Joshua Conner Moon Gave Inaccurate Information to FBI Agent. Contacting Internal Affairs

Awesome investigative journalist Margaret Pless has successfully humiliated Joshua Conner Moon in an article which exposes inaccurate information he gave to the FBI. Earlier this year a number of threats were sent to Okaloosa schools. Josh blamed me, but law enforcement found they came from his email service, Josh claimed the threats were sent through TOR but he had now disabled it to prevent a re-occurence.


Joshua Conner Moon ‘warns’ a journalist that critical posts about Kiwi Farms and Josh might bring ‘domestic terrorism’ to his doorstep only weeks before said journalist was a victim of terror from Josh’s email service.

In August myself and Ms Pless received emails threatening us. We suspected there were others but could not prove it. The threats included knife death threats and boasted Josh was lying about TOR being disabled. We quietly reported it to the police and FBI.

This week on Monday (12 September) another journalist Josh recently publicly argued with, Jonathan Bishop of Crocels News emailed me stating the police had been round about email threats made to mutilate babies in hospitals and mentioning him. We were not sure it was Kiwi Farms related but pointed out the connection to Welsh police.

Josh had publicly ‘warned’ the victim on Twitter (archive here) he could attract ‘domestic terrorism’ only days before. As a notorious cyber bully and stalker, ‘warnings’ from Josh are seen as ‘threats’ by some so we suspected his involvement.

Then Dynastia contacted Margaret Pless confirming the FBI had visited Josh because the threats were indeed sent from Dynastia insisted I was responsible. Josh and Dynastia claimed that the perpetrator would be traced as TOR was disabled and that is what Josh told the FBI.

Problem was, what Josh told the FBI was simply not true. Pless quickly checked Dynastia’s facts and easily registered using TOR in her brief but explosive article here (archive here). No reasonable site operator would have neglected to test this critical fact, for months, in an email service which has been used since its inception for harassment emails.

Josh then made a singularly implausible claim of error, leading Margaret to change the headline to refer to him pleading incompetence. Given the large number of words he has spilled defending his work on Infinity Next this is a significant break from his usual claim to be faultless.

More importantly, why would the FBI give such extensive information to the operator of a harassment service and a possible perpetrator? This year the FBI has been criticised for running a site called ‘Playpen’, a paedophile web site they seized and continued to run, distributing child pornography. They did so in order to transmit tracking software to the users.

Kiwi Farms however actually targets real children as young as 5 and disabled people. It is far worse than Playpen as most of the active users are perpetrators (excluding victims and journalists who join).

Pless however is not my only source. I have reason to believe that a senior member of Kiwi Farms is getting a pass because they are a Confidential Human Source (FBI informant). Information about very serious terrorist offences has now gone to almost all the potential suspects on all sides thanks to the foolish decision of agents to share information inappropriately with an individual who gave them bad information in return.

I have had positive experiences with the British equivalent of IA and I will be contacting FBI Internal Affairs tomorrow as well as certain US politicians known to be interested in FBI misconduct.

The issues are that FBI agents have protected the owner of a hate group which is actively perpetrating crimes against minors and the disabled, for marginal gain.

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12 thoughts on “Joshua Conner Moon Gave Inaccurate Information to FBI Agent. Contacting Internal Affairs

  1. A lot of people on Joshua’s forums are sick losers. Which ironic how they laugh at other people. I signed up to Kiwi farms after doing a google search about somebody I had seen on youtube, without realising what it was like. I asked one question, then I started getting messages from people with a mental age of 10 threatening me. Then I had a message from a man who looked as if he was in his 40s, offering me advice on how to better fit in with the forum, as if I wanted to spend all my time in that sick place like he does.

    • Most forums online have rules and cliques, like in of the internet life. Not defending what they do on the forum or anything . Who was the person you saw on YouTube that you Googled?

      • The reason why I didn’t think it was like that was because I had never seen a forum full of weirdos like that before.
        I didn’t realise they spend their day posting pictures of Chandler’s cats and then making 100s of posts in response.
        The person I saw on youtube was of the Slaton sisters. I hadn’t seen them before and couldn’t work out what was wrong with them, and the only forum that came up was that one.

        • But you are one of them, you just now said you went there and looked at the fat girl sisters. You are interested in freaks, looked them up, and sought them out. You are no different than anyone who makes fun of freaks if you clearly are interested and sought a forum about the freaks

          • Their video came up in suggestions on youtube and I was confused about what they are, so did a google search to see what was wrong with them.
            I didn’t want to spend my life waiting for their next video for something to fill my life, even if it was about their cats, or get pleasure in life from making retarded abusive comments to others, and think it’s normal because other idiots join in to support that behaviour.
            I found this page by googling that forum to see what’s wrong with Kiwi Farms as they were more odd than the Slaton Sisters.

        • Okay, I don’t get the whole lets be psychopaths on the internet shit. Did the guy who looked like a 40 year old man that contacted you have a profile picture that you saw?

          • I can’t even remember if he had a picture now. I’ve had better things to do lately than look on Kiwi Farms, as despite the people being disturbing, they were also boring.

  2. I don’t recall any threads directed at 5 year olds.

    Do you mind linking me to all of these threads against children? The guys at KiwiFarms sound like dicks.

  3. Heads up Vordy. Looks like Nool lost his last shreds of advertising AND also for epic lulz he has a retarded plan to target a terrorist.

    [* Snip URL removed by admin *]

    • Thanks I appreciate it and I am already aware of those things.

      I have removed the /Cow/ thread URL from your post to protect Moon’s latest victim as the allegations he is a violent criminal may well he untrue.

      Even if they are true the victim has a right to move on with his life without Kiwis stalking him to try to provoke more violent crime, so I will not be posting the link.

      Instead I have privately contacted the individual concerned and given him Joshua Moon’s address along with contact details for Escambia police and FBI so he can file a police report as is his right.

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