Court Judgement Imposes Permanent Restraining Order on KiwiDynastia. Up to £5,000 Bounty Offered on his Details

It has been said that, ‘snitches get stitches’. In this case, snitches get paid. I am offering a cash bounty for Dynastia – terms below.

Recently a person identifying themselves as Kiwi Farms’ Dynastia under the username ‘KiwiDynastia’ posted defamatory material about me on Encyclopaedia Dramatica (ED). I took legal action against KiwiDynastia and ED, but my beef is with Kiwi Farms and I respect ED, so when they took it down I stayed the claim against the ED Defendants only and I also made sure their real world names were not given in the judgement.


Kiwi Farms openly exists to harass the disabled. A reminder that it is owned and run by Joshua Conner Moon.

The case proceeded to judgement against ‘KiwiDynastia’ only, who has been ordered to pay £10,000 damages, £1,000 costs and made subject to a permanent restraining order. It has been suggested Dynastia is in Australia and £11,000 is equivalent to nearly 20,000 Australian Dollars.

The judgement in that case is now up on the British and Irish Legal Information Institute (BAILII) website here. The case is an actual legal precedent.

It is worth reminding ourselves of why everyone hates Kiwi Farms so to the right is a screenshot of the site’s promotional Twitter account before it was permanently suspended.

A pre-suspension archive of Kiwi Farms’ Twitter is here. Kiwi Farms is run by Joshua Conner Moon, a charming man whose previous contributions to the internet include being fired from 8chan by Frederick Brennan (archive here) for failing to upgrade 8Chan’s software.

Kiwi Farms is known for running threads about vulnerable people, some lured onto Kiwi Farms from disability forums such as There are also threads for individuals who have criticised or opposed them.

One of the most depraved of the trolls is Dynastia, responsible for a public vote on Kiwi Farms as to whether it was okay to dox underage children (archive here).


Kiwi Farm’s official policy on doxing underage children. Click for full size.

The vote passed 14 to 10. In case anyone was wondering if it was a joke the site has subsequently literally carried out the policy and doxxed children as young as 5, for example the child of Block Bot administrator Marian Aanerud (@MAMelby). I will not link the archive here, however they harvested family photos of her 5-year old son.

Whilst many people loathe Melby for her involvement in the Block Bot and she has certainly been criticised on this site, no one else has ever gone so far as to publicly organise cyberstalking of her child.

In setting such a policy Dynastia was openly authorising a form of child abuse and it is worth remembering that Kiwi Farms itself has been moved on from several hosts, and that confirmed that they found child pornography illegal under French law. Kiwi Farms is synonymous with abuse of children and the disabled. Dynastia is a child abuser, at least in online terms.

Dynastia has also sent, or threatened to send, forged massacre threats in my name to Hertfordshire police in the United Kingdom, as set out in my previous article about him. Whilst Dynastia claims he was joking, British police did receive at least one forged email in the name of Brianna Wu, which traces to the same email service Dynastia uses for one of his email accounts.


This is an screenshot posted by Dynastia of an attempt to SWAT me. Click for full size.

Now that there is a restraining order against Dynastia and a very public judgement it may well be easier to interest law enforcement in this, who so far have proven lamentably inactive. Although Dynastia’s identity is unknown, everyone knows that Kiwi Farms is run by Joshua Conner Moon, who lives in his mother’s basement in Pensacola Florida. My MP Grant Shapps has written to the UK government about Kiwi Farms to try to remedy this.

In addition, my main legal speciality is mental capacity law. Many countries have laws enabling indefinite civil committal to psychiatric institutions for those who pose a threat to children. The criteria vary, often the individual must have been convicted of an offence although that is not always required. Perhaps Dynastia could benefit from receiving these services.

Even if Dynastia cannot be traced the restraining order against him can still be used against other websites to potentially have them delisted from Google if they allow him to post there or to prevail upon Twitter to ban sock accounts quoting him. As of now I am putting any site that allows Dynastia to post on notice that they risk being sued by me, or being reported and subject to criminal investigation as an accessory to child abuse.

Dynastia likes to troll and perhaps in the short term may try to flout the order against him. Damages are allowed to compensate for this so the amount payable may increase.

Incidentally there is a typo in the schedule to the first version of the restraining order against Dynastia. Although he is clearly ordered to pay me damages the schedule is being corrected. It is not as if Dynastia is in any position to laugh about it. During the final hearing the judge made a remark that Dynastia will deny operating that particular account called, ‘KiwiDynastia’. It is not a new tactic and there are ways to deal with it.

If Dynastia can be traced, most countries will enforce British libel judgements. In the United States, the SPEECH Act 2010 imposes restrictions but as long as those requirements are met then UK judgements can be enforced there. So, Dynastia can theoretically be forced to pay up. Most countries allow the goods of debtors to be seized and sold for auction if a debtor cannot pay. Wages can be made subject to attachment orders or third party debt orders.

The judges in this case have done a good thing. The case was authorised by Deputy Master Bard (a kind of British High Court procedural judge), supervised by Master Kay QC and judged by Mr Justice Green. Contrary to ill-informed public commentary on UK libel law all the judges were keen to protect the rights of the Defendant, and ensure they had adequate notice to respond to the serious allegations I made against them. I should also note that the findings are only on the libel issues. Dynastia’s child abuse is for another court another day.

As an aside, it occurs to me that the case is a dry run for anyone who wants to sue anonymous editors on other wikis such as Wikipedia, for example. The precedent set is directly applicable. Even the software used is the same.

Now the case is complete I feel there is a public interest in identifying Dynastia and so I am offering a bounty. For information leading to successful enforcement of the debt, I will offer to pay 50% proceeds of any enforcement action after fees incurred are deducted. The bounty will be payable when the money arrives in my account, so the informant will be paid when I get paid. If there are multiple informants, the 50% will be split equally amongst those who contribute.

The amount may be less if it turns out that the full amount can be recovered, for example if Dynastia is very poor and does not have £10,000 of assets. In that case it will just be 50% of whatever is recovered after fees.

The offer is open to everyone. If, for example, a member of an 8chan forum wanted to provide information anonymously, I would honour the bounty and could pay by BitCoin, although the information would potentially need to be admitted in a UK court as hearsay so it would need to be convincing.

It is important to note I cannot counsel, procure or commission any crimes. If an informant hacks Dynastia’s account I cannot pay them and will not. Having said that Dynastia has many criminal enemies and if some 8chan user innocently stumbles upon a pastebin with a detailed and well documented account of Dynastia’s details (as is common on 8chan) that is completely legal and may be admissible in a UK court for identification as hearsay evidence.

Finally, a message to Dynastia –

  • You are a child abuser
  • You will be hunted down
  • You will be exposed to your family, neighbours, friends, educators and employer
  • Your life will be dismantled
  • Your belongings will be seized and sold to satisfy the debt you now owe me
  • You will go to prison, and when your sentence is up you may spend the rest of your life in a mental institution
  • Expect us

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5 thoughts on “Court Judgement Imposes Permanent Restraining Order on KiwiDynastia. Up to £5,000 Bounty Offered on his Details

  1. Seriously?

    Seems like a personal vendetta as opposed to carrying out justice. Also a 10k fine? does that not seem a bit much? It’s the internet after all… Free speech is expressed all over the place and that’s just it, if you try to oppress it then you might as well leave.

    Also leave out the “Expect us”.. That’s kinda claimed by Anonymous.

  2. And if one should by dint of tenacious sleuthing discover the identity of the (non-)respondent in this case, what assurances do we have from you (and the precarious coils of the law) that the bounty will ever be remitted?

    Would it not be more rational to extort the miscreant for a smaller upfront sum? On the surface, this might not seem an attractive option for KiwiDynastia, – after all, how could he be sure the extortioner would honor the deal? – but his confidence might be won by showing him how to cover his tracks, thus preventing other would-be bounty hunters. Moreover, having the opportunity to gainsay his sanctimonious antagonist might be reason enough to submit to the extortioner.

    • So just to get this clear, you are asking why you should trust me to pay up and suggesting instead that anyone who knows Dynastia blackmail him for a smaller sum in exchange for not turning him over to me? Well a fair question and I suppose worth answering.

      I write under my real name and have made it pretty clear that if I confirm his real life identity I am going to write quite a lot about him. So if someone successfully turns him over, then it will be pretty obvious and a bounty is an enforceable contract. It is called a, ‘unilateral contract’.

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