Pro-Trump Parliamentary Petition Live – Please Sign!

Earlier today I submitted a pro-Trump Parliamentary petition, supported by around 20 other people. The petition was already there! – Great minds think alike and another has been submitted at nearly the same time. Your author urges readers to back it. The petition not to ban Donald Trump is well reasoned and sensible, but has not been given the same support by the left-leaning mainstream media.

You can find the petition here. You can also comment below. Help let Trump and other supporters like Rupert Murdoch know. Let us see if we can get @RealDonaldTrump or @RupertMurdoch to retweet.


The Petition to Back Donald Trump is Now Live! Please back!

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22 thoughts on “Pro-Trump Parliamentary Petition Live – Please Sign!

  1. I am in total agreement with donald trump and he gets my vote to ban all muslims from entering the US and we in the UK should do likewise and also get rid of all of them they hate the west with there totally warped vile religious beliefs, the christian knights templar has been at war with them for centuries, they are the enemy and need to be exterminated befor they exterminate us

    • Quite understand where you are coming from, Jeff. Donald trump was elected as America’s President and should not be banned from coming here. Britain has had to endure far worse dictators over here on State visits. I’m afraid it is always the left wing amongst us who constantly shout the loudest. Trump is doing exactly what he said during the election. I know this is abso!utely unheard of for any politician so to do, but Trump is not a politician, he is an astute businessman who gets things done.

  2. The opponents are totally illogical, let the protesters have them live next door or even take them in and accomodate them fully.

  3. Donald Trump’s actions are all reported with a disticnt bias – the Immigrant ban is temporary, and fully understandable in the light of recent events. Perhaps ”moderate” Moslems ought to contribute more to peace.

  4. “Time to smash a process that had millions of people walking on eggshells, for
    those who had made vulnerable” by what
    the politically correctness grievance mob
    classified as offensive and hurtful too them

    God speed
    Mr President

  5. At last a politician is doing what the voters want. He is looking after the american public. Also he has not killed anybody, unlike the people we let into this open door country

  6. Donald Trump is the only honest leader we have seen in our lifetime. He not only speaks the truth but speaks the mind of the people. He has more guts than all out MP’s put together. God Bless Him

  7. What’s the man done wrong? Nothing…Words. Words don’t kill and he is not making any threats on life. If anything he is trying to save his people and protect them PC idiots who could end up killing us all. The man talks straight and tells it exactly how it is. Not like some people in power who will tell you that the wet feeling down your leg is rain but in reality they are pissing down your boot. Let the man come to UK.

  8. I have tried twice to sign the petition but it doesn’t register.
    Let President Donald Trump, he’s a better man than all the politicians that voted against his entry.

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