Reports that Joshua Conner Moon’s is Banned by Google AdSense


Websites www.CheckAdsenseBan.Com and both report and are banned by Adsense. Click for full size.

In the latest humiliation for Kiwi Farms and its owner Joshua Conner Moon, its Google Adverts seem to have disappeared as of a week or two ago. Whilst Google never comments publicly on such matters, two separate online tools confirm that and are banned.

The ban is a major humiliation for Joshua Conner Moon. estimates that the site is worth $439 per month and that money is now lost to Joshua Moon and his company LOLCow LLC. It is widely acknowledged that Google are one of the best advertising networks by far.

By his own admission Moon dreams of a software development role earning a modest $30,000 or so a year (approximately £24,414). Unfortunately for the wannabe developer, despite his detailed CV on the site, Moon is unlikely to find it easy to obtain or keep employment in the software development industry.


Kiwi Farms exists to harass the disabled. Click for full size.

As owner of, Josh Moon is by his own admission the owner of a deeply controversial and increasingly challenged site, which describes itself as, “Gossip and exploitation of the mentally handicapped for amusement purposes”.

The site contains numerous threads targeting individuals for vile abuse and disclosure of personal details, explicitly on the basis of a wide variety of characteristics protected in United Kingdom or United States law. These include gender, disability status and feminist advocacy. If any company foolishly engaged Joshua Conner Moon any opportunistic co-worker could claim harassment and rely on his website as evidence of his propensities regardless of his guilt.

Worse, because the targets of Moon’s site include the mentally vulnerable and disabled, he and his family have been the targets of complaints and even personal visits from victims. There have even been mutilation threats. No employer wants to risk damage to their reputation and business like that from an employee.

Moon parted company acrimoniously with his high profile recent client, the operators of website 8Chan. Moon wrote an article badmouthing them (archive here) and accusing them of being about to, “betray the userbase and become a lackey for the US government”. Even if this was true it amounts to a breach of his client’s confidence. Certainly 8Chan founder Frederick Brennan had his own criticisms of Moon (archive here).

During at least part of Moon’s tenure 8Chan was blocked from Google, allegedly due to prolific child abuse content. However, under new owner Jim Watkins it has been cleaned up and now appears in search results again.

Moon moved on to open up his own competing site called 16Chan – again a red flag for any employer. As DailyKos reports here, “Josh Moon has a history of harboring child porn in communities he moderates”. Whilst definitions of ‘child porn’ vary from country to country, 16 Chan contained a board called /Phile/ that featured paedophile, ‘erotica’ – for those who happen to find pre-teen snuff stories erotic. The board was limited to text as such materials are not against the law in the US or UK. The board was explicitly allowed as it was within very precise rules set by Moon.

Unfortunately for Joshua Moon by his own admission 16Chan did not attract a vibrant user base and he eventually closed the site (archive of announcement) stating, “I’d rather not see 16chan die a slow death from neglect so I am going to humanely put it down.”

Not only did Joshua Conner Moon publicly badmouth his former employer, he attempted to compete with them and he failed. The recent Google Adsense ban is just another nail in the coffin of his credibility as a web site owner and developer.

  • Note, recently users asked whether Matthew Hopkins News is continuing to cover Kiwi Farms. The answer is a definite, ‘yes’. More is coming soon, although there will most likely be articles on other topics first as this is not a single issue site.

[UPDATE 02/11/2016 20:44 GMT] – $439 x 12 = $5,268. So Moon has lost about $5,000 dollars due to his ban.

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  1. Are you getting in on the big paedo scandal involving the Clinton family which WikiLeaks has shed light on? Child trafficking, Hillary seems to be involved.

    It’s on /pol/ boards as well.

    Seems to be the kind of investigation you have previously done on this blog.

    There’s something about Bill Clinton and a paedophile friend of his that has a “Lolita Express” to “Orgy Island” or something like that, right? It was revealed that a lot of the UK “elite” were engaging in paedophilia not too long ago I think, would not be surprising if the American “elite” was the same way, and the Clintons would surely qualify as elites.

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