Book Review – Barbarians – Lauren Southern

“Barbarians: How The Baby Boomers, Immigration, and Islam Screwed my Generation” is the debut book on political philosophy by Lauren Southern. The book is a must-read for Conservatives and Matthew Hopkins News recommends it as a purchase. Nevertheless, Lauren Southern is no Ann Coulter – like Ann herself Lauren is sui generis.


Cover of Barbarians. Image used for the purposes of review.

One of the great forces behind the Conservative revival and the crumbling of the failing institutions of the left has been books of political philosophy. Authors such as Ann Coulter became best sellers by challenging the comfortable leftist status-quo.

But Coulter, for all her charms, was by no means the only one. One of my personal favourite writers is Economist Thomas Sowell. An African-American he clawed his way up from poverty and out of the stifling embrace of leftism to become a pre-eminent Economist. He is Senior Fellow at the Hoover Institution, Stanford University.

Before I became a Conservative, before I studied computing or law, my undergraduate degree was in Economics and Sowell is a master. His logical, thoughtful and reality-rooted analysis has made him a bulwark of right-wing thought and of course a hate figure to the left. “The Vision of the Annointed”, is an important book and deserves a place on every right-wing  bookshelf.

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Left Wingers *Still* Determined to Destroy Wholly Imaginary Robot


The left wing crusade against the Big Hat continues. The fearsome SJW armies are winning! The Big Hat has failed to block a single Twitter user!

Earlier this year the Witchfinder spent a little time on a parody project called the Big Hat (@BigFriendlyHat). Aside from the obviousness of the parody in the context of the Block Bot controversy, the description of the account begins … “This is a parody account[…]”. The statement was there from the date of its creation.

The extreme, SJW left are very upset about the mere concept of the Big Hat although most of them have been quiet since my article humiliating Randi Harper.

So … I was astonished to hear from a Twitter user called @IdleDilatente . Initially, looking down her timeline I was amused that she trashed the Atheism Plus Block Bot and preferred BlockTogether to GGAutoBlocker so I decided to be friendly.

Although she is a factually challenged member of the hard left, some of her gibes were amusing. Our unemployed dilettante apparently believes it was all real and has written an article about my evil plan. She saw some sample code I wrote and perhaps did not realise it was a parody of the Atheism Plus Block Bot, which was actually suspended for filing mass spam reports. As she has only 9 followers on KOS I was initially going to ignore it but I thought it might be worth reaching out.

A casual investigation reveals @IdleDilatente is a sweet, preppy looking college graduate (2012) with a specialist knowledge of German. She has been involved in a dispute with Mike Cernovitch, a New York First Amendment Lawyer.

In some ways, our heroine reminds me of me at that age. Many years ago I was a member of the Left – a fully paid up member of the UK Labour Party. I idolised some older lefties just as @IdleDilatente is clearly impressed by Zoe Quinn. I was also prone to taking things way too far. I wish her well and hope in time she will come to a different path – in her own way and her own time. I sent her a link to a book by Tammy Bruce I thought she might enjoy.

If nothing else, this leftist has picked a battle she might actually win. The Big Friendly Hat, despite being a GamerGate ploy so eeeevil it is actually in the shape of black hat, has failed to suspend a single user from Twitter! By that standard she is the left’s greatest champion and our most deadly opponent.


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Why #GamerGate and #NotYourShield Should Learn to Love Liana Kerzner

Liana Kerzner at Comic Con 2008, dressed as Dawn. Picture via Wikimedia Commons.

Liana Kerzner at Comic Con 2008, dressed as Dawn. Picture via Wikimedia Commons.

The Witchfinder welcomes the thoughtful and insightful contribution of Liana Kerzner to the debate over gender identity and video games as well as her rejection of the monopolitical approach taken by Anita Sarkeesian and Feminist Frequency. Your Inquisitor recommends Kerzner’s Patreon.

Free Speech or Controlled Speech? Art approved by the Party or Art approved by the Public? These are the questions that underlie the often heated #GamerGate controversy, questions that are central to our society.

Only a few weeks ago, 3.7 million people marched in France for Free Speech (1.5 – 2 million in Paris alone, according to Wikipedia). I chose an article about that to link via ‘Free Speech’. For ‘Controlled Speech’ I chose a link to the Khmer Rouge with their infamous piles of skulls. The Khmer Rouge were a leftist / Communist dictatorship in Cambodia that killed up to 3 million people. In the aftermath of the regime, another 650,000 starved to death.

When considering politics, it is worth remembering that the most vicious ISIL jihadist, be he one who has severed human heads as a mower severs wheat, has nothing on the blood soaked history of the 20th century left. Similarly, the regimes that Wikipedia says claimed the lives of 85,000,000 – 100,000,000 people were defined in large part by their monopolitical, monoideological, totalitarian, free speech controlling systems.

Like Islamic terrorists, the modern left have never abandoned their push to control speech. The Communist governments fell as their ludicrous economic systems failed so they switched to social enforcement via Political Correctness. The term ‘Political Correctness’ originated as a description socialists used to criticise hard line communists but in more modern times it means an attempt by the cultural and political left to enforce control by way of social and economic ostracism.

The same polarisation is seen in the so-called #GamerGate controversy. Feminist Frequency creator Anita Sarkeesian alleges games are bastions of negative portrayal of women – literally ‘tropes against women’ and her supporters have sought to obtain influence over this aspect of culture by making allegations of misogyny. The tropes are so broadly defined that in reality they could cover anything.

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The BBC and the Left Wing Taint

Creepy shadow looking at BBC website

The Witchfinder reveals the shadowy ideologies underpinning the left. Picture via Dreamstime

Matthew Hopkins recounts his own youthful experiences, and explains that the Labour Party’s pervasive obsession with the infiltration and subversion of public institutions begins in its embarrassment of a student wing.

Many years ago and long before leaving the Labour Party and left to join the Conservative Party, your future inquisitor sat in a Labour Students training course on how to be a student union sabbatical officer. Labour Students is essentially the student wing of the Labour Party, a group which has produced many ‘big’ Labour names. The speaker was in full demagogic flow –

“You don’t work for the students union! You don’t work for the students! Fook them! You work for Labour. You put student funds to work for Labour! You use the union office to run a phone bank for Labour! Fook the Greens too! None of that crap! We’re not Green this is the fooking Labour Party!

“You make sure you win! You count yer mates votes! You get them to count your votes!”

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