Desparate, Delusional Dynastia Turns on Josh Moon

This week has been entertaining. After posting a bounty for Kiwi Farms’ Dynastia, I received an email from the man himself. Dynastia had been denying that the lawsuit was real, claiming I forged it. After the judge placed in it on BAILII as precedent case law Dynastia appears to accept it was real and sent me an email.

Of particular note, he offers me the ‘real’ identity of the 2nd Defendant, in which he seems  to imply the person concerned is Josh.

“[…] Only problem is I happen to know he lives with his mother and owns pretty much nothing. […]”

Whilst a lawsuit against Joshua Conner Moon may well follow in due course, it is hardly loyal is it? Josh is supposedly your best friend.

Just to be clear to all my readers, I did consider the denials that Dynastia is Kiwi Dynastia, and the evidence. After fair consideration I conclude that they are the same person and the judge has found Kiwi Dynastia validly served. The typo in the restraining order I mentioned in my last article (my fault) has now been kindly corrected by the judge and I link to an upload of the final version.

Of interest, I draw everyone’s attention to point 2 where it says the allegations made were false and malicious, “such having been proven by the Claimant”. This is because I asked the judge to hold me to American 1st Amendment rules because of my respect for free speech and also because if we do honour American rules then the US SPEECH Act 2010 offers no protection. American law does not protect malicious liars like Dynastia.

Just a reminder, my beef is not with ED and the claim against the ED operators is stayed – the judgement and restraining order are only against KiwiDynastia.

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