Tip Us Off

This blog is about exposing those in positions of power who misuse it to the detriment of the vulnerable. The Inquisition is always looking for the guilty. We accept tip-offs by email, and if the story looks interesting, we can follow up by phone.


The Witchfinder’s Email Address

We will accept anonymous emails, but will have to verify any facts for the purposes of fairness and our own protection. If you feel able to include a phone number and a name, that will help enormously.

If you intend to leak documents or emails, scans are ideal but failing that, photograph the document with your mobile phone. It is a lot safer to photograph a screen and email it from your personal address than forward an email from a work account.

The Witchfinder will under no circumstances reveal any information about any source ever unless they consent or he is ordered by a Court to do so.