British Police Open PSD (Internal Affairs) Investigation Over Kiwi Farms Inaction


Why is Kiwi Farms, a website which openly targets women, children, the disabled and critics like me for harassment not closed? Why is its owner, who encourages (abets) these crimes not in prison?

Question – How is it okay for a website to openly organise harassing, fake emails sent in the name of innocent women, to different, equally innocent women? [1] and [2]. Archive here ([A1] and [A2]).

Second question – how is it okay for a prominent member of a website to solicit his friends to send penis photos to women and children [1], [2], [3] (archives [A1], [A2], [A3])?

Third question – how is it okay for said individual to tweet (archive here) pictures of his penis to women and children?

To hack a disabled man’s accounts and to blackmail him to penetrate himself anally? To groom a 13-year old boy to have phone sex with a disabled man whilst posing as a 19-year old girl? To take a vote to target pre-teen children and then actually do it (archive here)? To regularly encourage its members to participate in felonies?

Answer (to all): Obviously it is not ok. Hacking, harassment, blackmail and cyberstalking are all felonies. Sexual abuse is a felony. Grooming a 13-year-old boy to pose as a 19-year old girl is conspiracy to harassment at a minimum, and may be a sex crime depending on state.

So why have the police not taken action? Good question. After the court ruling against Dynastia I decided to ask it. I said I was taking action on multiple fronts. One of those was using the court order and media scrutiny to terminate CWCki’s and Kiwi Farms’ PayPal accounts.

Another was a conversation with UK PSD (Internal Affairs to our American friends). I received forged emails in my name. Forged emails in the name of Brianna Wu were sent to me. Why is there no crime number?

We know where the individual who runs Kiwi Farms lives and that he encourages such behaviour. Why is he not in custody? I decided to put that question to PSD in formal, legal terms. An investigation has been opened and is deemed sufficiently serious to warrant a formal investigation which can be scrutinised by the UK national police supervising body afterwards.

By way of clarification, this is not about revenge on individual police. There will be no front line police officers named or singled out for criticism on this blog, except possibly the upper tiers of management. Kiwi Farms is not the fault of the police (nor GamerGate). The lack of resources for internet crime is and remains a serious problem for police. Nevertheless the question needs to be answered.

This is only the first step. The same goes for American police and the FBI. Cyberstalking is a felony in Florida and Joshua Conner Moon runs a site for it. What is going on and why has nothing been done? The answer is most likely that insufficient information transfer to police has led to Kiwi Farms being wrongly thought low priority. Time to fix that.

The reason for publishing this article is not to target police. I want nothing more than to be running puff pieces about the heroic police who took part in the investigation. I am making people aware so supporters can contact me and get in touch so both UK and US police have a full picture. Well wishers are invited to drop me an email.

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  1. so this is like an internal affairs investigation into why any police officer could be so retared as not to arrest null and dynastia?

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