Introducing … Fitter

My recent withdrawal from Twitter left me feeling annoyed. I am in complete agreement with Milo that a live news social media platform could be done much better and also more efficiently monetised. The more I analysed it the more feasible it seemed I could get a prototype to release stage quite quickly. So …


Fitter. A better, more professional social network for live news and life sharing. In development.

Part of the the current development database diagram is below. It is actually nearly feature complete and I am currently working on a web layer to access it. Technologies used across the stack are currently SQL Server, MVC Web API and AngularJS 1.

Fitter Diagram

Part of the work-in-progress development database for Fitter. Click for Full Size.

This is intended to be a free speech, cultural libertarian platform for most people, but at the same time to be flexible enough for people to have their own hugbox if they want. The idea is to create a platform where minimal staff intervention is required. For example, blocks will be reciprocal, so no blocking then taunting.

Ideally everyone will find it a better user experience, from supporters of #GamerGate to @NotAllowedToBeFreeBSDGirlAnyMore (archive here). More information soon!

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2 thoughts on “Introducing … Fitter

  1. The world needs this, an alternative to twitter. A piece of constructive criticism would be a new name and logo before release. As it stands its sounds like some kind of health or well being application. The logo re-affirms this.

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