The Wisdom of Daniel Schulman: PayPal Swiftly and Decisively Closes CWCKi and KiwiFarms’ Account – by Samuel Collingwood Smith


Strong Leader: PayPal CEO Daniel Schulman was personally notified of the sickening paedo-sexual abuse on CWCki and the company took swift, decisive action. Image courtesy of Wikimedia commons, CC-BY-SA-2.0 license (archive here). Author Kris Klug, Poptech.

CWCki, or ‘Christian Weston Chandler Wiki’ is a website set up by abusers to stalk a vulnerable, mentally disabled man of the same name. Many sites have been set up to stalk and harass Christian Weston Chandler (CWC) over a period of years, apparently for no better reason than he ran into the wrong people on the wrong day.

Content on the site includes lengthy and detailed transcripts and audio of phone sex between CWC and a 13-year-old boy known as BlueSpike who had been enticed into posing as a 19-year old woman for the sick amusement of the deviants who run the site.

For many years, CWCki used PayPal as a payment processor, holding an account associated with the email address, “”. PayPal terms of service (archive here) prohibit accounts being used in connection with activities that may,

“1. violate any law, statute, ordinance or regulation.”

“2. relate to transactions involving […] (d) items that encourage, promote, facilitate or instruct others to engage in illegal activity, […], (f) the promotion of hate, violence, racial intolerance or the financial exploitation of a crime, (g) items that are considered obscene, […], (i) certain sexually oriented materials or services […]”

Your author and his growing band of associates obtained a transcript of evidence of a clear violation of those terms. Some may know it as the, ‘Bluespike saga’, which records that –

  • a CWCWiki user hacked CWC’s PSN and Yahoo accounts a (US Federal Offence under 18 U.S.C. § 2701 punishable by imprisonment up to 10 years)
  • blackmailed CWC into destroying a prized possession, his medallion and anally penetrating himself with it (Federal Extortion under 18 U.S. Code § 875)
  • culminating in the reveal that ‘Julie’ a supposedly 19-year old woman who had been having phone sex with CWC was actually a 13-year-old boy groomed by the sinister CWCki trolls. Sexual offences vary by state and it is unclear which state the 13-year-old is in.

It is not illegal to link to audio recordings of sexual acts in this jurisdiction, but even so I have not linked to the material simply provided it to PayPal and law enforcement.


A photograph of Joshua Conner Moon before he put on weight. Josh is a well known associate of CWCKi and it is linked as an affiliate to Kiwi Farms. Despite his denials this is yet another site he is involved in featuring the abusive sexual exploitation of young males, including a 13-year old. Image used under the UK Parody exception pursuant to s30A Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988.

CWCki used to have forums, the successor to which is Kiwi Farms, a site run by the vile Joshua Conner Moon. Kiwi Farms lists CWCki as an affiliate site on its front page and targets large numbers of people for abuse. Whilst many are chosen for their vulnerability, others include academics and journalists including those who expose Kiwi Farms and its members.

Kiwi Farms is a vile hate group that has previously been removed by several hosting companies for breaches of terms of service and hosting child pornography. Amongst other things the site has a thread expressly about trolling disability site for victims, a thread organising forged emails to feminists containing pornography via an email service set up for that purpose and a thread where they decide as policy to target underage children. Details and screenshots are in my prior article here.

New York Magazine recently ran an article (archive here) by left-wing journalist Margaret Pless detailed the organised, real life surveillance and stalking of CWC and other victims by Kiwi Farms.

A UK court recently imposed a permanent restraining order and £10,000 in damages against a person called KiwiDynastia, who is believed to be the user Dynastia from Kiwi Farms. I have placed a bounty on him of up to £5,000 (about $6,678 US).

Kiwi Farms was funded via a PayPal account operated by owner Joshua Conner Moon under his email address ‘’. Moon also operates a number of other sites including, and (which allows paedophile stories and drawings per its rules).

Aside from the systematic harassment of the disabled, contains intense racism, such as this thread (archive here), which begins with Joshua Conner Moon repeating the n***** word several hundred times.

Kiwi Farms and CWCki had been getting away with their horrifically depraved online abuse for some time but they are now facing a well organised and growing group of well qualified, internet savvy professionals as well as some of their more capable victims.

The group, dubbed ‘the League of Evil’ by one Kiwi Farmer, is set on systematically dismantling Kiwi Farms and its associated websites as well as bringing its leaders to justice.

One aspect of the dismantling program is eliminating funding sources. To their credit PayPal took swift action when CEO Daniel Schulman was provided with a dossier of evidence of Kiwi Farms’ involvement in malevolent online sexual abuse. Both CWCki and Null had their accounts closed almost immediately.

It is likely that Kiwi Farms will find it hard to obtain another payment provider. Any business that deals with Kiwi Farms risks devastating adverse publicity, business disruption and law enforcement involvement. Some partner firms such as Linode have even faced vigilante attack. This site, myself and my associates condemn terrorism and have no truck with it. Nevertheless it would be remiss not to warn potential victims of the potential risks of associating with Kiwi Farms.

It is not only payment providers and partner businesses who face risks. I had a relax and a celebrate after passing my law exams. Shortly thereafter we launched a further raft of measures to deal with Kiwi Farms. A UK High Court judgment and order, even against an anonymous party, is a powerful thing with many uses and several processes are now underway aimed at bringing a final solution to the Kiwi Farms issue.

Kiwi Farmers would be well advised to learn about the US and UK legal doctrine of joint enterprise (called common purpose in the US). Joint enterprise means that everyone involved in a criminal enterprise is liable for all that results from that enterprise. For example, if a group of people go out to commit a robbery armed with guns and someone is shot then they are all convicted of murder, even though only one fired the gun. In fact, a person could be convicted even if they were not there for the murder (for example if they went home early ill).

The same could apply to all donors and supporters of Kiwi Farms and CWCki. The Kiwi Farmers may laugh that they are of course anonymous, but they are grievously mistaken. In late 2001 the FBI revealed an investigation called Operation Avalanche, which was followed up by British police in Operation Ore. Paedophiles had been selling child pornography via an American website. The FBI seized the payment records and arrested all the US citizens involved. They passed the list to UK police who did the same.

Tens of thousands of paedophiles were arrested. However, the perpetrators in operations Avalanche and Ore were merely consumers of pornography. CWCki and Kiwi Farms are glorying over the targeting of real world children and vulnerable adults whom they groomed into actual sexual activity. Only recently, a policy vote on Kiwi Farms specifically chose to target underage children. They subsequently harvested pictures of a five year old boy. Kiwi Farms and CWCki may be more culpable than those involved in Operation Ore.

To avoid any fear on the part of the innocent, those who joined Kiwi Farms because of threats, deception, to monitor the harassment of themselves or their families or journalists are not guilty of any crime. However those who fuelled the vile exploitation of CWC should fear long prison terms.

Kiwi Farms donors should start to dread that knock at the door. PayPal is a reputable firm and doubtless when they are asked will be happy to share all their records (subject to any required court order) with the FBI. PayPal accounts are associated with credit cards, debit cards, bank accounts and real world identities. In operation Ore paedophiles with repeat transactions went to prison and onto the sex offenders register even when know child pornography was found because of long periods of transactions on their accounts to the paedophile sites.

Even Bitcoin is not safe. Blockchain transactions are public and can be monitored by those with the requisite tools. Any donations made by Bitcoin can be traced back unless the donor chooses to use a Darknet mixer, correctly. Mixers usually charge a fee and have been associated with scams and ‘lost’ transactions as well as blackmail of clients.

Today Kiwi Farms’ problems deepened, and there is more to come – soon.

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9 thoughts on “The Wisdom of Daniel Schulman: PayPal Swiftly and Decisively Closes CWCKi and KiwiFarms’ Account – by Samuel Collingwood Smith

    • Hmm … ? Is this something to do with all the Cloudflare reports they were whining about on Kiwi Farms today? Noted. Perhaps we should talk? Hit me up by email if you want. I don’t normally allow chan posts but that one made me laugh and the thread as you archive it contains no criminal solicitation for once so approved your post.

      “Next week Kiwi Farms will be reporting how Josh heroically won when Vordrak gave him a wedgie and stole his lunch money”

      That did make me laugh. “KiwiFarms and CWCki banned from PayPal” = “the Dear Leader is winning”. His entire idea of making a business of his trolling empire is fatally flawed.

  1. I’m contacting google over defamation to get them to block my Kiwi farms page, as well as on the lolcow wiki. The New York Magazine article you linked will come in handy – you need more independent sources like this showing how depraved Kiwi Farms is. Hopefully it will be shut down soon.

    Like I emailed you (but you did not respond) you can block the malicious falsehoods posted on Encylopedia Dramatica page showing up on a google search – it will remove the whole page from the search engine. I just got 10+ more links blocked yesterday.

  2. Dan Schulman wrote in the PayPal statement that; “While we will seek an alternative location for our operations center, we remain committed to working with the LGBT community in North Carolina to overturn this discriminatory legislation, alongside all those who are committed to equality”.

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