Sack Sick Weirdo Karl Adamson Now

The Witchfinder exposes sick supply teacher Karl Adamson of Plymouth, United Kingdom. This twisted monster has written a game about murdering Conservatives with a shotgun, also featuring cocaine, ‘magic mushrooms’ and public sexual deviancy.

It is said that those who can’t, teach. Even within that profession however there are those who rise to the heights and those who do not. Supply teachers, for example, like Karl Adamson. Karl is a not-especially-successful teacher who aspires to be something more – to be something greater. Karl writes games, some of which he uses in the classroom and all of which are available on his website,

The Witchfinder imagines young children avidly browsing Mr Adamson’s website to find Sir’s latest offering written. So what is Sir’s latest offering? The Witchfinder has been playing Karl’s new game Tory Bastards, a game about murdering Conservatives with a shotgun and bombs.

According to the Witchfinder’s Game Review Guidelines this Labour Party wet-dream travesty scores roughly 10% on the basis of dreadful graphics, poor sound and rubbish game-play. Even if it was a game about shooting aliens or zombies it would be rubbish. Clearly Karl Adamson’s aspirations are undermined by the quality of his drawing and code. Adamson’s piss-poor efforts speak for themselves.

What is far more sinister than the game’s poor quality is that once again leftists are caught red-handed in violent ideation about killing their political opponents. When US Republican Sarah Palin’s campaign innocently put rifle sights around target districts, the left went ballistic, opportunistically drawing links with the Tucson massacre.

Yet here is a leftist teacher, explicitly writing a game about going on a shotgun rampage against those who do not share his views. In this post Sandy Hook Massacre era can it really be acceptable for a school teacher to be writing games about politically motivated mass murder?

Of course murdering Conservatives is not all that curious students will find in Sir’s astonishingly badly written game. In the first level I had to rescue small child who had gotten lost from his creche. Having located the little mite I took a detour to the park where I encountered a naked stickman, frenziedly masturbating in the bushes. He asked for me to retrieve a magazine for him to masturbate to.

Before returning the teeny sprog to the creche I complete three quests –

  • Finding a graphically illustrated pornographic magazine, ‘Tits’ for the sexual deviant in the park
  • Providing a policeman with a bag of cocaine
  • Providing a hallucinogenic mushroom for a hippy social deviant protestor

All the while I had the kid, ‘Little Timmy’ with me. Just remember this is the work of a teacher. That he posts on his website with his ‘educational’ games. Having completed the ‘quests’ I made it to the next level, in which the city burns as it is attacked by hordes of Conservative zombies.

Screenshot from the game, 'Tory Bastards'.

A screenshot from ‘Tory Bastards’, with the hero in the centre and some ‘Tories’ in the bottom right (the ones with the blue heads). Notice how poor the quality is. Leftists rarely produce anything worthwhile.

In recent years we have come to accept the negative effects of violent dialogue on our politics and our children. In this wiser, sadder age it cannot be acceptable that someone like Karl Adamson is allowed to teach. He must be sacked immediately and barred from the teaching profession.


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3 thoughts on “Sack Sick Weirdo Karl Adamson Now

  1. I haven’t played the game, but as it happens, I do know Karl. FYI he isn’t actually a teacher, so you don’t have to worry about ‘Sir’ undermining the kids of today. Thanks for caring, though.

    • Hi Will. Like I said, I am a Conservative. Should I be shot? Should my friends? There is nothing innocent about the game. If I made a game tomorrow about shooting lefties I would be pilloried and rightly so.

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