Kiwi Farms Owner Null / Ichverbot / Joshua Conner Moon Owns Animal Fetish Porn Website


Has Null / Ichverbot of Kiwi Farms found love in his bleak, difficult life?

Your author has been researching the owner of Kiwi Farms, ‘Null’ also known as ‘Ichverbot’. To remind everyone, this is a pen name of Joshua Conner Moon the owner of Kiwi Farms, who controls the email address

I am currently running a number of searches and background checks on the owner of Kiwi Farms and other members. In due course, I will be asking their real world employers and family members about their online postings – I imagine it will make for gripping reading. However, a quick gem.

Whilst researching Ichverbot I searched for websites controlled by him. One interesting domain registration is ‘’ (no link). I link to the reverse lookup service and an archive proving registration here. Null, who denies being a paedophile (despite his website being kicked off several hosts by companies who say they found child pornography) is the indisputably registered owner.

When I saw some of his many other enemies online taunting him with the phrase, ‘Oink oink’ I thought it referred to the well known threat by some of his former criminal associates to murder him and feed him to pigs. However, perhaps there is another reason. Perhaps, poor, troubled Ichverbot … has found love.

More on Kiwi Farms coming soon.

[UPDATE 19/04/2016] – I am being told that this domain does not host bestiality porn but instead hosts a proof-of-concept demo of an exploit that can be used for phishing (fraudulently harvesting personal account details). Because hacking whilst posing as a bestiality porn site is sooo much better. As the current contents of the site do not contain porn only hacking documentation, archive here.

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