Block Bot Court Update #2

The Witchfinder has further news.

So I called the Court this morning and I got to the bottom of James Billingham’s correspondence with them. Apparently he is unrepresented by a solicitor, whether his own or his employers’. Perhaps he was fronting when he said they were supporting him? If so they must be really delighted with him for dragging them into this and associating them with a project that actually at one stage blocked Barack Obama as a ‘harasser’. I have offered to completely cut them out of the matter if they confirm. Until then I encourage everyone to continue with Project Untechnica.

In any event on 01/05/2015 James contacted the Court, not entering a proper defence nor an application to strike out. He asked for the Court’s opinion on my claim which he feels is vexatious. Court officers are not allowed to give legal advice so they sent him a standard email saying so advising him he needs to take legal advice. I would add my own suggestion of an actual lawyer (instead of his friend MAMelby).

They checked the claim and whilst it was not seen as vexatious it may not be suitable for the online system. It has been referred to a district judge for a decision. The Money Claims online system only allows claims for fixed sums. I had put in for a fixed sum of £1,000 but if there is uncertainty about that the judge may strike it out technically and direct I refile it in the bulk centre on paper.

If I refile it may not be the same claim. An ICO officer has pointed out to me that there is precedent for the Block Bot. One of the biggest harassment cases in UK history was a site called ‘solicitors from hell’ (solicitor is the British word for lawyer or attorney). It was a site very similar to the Block Bot except for complaints about solicitors. They added questionable or untrue allegations and charged a few people to come off. The person who started the site ended up bankrupt. The judgement is here.

Therefore ironically harassment may be a reasonable claim to test. I already included it in the original letter of claim so all I need to do is drop a brief email to Billingham explaining I am resurrecting it and then I can re-issue in the County Court and apply for an immediate restraining order. Because Billingham is not following the rules by corresponding I am at much lower costs risk than normal.

Of course all these claims are untested although I am working on changing that. Perhaps James Billingham has a technical get out but I am not the only potential claimant and the Block Bot faces a lot of Court time. I have also been advised that if he really transfers it abroad that will not enable him to escape liability. So the whole idea of transferring it to Collect QT is a bust. Pretty OK news really.

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One thought on “Block Bot Court Update #2

  1. Look there is pretty good reason things are going so terribly badly for them.
    Law works on reason and rationality. These are not the same types of things that the Social Justice Warriors strive for. they are more interested in such things as political correctness and feelings than …….reality. It is the hug box and echo chamber of the entitled and weak-willed.

    If you have read this far, I will thank you regardless and tell you about me. I am a short guy of mostly Middle-Aged Caucasian origin (Aboriginal ancestry) and am Neurologically impaired) and a single working class Father. (I don’t know if saying I had a heart attack at 37 gets more victim points.) Maybe leading up to Mothers day if I say that my Mother died of bowel cancer like most of my relatives do, will male a difference.

    See what the problem is here? No? You know nothing bout me except an agency-robbing, disempowering narrative.

    I mentioned that I was a single Father. It is true. I am GIFTED enough to have two older teenage children. In this I am very blessed to be able to steel my children’s inner selves to appreciate that if you are a man that you do not have to feel that you are a monster and if you are female, that you are not devoid of agency or responsibility. THTA id empowering. fuck up and you are responsible but dint and the sky is the limit.

    I am also an Atheist. My daughter rejects Atheism but is Anti-Feminsit….I think she hurt me less than if her beliefs were the other way around.

    Why? Because in my country I was a teenager before I understood what secret tricks or rites they did in church. I had no idea what denomination any one of my friends was. That when I was savvy enough to join Atheist spaces, that the first time I was able to discuss religious/spiritual differences, with people more knowledgable in this area.
    Then in came the Social justice Warriors (as I later learned – had come in and done exactly the same thing – same modus operandi – in Comic and Sci-Fi spaces) screaming at all people in that space to accept them and their opinion and to adhere to their ideology and make them the gate keepers to the industry and o be ultimate source of all and every Authority.
    It was enough. I knew Damn well censoring would result, where does it not.
    I simply do not care.

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