Matthew Hopkins News invites submissions from supporters. As circulation slowly continues to rise the site receives many good story ideas that I do not have time to turn into posts.

I have decided I would like to try to expand Matthew Hopkins News and make it more than just a one-person blog. At present, I am non-profit and occasionally turn down paid advertorial offers so this is not a commercial proposition.

Unlike many on the extreme authoritarian left I have a job and a life, so I cannot produce daily or nearly daily content like a big organisation (e.g. Breitbart) or an unemployed ‘social justice’ keyboard warrior.

If anyone wants to contribute I would be more than grateful. Topics of interest include –

1. GamerGate and tech (and related law)
2. Social care law and the vulnerable
3. Exposing abusers of same, especially in a tech or social care setting
4. Media wrongdoing

I do not get paid, so all I can offer for now is credit and the opportunity to support the cultural libertarian movement.


If you are interested in contributing, please contact me on the usual email address –


The Witchfinder’s Email Address

1. If you submit an article draft, you warrant that you are the author of it and have unfettered right to dispose of the copyright.

2. Draft articles making adverse references to living persons or companies will be brutally fact checked by a law student who really does not want to be sued.

3. Articles must be in the public interest, which must also outweigh any potential harm arising from the article. Whilst the site jokes about process free witch-hunting in fact I intend that we are pretty rigorous.

4. If we agree text then you must grant an irrevocable publication license.

5. You will not receive money payment but you will be credited under a name as agreed.

6. If a submission is not used you retain all rights to it.

7. Unless agreed, you must not purport to be an employee, agent, representative or otherwise to speak on behalf of Matthew Hopkins News.