WikiInAction Turns Into Arbcom

Just a brief note. Every so often something comes along that genuinely surprises me. Today, I was banned from /r/WikiInAction, without warning and supposedly for contacting Gamaliel’s employers for comment about my recent article. Thing is, in private WikiInActions moderators have known and supported my actions for months.

Last December I published an article about a RationalWiki moderator called Gooniepunk. Some applauded, some condemned me for ‘doxing’ for revealing his real world identity. I think it can be ethical journalism to reveal the true identity of anonymous internet types.

Someone posted my article on WikiInAction. It was left up for a day or two then removed. I got a nice email from a WikiInAction moderator. Turns out they loved it, “We 100% back the blog post you made […]” and only took it down because they were directly contacted by the administrators of Reddit. So no problem with doxing. However, they did ask me to avoid such details in future posts if I wanted to post them in the subreddit.


A private message from an /r/WikiInAction moderator. They “100%” backed my dox post on Gooniepunk. Click for full size.

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Rational Wiki #3 – Gabriel Holl, Moderator, Resigns After Receiving Draft Article About Paedophile, Stating He Will “leave that s***hole to rot”


Gabriel Holl (Gooniepunk), a moderator of ‘Rational’ Wiki. He and the other moderators, David Gerard and ‘FuzzyCatPotato’, have knowingly allowed an individual to use the site whilst self-identifying as an ‘out’ paedophile as well as allowing a spirited defence of the infamous Sarah Nyberg. Picture used under the parody exception in s30A Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988. Click for full size.

It is a myth that sex offenders (incuding paedophiles) have a high re-offending rate. In fact they have the lowest and sex offender registers have done little to change matters. The real offenders are an insidious hard core who lurk online, genuinely think that they are oppressed and work to normalise and legitimise their proclivities. Disturbingly the moderators of troubled website Rationalwiki (RW), David Gerard, Gabriel Holl and ‘FuzzyCatPotato’ have now allowed an ‘out’ self-defined paedophile going by ‘Shouniaisha’ as a user.

As set out below, there is no ‘doxing’ here. Whilst your author believes that ethical journalists can unmask subjects in the public interest, in this case personal information revealed about Mr Holl was publicly shared online by him on Rationalwiki (archive here)

Upon receiving a draft of this article, Holl resigned, saying of Rationalwiki that he will, “leave that shithole to rot”.  He also claimed the #GamerGate supporters sent him ‘death threats’, but declined to provide evidence.

The UK re-offending figures since 2000 show rates of re-offending for a variety of crimes up until 2012. As ever, the rate for sexual offences has hovered around 13-15% and was completely unimproved by the introduction of the sex offenders register by the Sexual Offences Act 2003 (it went up slightly).

The reasons for this are simple. Most offenders are young men who make one mistake, perhaps whilst drunk. They suffer horrible punishment, stigma and ruin. They never do it again. The same applies to female offenders. The figures for criminal damage (28-30%), robbery (37%-44%) on the other hand are much higher. Why no burglars’ register? The sex offenders register even includes children of 10 (archive here).

More so than with other crimes, a lot of sex crime is perpetrated by a hard core of offenders. Putting children and other low risk offenders on the sex offenders’ register and having them supervised by caseworkers diverts resources away from the truly dangerous, like depraved offender Craig Sweeney who abducted a 3-year-old after being released for a previous sex attack on another child.

The truly dangerous sex offenders are the insidious recidivists who honestly think they are oppressed. For decades they have sought to legalise paedophilia. In the 1970’s it was via the agency of PIE – the nightmarish Paedophile Information Exchange that even deceived and infiltrated well known human rights organisation, the NCCL (now Liberty) (archive here). These terrifying online forces still exist today, as was exemplified by their attempt to secure recognition on Wikipedia. Presently there are disturbing activities beginning on Rationalwiki. Continue reading

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