Josh Moon ‘Chimps Out’ and Literally Screams his Mommy Loves him. The Witchfinder Responds Kindly

I saw your post Josh and just this once I shall try to respond.


Joshua Moon seems a bit upset. Just this once, your author will respond. Click for full size.

Dear Josh,

I read your post addressed to me and just this once I will respond to you in the hope that this will help you.

Firstly, unlike you I do not live with my mother and I do not claim benefits (you searched my address, remember?) Aside from paid work, I do charity work assisting vulnerable people in court. I have had a fairly high profile life and many people have said good and bad things about me. I am not motivated by your criticisms of me. I have not lifted a finger to try to silence other sites like Encyclopaedia Dramatica or Archant, for example.

I started to take you down in January for quite different reasons. I had vaguely spoken to Dynastia whilst dealing with Rationalwiki but not really looked at your site properly, just a few posts in the Rationalwiki thread. I got into it in early January whilst on holiday and I realised what it was.

Like Free Reddit Check or the Block Bot, Kiwi Farms is a harassment tool. However instead of targeting political opponents your site deliberately targets vulnerable people. You and your members deliberately trawl disability forums for victims. My reasons for having a go at you were similar to my purpose in taking out Free Reddit Check and making the Block Bot change their database.

My site has done no more than you – less in fact. I have revealed your true name and that of a couple of family members along with a slight nudge that you are not, right now, a very nice person. SWATting? Nope. Emails? Nope. The many people you have pissed off from 8chan to people on your site took care of that without any help from me.

One comment I have seen time and time again from KiA to 8chan threads is a simple explanation of the flaw of Kiwi Farms. Your site is very like Hunter Moore’s now closed site ‘Is Anyone Up’ only without the hot porn. Each post on his site was a different person pissed off, along with their families.

The same goes for your site. To keep going your site has to piss off exponentially larger groups of people. Each of those people themselves, or their family, or their friends may retaliate. Hunter Moore was successful at first but in the end his life was a mess of threats, lawsuits and police involvement. Now who does that sound like? (And Hunter Moore got lots of sex). As a matter of strict mathematics, your life must get worse because of this.

It has taken, what? 6 posts from me and a forum ban from KiA to reduce you to such a complete state that you are literally ranting, “[my mommy] isn’t going to stop loving me!” I mean, are you sucking on a pacifier right now? You were also goaded into giving away information about your infrastructure and mistaken speculations about how your servers were identified whilst whining about being ‘harassed’.

Never, in my wildest dreams did I imagine you would be screaming, “my mommy loves me” on your own forum, let alone within such a short time frame. I take your claims of technical robustness with a pinch of salt because of this little thing called Infinity Next (archive).

Even if you were telling the truth there are many other solutions. You might want to read this article about someone having a whole site de-indexed from Google. You had an issue a bit like that with a Lolcow wiki article today and that was just a temporary test. You have also seen your main account vanish, banned, from Twitter (to be followed by more, and soon). I have represented people in court, remember?

If I died tomorrow or fell into a mewling heap screaming, “mummy always loved me!” very little would change now. I count 5 threads about you on one 8chan board alone, full of hundreds of posts from people who hate you and feel good about it because of your cruel behaviour.

If your mother really loves you so much she should tell you to get a job and shut down your site. You say my article will outlive me. Perhaps, but the one person whose life is bound to be overshadowed by Kiwi Farms is you, Josh. You are spending so much energy defending it, but it makes negligible profit and it has not gotten you laid. Your life will get worse and worse and it will continue to affect your family. If you love your mother so very much why expose her to all the hatred and rage of those you have pointlessly victimised?

I bear you no ill will at all. Even so I will carry on my activities and my various friends and fellow travellers will do the same. I am not going to respond directly again – your post proves I have made my point and we simply intend to continue to drive it home.

Kindest regards,

Sam Smith

writing as

Matthew Hopkins
The Witchfinder General

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10 thoughts on “Josh Moon ‘Chimps Out’ and Literally Screams his Mommy Loves him. The Witchfinder Responds Kindly

  1. As a member of the 8chan community, I can assure you that at Josh’s going rate of mental instability, Kiwi Farms will most likely implode on itself by winter 2016/2017, if not earlier. He already blew $12,000 from people around the world to sit in an apartment for months and urinate into Coke Zero bottles, so he’s got the “Howard Hughes and the private cinema” part down pat.

  2. I love the way Josh tries to set himself up as some sort of website supremo. This is the person who comprehensively failed Infinity Next and whose running of a trolling forum led to his entire extended family being targeted.

    Now he’s crying for mommy. Literally crying for mommy. It’s like kids TV with the bully turning out to be a crybaby. “Mommmyyyy!!!!”

  3. Mr. Hopkins,
    I am going to great lengths to not expose my identity at this very moment. I am a member of Kiwi Farms that has been designated “halal”. I’m risking a lot just by coming out and leaving a comment. They are taking screencaps of my social media accounts and other message board postings, and they will most likely do the same for this comment. I believe you’re doing good by exposing this website for the hellhole that it is.

  4. Who is “chimpburgers” on Kiwi Farms? Do you have any info? This person is the most notorious at doxing, posting malicious lies or false content and harassing people. My entry title says i’m a former BNP member when i’m not and then links to a load of accounts I don’t own. So does this guy just make stuff up to attack people with knowing it comes up on a first google page search?

    • Do not have his information yet. Working on a few people. If you are UK based, drop me a private email? I am working on a thing to have them permanently blocked in Europe and actionable lies like that are extremely useful.

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