Paedogeddon! Kiwi Farms Loses Domain, Merchandise and Faces Page Blocks


A photograph of hated paedophile sadist and Kiwi Farms owner Joshua Conner Moon before he put on weight. Image used under the UK Parody exception pursuant to s30A Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988.

Yet another major organisation has banned Kiwi Farms. This time it is the top-level domain authority for the .ms domain, which is revoking Kiwi Farms domain (archive here) for obvious abuse, forcing them to move to At the same time, Josh has been trying to profit from my image in the mistaken belief he has a fair-use defence. His platform Redbubble seem to disagree.

It has been a bad week for Joshua Conner Moon. Kiwi Farms has had several pages removed thanks to the court order I obtained in July. If Kiwi Farms tries to circumvent it by changing the URI then Google can impose page rank penalties in addition to their losses from losing their domain name.

Josh’s t-shirts of me have been taken down by Redbubble due to breach of a variety of laws. I have carefully considered fair use, but I am afraid that Josh is again disadvantaged by the fact that one of my law school electives for coursework on my GDL was on internet intellectual property rights, whereas he is an unemployed man living in his mother’s basement. In my opinion fair use does not apply to most of the rights at issue.

I contacted Redbubble on the basis that, pursuant to California statute he is misusing my personality rights. Personality rights are a separate law from copyright and fair use is not a defence, which I link to here. Kiwis can experience imbecile rage when they search the text and find that ‘fair use’ does not appear in the text of the law.

An exception was one image which is a derivative work of one of my selfies with no obvious parody element. In that regard alone I claimed copyright and so I considered Fair Use. However, I consider that there is no legitimate fair use exception. In Sony Corp. of America v. Universal City Studios, Inc., the US Supreme Court stated that “every commercial use of copyrighted material is presumptively . . . unfair”. To file a counter-notice Josh must accept California jurisdiction, which means California law (including personality rights law) will apply to him.

Kiwi Farms continues to collapse. For those who feel legitimately aggrieved, further information has come to light for the purpose of sending polite complaints.

Kiwi Farms Hosting:
Despite their use of Cloudflare, it has come to light that Kiwi Farms is hosted by The company contact address is 3635 Craigmillar Ave, Victoria, BC V8P 3H2, which looks like it may also be the home of Francisco Dias the owner (hence Frantech). His email is and the administrative email is

Google Ads: Terms of Service
Kiwi Farms uses Google ads, but according to the terms –
“Google ads aren’t permitted on sites that contain harassing or bullying content, or on content that incites hatred or promotes violence against individuals or groups based on race or ethnic origin, religion, disability, gender, age, veteran status, or sexual orientation/gender identity.”

The complaint form is here.

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23 thoughts on “Paedogeddon! Kiwi Farms Loses Domain, Merchandise and Faces Page Blocks

  1. Excellent news. I contacted Cloudflare myself and got others to do the same to send abuse complaints; I’ll be sure to now contact

    Unfortunately the defamation complaint I sent to about my and Kiwi farms page has not yet been responded to.

    • Sue Josh and LOLCow LLC in the UK. I will be your McKenzie Friend and if you are unemployed or on a low income you will be exempt from the court fees.

      It is possible to enforce UK judgements in the US but it is highly technical and there are potential barriers. Regardless you can use good old British and EU law to have the pages delisted from all search engines.

      If they change the URI you can have search rank penalties imposed on the whole domain.

      • I got a response from Joshua on Kiwi Farms.

        What he’s now doing is reversing the truth and calling you the paedophile and tried to turn me against you. I think you once asked why does Joshua’s mother allow him to stay in his basement (unemployed) running Kiwi Farms. The answer is he probably sits at his dinner table pretending to be a “good boy” who is fighting paedophiles online. He’s a compulsive liar.

        Josh has though tried to change Kiwi Farms to cover his tracks in response to what you have been writing on your website:

        1. The old image he used (which you have a screenshot) where he says Kiwi Farms was set up for “exploitation of the mentally handicapped for amusement” has disappeared after you quoted that here.
        2. A “lolcow” originally referred to an autistic, and so Kiwi Farms was set up as a sadistic website to laugh at people with autism. Joshua has since expanded the definition of lolcow as someone who is “eccentric”. This was he can claim he isn’t mocking those with autism in the sense of a hate-crime. However, Kiwi Farms is still chock full of posts attacking and harassing people with autism, or disability (an example is when you create an account on the forum, it still says: “Autistics will be ridiculed” (no doubt Joshua will remove this soon, here is a screenshot:
        3. Joshua admits he watches cartoon-baby porn, but now lies and pushes the dates back as far as possible. When I questioned him on this he said he looked at this when he was 14 years old. The evidence though shows he was doing this a lot more recently. Basically he’s lying about his own history of sexual perversions, trying to make out he was into cartoon-baby porn 10 years ago, but now he’s normal. Even other Kiwi farm members didn’t fall for that one and questioned him on it.

        You and me Sam, we’re the good guys fighting the paedos, malicious trolls and other sick freaks at Kiwi Farms; all Joshua can now do is reverse the truth about us. Josh is trying to turn people against you but has failed.

        God bless Sam Smith and this website which exposes the truth.

      • I think that’s a reason why all the ex Tories in UKIP and anti EU Tories want to leave the EU and get rid of human rights, because there’s a right to privacy, and Tories try to mistreat most people so only the few at the top can benefit, and there’s not much they would stop at.
        All the fuss Tories made just because Labour had Alastair Campbell to deal with the media, while Tories were employing journalists jailed for their illegal methods.

  2. I just found out that a young woman named Julie Terryberry killed herself in June after being targeted by Kiwi Farms. They’ve literally killed a person now. That should probably be brought up.

    • I made a video about her and them on my channel, Raven Sparks. I’m also in the fight against them for what they’ve done to me and I’ll be here to the end. Google won’t remove anything for me because New Zealand sucks, but in the end if they go down it won’t matter. I agree that should all be persecuted not only for their role in her death but for their continued abuse afterwards.

      • Out of interest what have they done to you? Posted libel and malicious falsehoods?

        They do that to me, and often link to accounts I don’t own where i’m meant to of posted something I never did. Basically my entire internet history quoted there isn’t mine, but fabricated.

        Right now they are linking to fake account where i’m supposed to have posted porn or sex comments. Kiwi Farms don’t have a brain-cell between them: i’m on the asexual spectrum. I’ve never posted porn or about sex. They just continue to post slander about me. The people running Kiwi Farms are the actual perverts and creeps; Joshua Conner Moon admitted he watches cartoon-baby porn.

    • ***** ******* ****** (username *******) on Kiwi Farms was the person who started the post on lolcows about Julie Terryberry. Even other posters on lolcows have turned against him for his cyberbullying.

      • Thanks for the tip. I have redacted the name of the person you have accused whilst I look into it so as not to stigmatise someone not proven (yet) to be responsible – but if it pans out then everyone will know. Everyone.

  3. Been to ***** lately? Over on ***** we’ve been arranging for some calls to Josh’s mommy. He is literally sperging on his forum blaming you despite the large numbers of cellphones and crap his forum has published.

    • Sorry. I have removed the link. People who already know about it can find it but I am not allowing it to be shared here because I am against unlawful acts. Right now we are actually making headway so this is the worst time for crime.

      I spent 4 hours giving a statement to the police on Friday. I can safely say they now understand the issues and the extent of Kiwi Farms (and Null’s) activities and are actively engaged. I also understand that some of the American victims are making similar headway with the FBI. Given the latest horrifying criminal activities by the Kiwis (which are not yet public knowledge) they are rapidly moving up law enforcement priorities in multiple states.

      Feel free to make complaints to the proper authorities though, whether to Kiwi Farms’ host Frantech, their advertisement platform Google, the police (you can email me for details) or to CloudFlare or their domain host.

  4. JUST SO PEOPLE KNOW WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON AT KIWI FARMS. And why Null has suddenly decided to harass and libel Oliver Smith:


        • Ok. just to let you know I’ve made contact with Nate Spidgewood. He has a Kiwi Farms page where he’s been harassed. I’ll get to him send complaints to Frantech etc. I have also contacted 10+ other people, so there should be loads of reports going in.

  5. Hi Sam, I know you aren’t at the moment interested in the other thing, but I’ve just written and submitted a statement in North Wales police.
    I’m going to do a separate one to Hertfordshire police about Kiwi Farms in a few hours. However I should point out the former incident is also connected to the Kiwis, so hopefully North Wales police will be looking into Kiwi Farms as well.

    • Hi. I have been quiet because –

      A. Dissertation
      B. Chillaxing

      I have a life and spent some time with the computer turned off. In a garden! In the sun!

      As per my email please do nothing illegal. I can give you the name of a police officer who may be interested.

      I will be doing a couple of articles on non-Kiwi things before continuing with the programme of events. We have many effective and legal major actions against Kiwi Farms planned in due course.

  6. If anything happens to him I bet he’ll thinks something across the lines of, “Look how dangerous these people are to our rights, and to others, they deserve to be mocked to the point of depression and suicide.” He seems to have some martyr complex, like if something happens to him he’ll be a martyr of freedom and first amendment rights against ‘totalitarian whiny crybabies,’ and thus seen as important and contributing something to society by doing something he enjoys doing, being an asshole.
    That being said, some of the people that they follow on the Kiwi Farms sites deserve to be followed because they are known pedophiles, some of the the people don’t give a shit. It’s pretty fucked up though when people on the forums go after suicidal mentally ill people or autistic people who can be violent to their grandmother and use the internet as a coping mechanism or bring attention to those people hoping they’ll be the next Chris Chan. The last one is more irresponsible because the people who posted about the autistic guy didn’t troll the autistic guy them self, but post his videos and talked about him like a bunch of gossipy hens, but they knew trolls they call “weens” watch their forum.
    I doubt most of the people on there knew there was child porn on there though.

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