Report From the #GamerGate Meetup – Celebrate!

Foie Gras 1

Foie Gras on Warm Brioche with Apple – All the Richer Whilst Contemplating the Ruin of Bigoted SJWs!

The Witchfinder reports from the #GamerGate meetup on Saturday 18/04/2015 .

Central London is a great place to celebrate, and what a lot of things GamerGate has to celebrate! This week alone Liberal Democrat and former Block Bot administrator (she used to host the Block Bot checker) Sarah Noble has been suspended from her role on the Liberal Democrat regional executive committee and forced to resign from the executive of the Secular and Humanist Liberal Democrats.

Duck Orange

Delicious Duck Orange! That Orange Zest is Almost as Perfect as the Taste of Victory!

Noble’s difficulties follow hotly on the heels of Sarah Brown and others who have recently departed from the Block Bot team. Of course, Sarah Noble’s travails are unlikely to be over as her other elected offices (for example in the NUS) are also with institutions that are, broadly speaking, against her stated desire to murder half the population.

As the Block Bot has specifically targeted members of religious groups and ideologies such as feminism I am sure that having been a Block Bot moderator is unlikely to help any of the former members with aspirations within the Liberal Democrats, who are doubtless doing their utmost to distance themselves from it.

Custard Crème Brulee
Custard Crème Brulee. Why drink tears like leftists, when you can have haute cuisine?

Before heading on to the meet up I had a private celebratory meal at a great little place in Central London which serves a wonderful dish of Foie Gras. Foie Gras is a dish SJWs hate because they say it is cruel to the bird, which has to be force fed to maximise its liver size. This delicious meal is hard to obtain in the UK as it cannot legally be produced here although it can be legally imported. Most Foie Gras in the UK is imported from France. Eating it felt like a further blow against the forces of social justice. I followed up with some Duck L’Orange. Then there was some yummy Crème Brulee chased down with some Café Royal.

Liquor Coffee

Royal Coffee – a Great Way to Celebrate a Great Week!

After a delightful repast our author eventually reached the venue for the meet up. The room was crowded with decent, reasonable people of every gender and hue. Far from being all white males the crowd represented a cross-section of society. The only thing that united all of us was our belief in free speech and ethical journalism. Time for more celebration with some wholesome British apple cider!

The crowd included a number of really interesting people. Art critics, journalists, feminists and of course many, many gamers. There was actually a card game going on at one table and your author wished he had thought to bring a board game. Maybe War on Terror would be suitable? – It is an awesome board game guaranteed to drive warriors for ‘Social Justice’ absolutely apoplectic with rage.


Decent, wholesome British Apple Cider! Just the thing to celebrate our advances for ethical journalism!

It occurs to me that a meetup like this would be a really good opportunity for some gaming and to share some products that are less in favour with the authoritarian left.

Overall the flavour of the event was one of good humour, inclusion, tolerance and reasonableness.

Many members of #GamerGate have differing views on political, religious and cultural issues but there were no raised voices and no fights. Most of all there were no shrill whines of “I’m offended!” This was how civil society could be, if only the cries of the SJWs could somehow be silenced.

Finally, your author had an entertaining chat with the guys from Breitbart. Rest assured much ethical journalism is planned for the days ahead.


Matthew Hopkins (Sam Smith) with Milo Yiannopoulos of Breitbart. Much ethical journalism is in the works 🙂

UPDATE 19/04/2015 – Corrected spelling of ‘Yiannopoulos’.

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3 thoughts on “Report From the #GamerGate Meetup – Celebrate!

  1. We don’t need their cries to be silenced; that’s their game. Let’s hope their cries will come to reason instead. That food looked awesome btw.

  2. where was the place you had all this lovely food? i’ll be in london at the end of may and would love to try the foie gras and the royal coffee with my uncle before the doctor who symphonic spectacular

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