GoFundMe – Back My Claim Against the Block Bot

[Important Update 09/05/2015] – The claim against the Block Bot is being discontinued because the UK authorities are taking action. As the Defendant ignored the costs rules there is negligible risk of costs against us so you may continue to donate, but only the second goal of the campaign, funding entertainment etcetera at a KiA meetup is now active. Supporters may donate to that if they wish. I will produce accounts of how the money was used.


It is time to put up or shut up. Your author has decided to put up.

I have started a Small Claim against the Block Bot creator James Billingham in the County Court. I ought not to comment further in order to comply with Court rules however, I would like to blatantly fundraise to defray any costs. Whilst I am representing myself and costs are not awarded in Small Claims usually there are risks in any litigation and an enormous slush fund would help.

If there is any money left over it will be spent on a London meet for KiA members, specifically (subject to funds) hiring a venue, food, drink and entertainment. The priority shall be drink. 🙂

Litigation is never certain but you guys know what I have done in the past and I took three second opinions before issuing the claim. If successful, any UK based person who was added to the Block Bot previously may be able to sue the existing team, even if they move it abroad.

Go Fund Me here, now!

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