The Witchfinder exposes the way in which shoddy left-wing journalism has lent credibility to and empowered troublesome Wikipedia users such as Mark Bernstein, as well as a suggestion as to what ethics campaigners can do about it.

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2 thoughts on “Sinister

  1. I joined Wikipedia years ago and, aside from grammatical corrections, the hours I spent were lost because there was always something they objected to. I put my 2 cents in on (literally) a couple of GG related issues in the beginning.

    But the whole site just seems so annoying with their endless acronyms and insular nature. Usually all I do with my account is leave questions when a page didn’t have what I was looking for, and I even refuse to learn how to do that properly.

    The recent post on KiA about Wikipedia got me pretty angry though, and I am considering getting more active. I do hope that others will work on it.

    I’m thinking of jumping in if they do some more outreach to women. Maybe your GG push should include a special appeal to us, since Wikipedia seems to want us to edit, maybe they will be more accommodating (ha, yeah sure).

  2. I wonder if David Auerbach ( is aware of this latest Mark Bernstein mess. Auerbach has penned articles about Wikipedia in the past, and in May had to get sections of the “Gamergate controversy” talk page redacted after Bernstein and others violated the BLP policy while discussing Auerbach’s history.

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