Google Forced by European Law to Unlist Peter Tatchell Paedophilia Book Exposé

Peter Tatchell

Peter Tatchell – contributed to the Book, a Betrayal of Youth, edited by former Vice-Chair of the Paedophile Information Exchange, Warren Middleton. Now someone is trying to hide it from Google Search results in Europe.

Thanks to EU legislation, search giant Google has been forced to censor awkward facts from its European search results. A few days ago I received a notice of de-linking of a page on this site and given the chilling implications, I thought it worth sharing.

In March 2014, with the help of amazing Sun journalist @LouiseMensch, I wrote an exposé of a British activist called Peter Tatchell. It is still on this site, entitled, “Peter Tatchell – Sex Brought ‘Great Joy’. To 9 Year Olds”. Tatchell is well known in Britain as a human rights activist but back in the mid 1980s he contributed to a book called “The Betrayal of Youth” (perhaps not coincidentally, “Betrayal of Youth”, stands for ‘Boy’). He had also written a letter to the Guardian newspaper (which they had published) in which he appeared to say that sex with adults had brought some nine-year-olds, ‘great joy’.

Several of the contributors to the book were avowed paedophiles. For example the editor of the book was Warren Middleton (also known as John Parratt), now a convicted paedophile (archive here). At his trial in 2011, the prosecutor told the court that Middleton was part of a group of paedophiles who would meet up to look at illegal images of underage boys. Found at the home Middleton shared with another paedophile were three discs containing over 5,000 images. Perhaps there may be some connection between Middleton’s interests and the title of the book.

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Jessica Asato – Worthless SJW Narcissist, Failed Parliamentary Candidate and Hypocrite


Jessica Asato is fabulously privileged oppressed. Image an obvious parody used under s30A Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988

Failed Labour ‘Politician’ and online social justice warrior Jessica Asato recently took part in the witch-hunt against Protein World (archive here). More recently she has joined in with mob online condemnation of a lawyer as ‘sexist’ for complementing someone’s appearance. Shame Asato herself is no stranger to privilege and political incorrectness. Your Inquisitor calls on moderate cultural libertarians to join the online debate she helped to start in order to set matters right.

Condemning allegedly ‘sexist’ remarks by a respected lawyer. Labour ‘politician’ Jessica Asato remarked that, “I would rather be complimented on my achievements than my face” (archive here). The comment echoes Martin Luther King’s famous quotation, dreaming his children would, “[…] not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character […]”.

The remark is typical of Asato’s narcissistic and self-absorbed conduct – but if Jessica wants to be  judged by her achievements and character rather than her appearance your author is only too happy to help.

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Your Author Has a Fan in Blockbot Admin @MAMelby (Creepy, Creepy, Creepy)

The Witchfinder has an obsessive fan.

Not so long ago, members of the Block Bot team tried reporting me to the police. That did not work out so well for them. However one argument they advanced was that if they block someone and that person continues to try to contact them, that is harassment. So under their rationale if Betty blocks Bob and he keeps trying to contact her (e.g. by @ messages) directly at her then that is harassment.

Understandably then I was surprised, having blocked Block Blot Administrator @MAMelby, to be repeatedly tagged in to a whole bunch of tweets. Melby tweeted me 8 times on 01/05/2015 alone! Which I archived. She also knows she is blocked. Talk about stalker movie.

I do not mean to be funny but you really can go to prison in the UK for this crap. My explanation for unwanted contact with Billingham and Brown was litigation but unless you are suing someone or have some other good reason it really could be harassment. Melby has no such lawful reason so maybe reporting me for something and doing worse was unwise. If she was doing it on behalf of someone else they could be in trouble for it too.


Having been blocked Melby Tweets me like, 8 times in one day alone! 🙂

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KotakuInAction Reforms – We Came for the Games, Now we Must Stay for the Politics

Vivian James

Vivan James has been called the daughter of #GamerGate. Will she become mother of a new political movement against the authoritarian left?

The phenomenal success of KotakuInAction has revealed the spectacular groundswell of dissatisfaction and rage not just against gaming journalists but against the oppressive and increasingly extreme ‘Social Justice Movement’. As the population of KotakuInAction grows larger its moderators have recognised the need for change. The Witchfinder agrees and urges them to seize this opportunity.

KotakuInAction, a Reddit forum less than 9 months old. has been spectacularly successful. It now boasts over 34,000 members. At slow periods it always seems to have at least 500-600 users logged in and at peak periods there are thousands.

KiA, as its members know it, is a forum that was set up in relation to the #GamerGate scandal, which is broadly about the corruption of journalists in computer games and in particular their attempts to shill extreme left wing ideologies that normal people rightly reject.

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California Rape Law Will Let Perpetrators Off the Hook

Judge's Hammer Coming Down on Gavel

Britain Does It Better! The new California consent bill is a poor copy of harsher but fairer British laws.

A new Californian Law to reduce campus rape by requiring affirmative consent has caused controversy recently.

The Witchfinder points out that the United Kingdom already has a similar but much tougher and better drafted law that has operated to 11 years without any unjust effect and suggests the Californians might want to look at UK law for best practice.

However the supposedly tough and politically correct Californian legislation in fact conceals a sinister leftist agenda that will let rapists off hook entirely.

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Share The Pledge Card – 1400 Reasons Never to Vote Labour

The Witchfinder relates the tragic events in Rotherham to those ultimately responsible. A Labour council, a Labour police commissioner, Labour Social Workers, a Labour Government and lastly, Labour supporting paedophile rapists.

In 1997, as the ordeal of thousands of innocent young women and girls in Rotherham was just beginning, the Witchfinder was handing out New Labour pledge cards. “Keep this card and see that we keep our promises” said the slogan, on the back of a smiling picture of Tony Blair.

Had the trusting public known then that we know now, Labour canvassers would have been torn apart in the streets. Below, your inquisitor has produced a revised version of that pledge card with five promises that would have actually been true had it been published at the time.

New Labour Pledge

The New Labour pledge card of 1997 re-written to make its promises true.

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Peter Tatchell – Sex Brought ‘Great Joy’. To 9 Year Olds

Matthew Hopkins reveals Peter Tatchell’s association with PIE members, his written assertions that paedophile abuse brought 9-year olds ‘great joy’ and exposes other misguided advocates of reducing the age of consent.

Peter Tatchell

Peter Tatchell

The activities of PIE and their plan to legalise paedophilia are now well known. However less well known are the many misguided left wingers who, whilst never members of PIE, support their goals of reducing the age of consent in whole or in part.

Peter Tatchell is a supposedly respectable, establishment figure. A man at the heart of the campaign to lower the gay age of consent from 18 to 16 he was a Labour Parliamentary candidate and official, currently has his own section of the Guardian website, and describes himself on his website as the Green Party spokesman on Human Rights.

The reality is that Tatchell contributed a chapter to a book compiled by members of the sinister Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE) – a book with the sole and stated goal of abolishing the age of consent entirely, making children, toddlers and babes in arms fair game for paedophiles of all ages. Even today Tatchell advocates reducing the age of consent, albeit now just to 14.

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The Left’s Sinister Sexual Agenda for our Children

The Witchfinder lifts the lid on the sinister world of the left and their hidden agenda of normalising the sexual exploitation of our children.

Two children looking at a rainbow.

Equality Means *Protecting* Children. Photo licensed from Dreamstime.

A recent post by the incisive and beautiful Louise Mensch has alerted the Witchfinder to a heinous new law passed in Iran allowing men to marry their thirteen year old adopted daughters. It is, as she rightly says, a license for the most horrendous abuses of the rights of children imaginable.

What caused the Witchfinder wry, bitter amusement was Louise’s surprise at the iniquitous silence of the left on this despicable issue. Only a few days ago the Guardian trumpeted US President Obama’s moves towards better relations with Iran. Why such a muted response?

The grim truth is that there are many in the left, even in this country, who agree with the proposition that the age of consent should be reduced substantially. In the fashionable Liberal and Labour salons of the so-called elite the prevailing view is that the current age of consent laws are a holdover from a prudish, Victorian, Conservative Christian past.

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The Year’s Best Political Figures

The best political figures of the year, according to the Witchfinder General.

It has been a long, bleak year. But the Witchfinder scraped through his law exams, which means this blog will continue and may even get around to some analysis of some case law. The Witchfinder will also continue his fair, just and reasonable approach to public figures.

For now though, the Witchfinder wanted to take some time out from persecution to recognise those political figures that are actually worthwhile and make a difference in a positive sense. So, without further ado, the Witchfinder recognises Grant Shapps MP, John Hemming MP and Louise Mensch.

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