The Witchfinder General is written by Matthew Hopkins. We aim to expose corruption and terrorise the guilty without worrying too much about due process. You can contact the Witchfinder General at matthopkins <AT> thewitchfindergeneral <DOT> com.


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The focus of this blog is mainstream conservative politics and the rights of the vulnerable. We accept tipoffs but may require something in the way of evidence before publication.

On a more serious note, in real life the Witchfinder General is a law student who has represented people in the High Court as a McKenzie Friend. Having actually passed some exams he has obtained a GDL / CPE and is now studying a Master’s Degree in Law with a solicitor’s certificate (LLM / LPC).¬†We attempt to be responsible in this blog both before and after publication. We will respond promptly and courteously to any complaint of defamation but the Witchfinder can and will defend himself robustly against vexatious defamation claims.