Joshua Moon Cowers as Victim Attends his Home, Complains of Harassment

Joshua Conner Moon cowered in fear because a transwoman attended his home and tried to remonstrate politely with his mother.


After a transwoman attended Joshua Conner Moon’s home and attempted to remonstrate with his mother Candice Lynn Potter, he accused her of harassment. Click for full size.

Yesterday, a transgender woman attended Joshua Conner Moon’s home in Pensacola Florida to try to explain the distress he was causing her. Whilst he hid, she tried to politely explained her grievances to Josh’s mother and convey why police attendance has become such a regular feature of Moon household life.

By coincidence, the same day I saw Josh’s post about how empty and ruined his life was by Kiwi Farms, that I posted here. I sent him a polite email, explaining that if he wanted off the horse and took down Kiwi Farms then to incentivise an end to the harassment of large numbers of innocent people I would take my articles about him down.

Josh responded by accusing me of extortion. He said he would report me to the Law Society. I presume he means SRA. He certainly can complain of extortion but unless I use my qualification to apply for admission as a trainee solicitor they do not regulate me. So he will get an email back saying I am not on the register. If I do apply I will just hand over the court order, which trumps whatever Josh chooses to say.

He also replied to me refusing my offer and refusing further direct correspondence on pain of complaints of ‘harassment’, just as he said to the lady who attended his home. He is entitled of course to refuse most correspondence – except legal correspondence. I will honour that as this is an ethical blog.

He cannot refuse a letter of claim or stop me writing articles though, nor prevent the complaints to the many service providers who have been banning him. My local police have been served with the restraining order against Dynastia and are currently having a formal investigation into one officer as a possible accessory to Dynastia’s campaign of harassment against me. Josh has a credibility gap. One of many reasons I keep calling him a paedophile is he hosts this, er, paedophile board –


This is the logo for 16Chan’s infamous, ‘Phile’ board. The board does not allow pictures, to avoid falling foul of the letter of the law. It does allow stories about pre-school children being abducted and raped to death though. The site is hosted by Joshua Conner Moon, who has previously boasted of being aroused by ‘Neko Shota’ – cartoon porn featuring underage boys. Click for full size.

What was curious though was one quite terrifying remark – Josh said that he had contingency plans to continue Kiwi Farms if his family abandons him. Apparently, that has arisen as a possibility.

The comment implies that his family have sat him down and tried to reason with him about Kiwi Farms, the endless police complaints from victims, the terrorism and negative publicity. Perhaps they have tried to persuade him that hosting a board full of ‘child fetish’ erotica stories about children being raped to death is a bad idea. Josh has not listened.

As Kiwi Farms and Moon’s own family crumbles, he clings to the very thing that is destroying his life.

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13 thoughts on “Joshua Moon Cowers as Victim Attends his Home, Complains of Harassment

  1. You are harassing him with that restraining order!

    Officer! Vordrak got a restraining order against my friend Dynastia and then, he threatened to get one against me too! But offered to settle and to help me not ruin my life!


    Fucking comedy gold. Anything we can do to help, fam?

  2. Whilst Moon is banned from PayPal, Patreon isn’t. You would need to get him banned from Patreon.

    In terms of your foe Dynastia, he is in Australia, and therefore not under the perview of United Kingdom court. Additionally, he is married to an aborigine woman and domiciles on their tribal land whilst collecting welfare funds set aside for such indiginous groups. This might further indeminify him from court sovereignties previously mentioned.

  3. I signed up to the web site before I realised what it was like after doing a google search of somebody I saw on youtube. I asked a normal question, then I suddenly started getting messages such as calling my mother a whore and how I was the result of a failed abortion with a coat hanger.
    The lunatics try to drive away anybody who’s near normal, and might speak out against the more evil and abusive ones. They support each other being abusive lunatics.

      • Yes it did happen, but they banned me when I said I thought some of them need psychiatric help to spend all day wishing bad things would happen to an autistic man online.
        Wish I could show you, but every time I tried to sign on it came up with an insulting message and I couldn’t see any more of the site. One of the most disturbing people called themselves something like Chimp Burger. Can’t be hard to find as posting on there seems to be all they do all day.

      • When I try to sign on to the profile it says this:
        Kiwi Farms – Error
        You have been banned for the following reason: burn in hell summerfag
        Please direct comments to /cow/, our official complaints and appeals forum.

        Although I made another profile because they think they’re clever by noting my IP address, but all you have to do to change your IP is restart the router.

  4. Kiwi Farms also seems to attract those types who fill every comment section online no matter what the subject with whinging about how much they hate feminists or women in general.

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