Security Issues?

Your author has had an eventful week or two. On 29-03-2015 I detected a virus (which is more than 10 years old) sent by email from an unknown source. A few days later over the bank holiday weekend your author encountered unusual equipment behaviour once more. The mouse on my laptop seemed to move by itself and do … unusual … things. Fortunately that laptop contains no sensitive data. After appropriate purges and updates all viruses and strangeness are gone. Perhaps the mouse issues were merely a hardware error … perhaps not. No great shakes but it does shed light on the character of some people involved in the great GamerGate controversy.

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2 thoughts on “Security Issues?

  1. It’s not caused by a virus or being hacked, it’s simply a issue with the mouse and most likely hardware or software comparability ( some research suggests the usb port or hardware is going bad ) . I’ve had the same problem with my lap top and 3 separate brands of mice, thus, it’s a apparent hardware issue which simply decided to start one day out of the blue for no reason.

    • No. I have seen the problems you raised before on a workstation and this was quite different. It was very much my first thought too.

      The touch pad ‘mouse’ has not had problems before or since the purges and also the nature of what it did was not ‘random’. A reasonable thought though.

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