More Patreon Info Incoming – Randi Fact Checked – SJWs Inflating Donations? (developing)

Yesterday was fascinating. I was astonished to be accused of helping Randi Harper increase her income. This was obviously untrue for the simple reason that if you look at her graph, the alleged ‘spike’ in donations started about 3 days before I sent my email to the leaked supporters list or wrote my article about her Patreon.


Randi Harper’s fundraising. Note that, if we believe her, the alleged massive fundraising increase started a couple of days before my email or article. Source – . Click for full size.

Click the graph for full size. If we believe Randi, a glance at the graph will show that neither my article nor @Nero‘s has actually had any effect. However, that does not end the story. How can this be true? I have people telling me they think she is erratic and are ceasing to support her, yet here is this upward graph?

A source has come forward. Apparently there have been more leaks of data related to anti-GamerGate individuals. I will not link, name or reproduce here. The leak is said to have been posted on a sinister, satanic subreddit on 8chan. The new data is said to show that anti-GG are artificially inflating their donations by donating to each other under assumed names. This has yet to be verified but is still far more plausible than the idea Randi supporters clairvoyantly started upping donations days in advance of my mass email.

As an example, imagine for a moment Milo and I set up Patreon accounts. To start us off, I could donate £50 per month and he could donate me £50. Net money transfer zero. A scandal erupts! He or I am alleged to have done something wrong. Simples, we just up our donations to each other, produce a graph and tear up over the ‘groundswell of support’.

This story is still developing. However, at the same time several other pieces of disinformation emerged. Everything from allegations that Milo or I orchestrated the Patreon leak, to a number of strange anti-free speech contributors on Reddit, calling for my head and describing me as ‘number 3 shitstain’ to Milo’s number 1.

I have not yet had time to do a full analysis but whilst some genuine KiA members were taken in, it appears that a number of assailants were external trolls with negligible post history in KiA like this example, whose post history is worth reading. Others were newish and all were strangely against the idea of free speech.

I have not yet had time to do full statistics but I think that the shills attacking KiA, @Nero and myself can be plotted on some sort of graph. However the longer term problem is that all our communities are open and vulnerable to concern trolls. We need to consider some sort of defence.

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One thought on “More Patreon Info Incoming – Randi Fact Checked – SJWs Inflating Donations? (developing)

  1. actually, donating to each other is not a zero sum game. If they are doing this they are actively bleeding money, because patreon takes a cut and paypal does so as well. It is somewhere around the 10-15% mark that is lost in fees and then comes the nasty surprise of income taxes.

    Sure, they can do this to artificially inflate their numbers, but boy they are exceptionally stupid if they do so.

    And depending how this scheme is seen by legal authorities they might be in for at least tax evasion if not money laundering.

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