse of Twitter’s share price.

Several people including two journalists had reported ban evading users. One of those users had sent adult penis photos to a hashtag used by children and as a group they were suspected of sharing illegal child pornography. The users also openly threatened to mutilate jews.

After nothing was done, I put my LPC Commendation to good use and sent a friendly note to Twitter’s legal team. An extract from my message is as follows –

“Dear Jack,

You might remember me – I am a blogger who stopped using Twitter a year ago.


I have reported these several times but received no response at all. [REDACTED] child rape [REDACTED]. I already showed the police and [REDACTED] – want to defend this? [REDACTED] Sure Jack?


In fact, unless […] [REDACTED] […] to be delivered by process server to the home of Jack Dorsey. If he retains a British or US attorney to personally represent him please let me know and I will serve there instead. What is more, [REDACTED], I will copy in the media, [REDACTED], and invite them to accompany the process server. […]


Some friendly journalists with an international readership also sent friendly messages asking about matters. We also suggested we might contact Milo and invite him to Jack’s house. I am not entirely sure Jack is keen on this idea.

12 minutes after Twitter legal received my message Twitter started banning Kiwis, including one account that was advertising itself as linking to the “Child Porn Captial of the Internet”. Note the misspelling – similar to the misspelling of “Caliphate” in the recent threats sent to Wales. Of course, regular folks like us cannot know if the site linked to contained child pornography, but Twitter banned them.

Whilst the Kiwi accounts did not openly share child pornography there is significant concern as to the contents of their Direct Messages. Dynastia had of course posted his (adult) penis to a hashtag used by minors as well as taken a vote to stalk children. @Dynastia_inc was banned and whatever Twitter found in his DMs, Dynastia seems now to be “ban on sight”. His ban evasion account @MechaDynastia was suspended within hours of its creation.


A photograph of Joshua Conner Moon before he put on weight. Image used under the UK Parody exception pursuant to s30A Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988.

The real scandal here is that Twitter had received numerous complaints about Kiwis and only when I escalated to their legal team did they act. Kiwi Farms along with its affiliates forms an unspeakable cauldron of malevolent paedophile horror.The site is run by a man called Joshua Conner Moon who has repeatedly threatened to kill and mutilate innocent people online. Only a few weeks ago he was threatening to cut the fingers and toes from a jewish user for a necklace.

Despite his desire to be accepted by the alt-Right, Joshua Moon is shunned as political poison. Who would want to be seen with this man?

Until they were threatened with severe consequences, Twitter were failing to address a group with a formal policy of doxing 5-year-old children. Jack Dorsey is a failure as a CEO presiding over a disaster of a social media network. I have never regretted abandoning my Twitter account less.


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3 thoughts on “TwitterGate – 4Chan and /Pol/ Allege Scandal of Unimaginable Paedophile Horror on Jack Dorsey’s Watch

  1. Reddit has just banned /r/pizzagate for “witch hunting,” the subreddit had been involved in the reveal of the Twitter pedophiles and was digging for information on a potential international, elite pedophile ring with connections to the Clintons and other Washington D.C. big wigs.

  2. Congratulations! On a related matter, I have been receiving unwanted attention from a KF member who goes by the handle Dynasties. I understand you have successfully claimed damages against this user. Could you offer any advice? I am based in Australia.

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