Twisted, Sexual Deviant Troll ‘Dynastia’ From Josh Moon’s Kiwi Farms Targets Pre-Teen Children

This article is a further exposé of the sickening sexual deviants who run and participate in Kiwi Farms, a trolling website operated by an unemployed man called Joshua Conner Moon. Moon lives in Escambia County Florida with his mother, Keller Williams Realtor Candice Potter. Previous articles have focused on Moon himself, but this one focuses on a user called Dynastia, a friend of Moon and user of his site. Dynastia has been organising the sending of penis photos to women for harassment purposes on a near industrial scale and recently had a formal vote passed at Kiwi Farms that they could target children, which was then carried out.


Sheriff Morgan, please let Matthew Hopkins News give you a solid tip-off about some possible sex crimes.

What Has Come Before?
To recap for those who are unfamiliar with Kiwi Farms, it is a website set up to troll and harass the vulnerable online. Kiwi Farms recently had its main account, @KiwiFarms, indefinitely suspended from Twitter (pre-suspension archive here) after my intervention. This is unsurprising as the tagline was, “Gossip and exploitation of the mentally handicapped for amusement purposes”.

In my original article, I had seen some quotes on Encyclopaedia Dramatica in which Moon was said to have boasted of paedopilia, but I did not accept these serious allegations until I received a separate tip-off that Moon’s site contained child pornography. Rather than view the URIs I contacted the hosting company, which banned Moon.

Subsequently, several hosts in succession removed the site. One, ethical French company told Moon that they had independently verified there was child pornography and it was so serious that he would not be given a second chance. A full size image of their exchange with Moon is here.

Moon and his friends have repeatedly implied that Encyclopaedia Dramatica is an unreliable source. However, I have now checked and been able to verify the earlier quotes, with one exception. In 2012, long before MHN or ED took an interest, Moon was a member of the Blockland forum (a forum for an online lego style game). Users of Blockland expressed disgust and horror with Moon after he boasted of masturbating to Neko Shota (Japanese porn of underage boys, apparently). Post here, archive here.

In a thread speculating about whether Moon had been arrested, user Stocking accuses him of threatening to murder, anally rape and genitally mutilate her (archive here). Using his account CityRPG (he has had many names on the site as he kept getting banned), Moon did not deny the allegation but responded, “I was really mad that day”.

It looks like Encyclopaedia Dramatica’s quotes are 100% accurate. In another previous article I also unearthed Moon’s admission that he fantasised about murdering his mother with a steak knife.

Dynastia’s Indecent Images and Stalking of Women
One prolific user of Kiwi Farms is Dynastia, who goes by @KiwiDynastia (archive here) on Twitter – warning profile contains penis photo. This is a tweet (archive here) where he sends a picture of his uninspiring member to the #GamerGate hashtag.

I include the picture because it is the actus re of an offence. Dynastia is not merely joking that he will send a penis photo – he is caught in the act of doing so. This is important because it means the ‘Nyberg Defence’ that he was only joking will not run. Furthermore the minimum user age on Twitter is 13 (see policy here, archive here).

It is forseeable that a hashtag like #GamerGate will be used by many minors, and sending a penis to the tag means sending it to children. So I showed Dynastia’s penis to police officers. His wang selfie has seen a surprising amount of circulation. Dynastia and his friend @KiwiNull carry on the mission of Kiwi Farms on Twitter, openly ban evading.

In the old days, flashers were inadequates who would lurk, drooling and shaking in bushes or public parks waiting to expose themselves to women or children nearby. Studies show such men often graduate to contact sexual offenses. These days the same dysfunctional losers often conduct their predations online.

In a series of further tweets [1], [2], [3] (archives [A1], [A2], [A3]) Dynastia solicits sending penis photos to a feminist who he disagrees with and also admits to sending 70 penis photos to Zoe Quinn. This is a straightforward crime in both UK and US law. In the UK, under the Protection from Harassment Act 1997 such unsolicited communications might count as regular harassment (s1, s2). If the woman was placed in fear of violence (such as rape) the offence is under s4 and carries a jail term of up to 5 years.

Whilst harassment is not per se a sex crime in the UK, if there is a sexual element such as sending women penis photos a judge can make an order treating it as such. This means requiring the perpetrator to be added to the sexual offender’s register as well as any appropriate restrictions (e.g. ban them from Twitter).

Similar provisions apply under Florida law, which has a harassment statute at Title XLVI, 784.048 with more severe punishments for threats (which may be non-verbal). Of particular note, Florida law has a specific offence for cyber stalking or harassing a child under 16 years (784.048 (5)). This is relevant given Kiwi Farms specific written policy decision to dox underage children (see below).

The harassment email and penis photo campaign was organised on Kiwi Farms, where users openly screenshotted themselved impersonating prominent feminists to send threatening and sexual messages. Links to the ‘dick pics’ thread are here [1] and [2]. In case Moon removes the thread, there is an archive here ([A1] and [A2]). The campaign happened right in front of Moon after he announced his new email service and it is unclear that the system has ever had any other use case.

In short, Kiwi Farms is used with the knowledge and participation of its administrator and owner to carry out sexualised cyberstalking of women contrary to Florida state law.

Deliberately Targeting Underage Children
Recently, Dynastia held a poll on Kiwi Farms as to whether it was okay to dox underage children (archive here). The vote passed 14 to 10. In case anyone was wondering if it was a joke the site has subsequently literally carried out the policy and doxxed children as young as 5, for example the child of Block Bot administrator Marian Aanerud (@MAMelby). Again, because of this the, ‘Nyberg Defence’ will not fly.

In ultra-creepy fashion, the Kiwi Farmers archived a (clothed) photo gallery of Aanerud’s young son. Nothing says, ‘no paedophiles here’ like creating a photo archive of someone else’s 5 year old. In this light Dynastia’s pious claims he is against harm to children are laughable. Whilst claiming to SWAT paedophiles he is helping stalk children.

Your author loathes Marian Aanerud, who was ‘laid off’ a few weeks after falsely accusing me of stalking. Even so, I am not going to link her Kiwi Farms thread here or the pictures of her children. Whilst there are legitimate criticisms of Aanerud and the Block Bot to be made neither I, nor any member of GamerGate has ever stooped to doxxing her child or running photos of him.

As noted above, such conduct is a specific offence in Florida. This must be especially upsetting to Aanerud given Moon’s previous statements about masturbating to Hentai containing underage boys. I will not provide links here but have provided them directly to law enforcement. Aanerud could do far worse than contact Sheriff Morgan (

Terrorist Threats
To no one’s surprise, Joshua Conner Moon is very very unpopular outside the Kiwi Farms hugbox. Recently he was the subject of a hoax threat sent to his local schools via the email service he created. Moon has variously accused the KotakuInAction moderators, an 8chan board and / or myself of either inciting or carrying out the threat. He has no shortage of enemies.

Of course, Kiwi Farms is no stranger to SWATing. Dynastia admits here (archive here) to having knowledge that Kiwi Farms carried out a previous SWATing. Below, I include a screenshot from a Kiwi Farms thread where Dynastia attempts to send an email about me to Hertfordshire police in a misguided attempt at retaliation.

Again, such acts are potentially either state or Federal crimes.


This is an attempt posted by Dynastia of an attempt to SWAT me. Click for full size.

Law and Justice
There has been a lot of salt spewed by the Kiwis about my work. I do not anticipate my arrest any time soon, nor any defamation claim. I am well equipped to represent myself in UK courts and in the UK hearsay evidence is automatically admissible in civil proceedings under s1 Civil Evidence Act 1995. Hell, I can just exhibit Dynastia’s selfie photo, “My Lord, if I can draw your attention to exhibit 1 …”.

For a long time, the cowardly and obese Moon was able to hide behind internet anonymity, safe in his mother’s basement. Facilitating the sexualised trolling of women, stalking children is not the same when someone sends details to the family who are supporting you financially and asks for comment. Concerned citizens are also encouraged to email Sheriff Morgan (

Your author has sought comment from Candice Potter and Keller Williams. Moon, per his own comments reported in my previous article lives with his mother and pays less than $300 per month because of her support. In effect she is subsidising him to run his harassment site all day. Candy Potter has read the inquiry, but failed to respond or deny the allegations. She has also been given the opportunity to opt-out of further emails, but has not made any such request.

Kiwi Farms was recently hosted by Michael Sulsenti who lives with his father Jerry Sulsenti in Clermont Florida. Jerry is an upstanding man who volunteers for the Boy Scouts in Troop 551. I asked him how he could countenance his family having any involvement in Kiwi Farms, but received no reply. Perhaps he did the decent thing and encouraged his son to no longer get involved. Jerry has also been given the opportunity to opt-out of further emails, but has not made any such request.

There has been a long standing Wiki online regarding Joshua Conner Moon as well as articles on other sites. However, a proper wiki for Kiwi Farms has never taken off. Fortunately, after ongoing clamour from members of KiA and elsewhere, we are now opening an informative site at the new Kiwi Farms Wiki ( There is also an authoritative new website for Joshua Conner Moon (

Kiwi Farms is a controversial site that likes, for example, to track people’s families. There is a legitimate public and journalistic interest in research into the disturbing individuals Moon claims are supporting him.

I have been opening up dialogues with many of Moon’s ‘friends’ and ‘admirers’ with a view to a permanent Wiki of Moon, his supporters and their contact details. With a permanent Wiki including employers and business details, we anticipate that Moon will not be able to escape the moral and legal consequences of his actions.

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