Option Model and Media ‘Talent’, Feminist Kristen Mortensen Disappears from Twitter after Publicly Mocking Disabled Man


Option Model and Media ‘Talent’ Kristen Mortensen mocks a disabled man. The tie around his legs is actually of a type used by those with neurological disabilities such as Tourette’s Syndrome or epilepsy to prevent movement. Click for full size.

Kristen Mortensen (until recently @Krist10Mor10sen on Twitter) is a popular and attractive model. According to her professional modelling profile (archive here) she stands at a statuesque 5’10” tall with svelte measurements of 36-28.5-42 and according to her resume she has had a number of gigs. Sadly she is also living proof that beauty is only skin deep. Mortensen has disabled her Twitter account after being called out by public spirited Twitter users for mocking a disabled man using feminism as a justification.

A man on a plane had a belt around his legs. Whatever his reasons, his legs are clearly held together in demure fashion causing no trouble to other passengers as he appears to listen to music. That is all we know. He is keeping to himself.

Most people, male or female would make no comment. Why should they? When most people photograph strangers in public, or on the trains, it is because the person is committing crimes or behaving inappropriately. Random stalking is frowned upon in our society. Kristen Mortensen, a model and actress with outspoken feminist views, thought differently.

When a person on a bus or a train has a bandage or wheelchair, or wears a supporter strap, convention is for the able bodied to give up their seat and generally make accommodations. Kristen Mortensen, a so called ‘talent’ for Option Model and Media, thought differently.

Most people, before making public allegations or mockery, check their facts. This blog does. Before this article goes live, it will be sent to Kristen Mortensen via her agent and given a full working day in her timezones, with an offer of extension if Mortensen requires legal advice. Fact checking and fairness, sadly, are not how Kristen Mortensen rolls. Before naming all her clients, I will ask them for comment and if there is any reason why their brands should not be named in association with her.

In essence, whilst attempting to mock of a man because of his gender she actually mocked him because of a disability. This is especially important because mocking a disabled man and encouraging Twitter followers to do so are now considered very seriously by the law in some countries. As an example, in Britain the new Crown Prosecution Service Guidance on Social Media Hate Crime, which can be found here (archive here), states –

“Prosecutors must also have regard to whether the offence was motivated by any form of discrimination against the victim’s ethnic or national origin, gender, disability, age, religion or belief, sexual orientation or gender identity; or the suspect demonstrated hostility towards the victim based on any of those characteristics. The presence of any such motivation or hostility will mean that it is more likely that prosecution is required.”

Mortensen claims on her resume to have appeared in a film associated with the University of Southern California – hardly the kind of organisation to want to be associated with a bigot. When Kristen Mortensen appeared in the short film, “A Kiss From Your Lips” as ‘lead’ your author believes they had no idea she would engage in such behaviour. Buzzfeed prides itself in its support for ‘diversity’ and when they had her in their video, “15 Bisexual Girl Problems” doubtless they were likewise unaware.

The same can also be said of the other organisations on Ms Mortensen’s resume. Presumably Plano West Theatre, Act Now Studio, Howard Fine Acting Studio and Upright Citizens Brigade would say the same.

I began to gather contact details to ask them all for comment. I discovered some anomalies. In respect of the top billed film, “A Kiss From Your Lips”, Mortensen describes herself simply as, ‘Lead’. However the film has an IMDB entry (archive here) and whilst Mortensen’s name certainly appeared the ‘stars’ are listed as, “Kim Aldinger, Rosie Alspach, Cesar Azanza”. She is very far from top billing.

In thoroughness I watched “A Kiss From Your Lips” itself. It turns out the ‘film’ is only 4 minutes long however in fairness the credits of the film itself do list Mortensen as one of the three ‘stars’. The film itself has a copyright notice from the University of Southern California. Investigating further the Director Allison Tate has a Linkedin page which lists her only involvement at the university as a student. The ‘film’ appears to be a student production.

In the end, I contacted Option Model and Media, Buzzfeed and Plano West Theatre for comment. None of the organisations responded, defending or endorsing Ms Mortensen. When asked whether they would commission her again, none of them confirmed that they would.

The emails I sent to the founder / owners of Option Model and Media were read many times but they did not seek to contest any of the facts alleged. This blog uses legal, off-the-shelf tracking software similar to that contained in advertising emails and tracks the number of times important emails are opened, location and other information.


My email to Kit Garrett, one of the founder / owners of Options Model and Media was read at least 66 times. No denials were received.


My email to Nina McLaughlin, another owner / founder of Options Model and Media was read at least 19 times. No denials were received.

After Ms Mortensen’s vile comments, there was a predictable storm of outrage from users on Twitter who condemned her behaviour. This hardly bodes well for her media career –


Kristen Mortensen upset many people, including the sister of a man with Tourette’s Syndrome. Here are some of their comments. Whilst I do not feel I can condone their use of foul language, I also do not condemn it. Some words have been edited out, however (MHN edits in orange).

Not all activists use their beliefs to justify thoughtless spite and social media posturing, nor do all feminists. Ms Mortensen however is a card carrying member of the so-called, ‘Social Justice Warrior’ extremist fringe known for its lack of moderation and insta-mob harassment of random and often vulnerable people. The reality is that Ms Mortensen has not only revealed her own inner ugliness but that which underlies her whole political movement. Worst of all she has failed to apologise or accept that she was wrong.

It is understandable that some readers, for example with disabled relatives, may choose to give feedback to Option Model and Media, Buzzfeed or to others. Readers are asked to keep any correspondence polite, respectful and lawful.

[UPDATE – a response was received a few minutes after the deadline, from Kit Garrett, declining to comment on the basis of ‘contractual obligations’]

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6 thoughts on “Option Model and Media ‘Talent’, Feminist Kristen Mortensen Disappears from Twitter after Publicly Mocking Disabled Man

  1. There are a couple of other feminists doing this and one went after a disabled man for giving high-fives on a bus. She deserves an article.

    Any more nool / kiwi lulijay coming for us?

  2. There is more Kiwi Farms material coming, but I do not want to be a single issue blog so I am writing some more articles about other topics first.

    A *lot* has happened behind the scenes and more legal stuff is coming too but unlike Bond villains I prefer not to set out my plans until they come to fruition – there was no forewarning about the Steam or PayPal bans. We are the good guys after all.

    In the interim I might look at some SJWs who have made really egregious attacks on the vulnerable and disabled.

  3. Why is it when some idiot in the USA talks nonsense and calls themselves a feminist, then the woman haters use it as ammunition against women having any rights at all? I noticed I could be reading about the weather and somebody would use it as an opportunity to whinge against feminists, when the real meaning of feminists is to protest against abuse women have had to suffer such as not being able to vote or being paid the same. I think some Americans tend to think it’s acceptable to talk nonsense in the name of free speech, like those idiots from bible belt who call themselves Christians, while only following Old Testament and ignoring anything Jesus said, such as it’s only for god to judge while they hold up banners judging others.

  4. Kroger, who hired Kristen for a commercial spot, is none to happy with Option Talent. I actually reached out to their team:

    “Dear James,

    Thank you for contacting Kroger Customer Connect and sharing your thoughts about the posting on this advertising firm’s social media page. I apologize for the delay in a response. We are proud and privileged to employ a workforce and to serve a customer base as diverse as America. Diversity, inclusion and respect are among our company’s core values and ones we strive to live up to every day. Kroger does not condone disrespectful and/or hurtful behavior. I have forwarded your concerns to our Senior Management Team and recommend that you reach out to this advertising firm to express your concerns. “

  5. Well done! Kristen’s true colors are shining brightly and it turns out she has proven herself a hypocrite. Such are the shallow types of souls that cause much harm in the name of “stopping harm”. A wolf in sheep’s clothing for sure. Glad you have written this and the record is stored.

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