The Block Bot’s PR Problem

The Witchfinder thought a screenshot of the Block Bot’s current rankings would amuse and rally the forces of reason, be they #GamerGate, moderate atheists like Professor Dawkins or the feminists with whom we find common cause on this issue. Googling ‘The Block Bot’ yields the following –

At the time of writing, the only positive sites about The Block Bot on the front page of Google are the Block Bot itself on Twitter and its website. Every other article is adverse. Now, I believe we have some Wikipedia editors in our ranks and that Wikipedia has rules about only using reputable sources. Not exactly a shortage, is there? Even the BBC. Oolon / James Billingham’s desperate spinning will not restore their reputation. Everyone knows who they are now.


The Block Bot website and some negative articles.


The Block Bot’s Twitter and Negative Articles.


The last of the top ten Google results. Another negative article about the Block Bot.

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2 thoughts on “The Block Bot’s PR Problem

    • Interesting, the comment system ate the emoji and everything after it. Here’s the rest, this time in ASCII:

      It’s quite different for me but still >50% negative.

      The DuckDuckGo search (which should be not tailored to the user) is highly negative too, but only after the first three results which are official Block Bot pages:

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